A Shaman Minute #1, Spiritual Cleansing

In addition to other MySpiritCare articles on spiritual cleansing, here, here, and here, I hope to make this an on-going series of brief spiritual practices you can easily incorporate into your daily life, whether you meditate, or seek a more active way of connecting with Spirit. I call the series “A Shaman Minute,” because it only takes a minute (or maybe a few more) to do these beautiful spiritual exercises.

Here is a sacred way of doing a brief cleansing ceremony in preparation for establishing spiritual protection for yourself and others around you. It is a wonderful way to start the day and to help develop a daily spiritual practice if you’ve been wanting to.

It’s all about water.

It is THE source of power for women, and a very effective grounding substance for men.

Our bodies are made up mostly of water, and from the water we are born.

I always teach in my classes that the first thing to do is to “clean the vessel,” that is, to wash up, to cleanse, spiritually speaking. There are dozens of ways to do this, but I’ll give you a simple and effective one.

Pour a few ounces of water into a clean bowl and hold it up as high as is comfortable while asking that it be blessed and cleansed by God, Great Spirit, or whatever divine term or team you prefer to use. Ask for your guides, angels or others you are familiar with to bless and cleanse the water.

Now, place the bowl of water on a table or, if you are outside, on a rock or somewhere up off the ground. Dip your hands into it and pause a moment to feel its life force. Then, lift your hands out of the bowl and rub them together lightly, as if tenderly washing your hands. Bring your hands to your face, with your eyes closed, and feel the pureness of the water on your face. Rub your arms with your wet hands, and pause a moment to feel the cleansing spread throughout your entire body. It is good here to also prayerfully ask for help and healing, for guidance and protection, for strength and focus. Allow yourself to feel the act of being cleansed by the sacred water.

This is the first vital step to building and maintaining a wonderful daily habit of connecting with Spirit, and it only takes a Shaman Minute!

Aho and Namaste.

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