How to Smudge with Sage for Bad Energy Removal and Aura Protection

There is nothing more effective, other than living a genuinely truthful, spiritually-centered and loving life, than smudging to purify the energy field of a person, place or thing. Smoke from a proper smudging clears the air. It removes bad energy, negative vibes, spirit haunting, heavy feelings, and deflects evil intentions. The proper use of smudge amounts to a good scrubbing of the auric body! Although many different plants can be used for smudging, indigenous American tribes consider four plants to be especially sacred: sage, sweetgrass, tobacco, and cedar. Each plant is considered to have a special function and this can vary by tribe and tradition. While sage is used for purification and spiritual protection, sweetgrass is used to summon positive energies, and like tobacco, its…

When Meditation Goes Wrong: 6 Secret Facts About Altered States of Awareness

PREFACE Today’s article is written in response to a reader’s appeal for help. Since many readers are writing to me with problems that are relatively common to everyone, I will occasionally write articles to benefit not only the querant, but also to be of assistance to the spiritually-seeking public, many of whom can benefit as well. The comment below was submitted under the article, “Spirit Guides in the Great Circle of Life.” Hello- happy to have found this short thread as I have a question that relates to it. I have a meditation practice and am able to connect to my guides. However, despite intentions for the highest good, and aura protection I encounter negative engeries (sic) sometimes. I may be perhaps tired but not…

Want Good Energy? Find the Beauty in Your Life

People tend to get depressed in the winter: maybe you can relate. There is a diagnosis for this condition, called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, for short. During winter, there’s almost no color in the world around us; just shades of grey and dull browns…muddy asphalt…dirty snow…little light…and instead of being outside in nature, people just want to retreat from it. Having been caged indoors for warmth, artificial light and safety, by the time Spring comes around we are famished for glittering sunlight, chirping birds, and green foliage. We are yanking at the leg irons to get outside once again. We ache to be released from a four-walled human habitat; the beauty of nature pulls on our heart strings and awakens the life within us….

Two Secret Truths to Stop Negative Thinking and Change Your Life Right Now

In case you don’t know this already, everyone has negative thoughts. After all, we are all human and life is often a struggle in one way or another, which wears us down and makes us feel less than positive on occasion. Even so, an emotionally healthy person can recover from these negative emotions and thoughts, becoming positive again if for no other reason than feeling negative all the time is well, a miserable experience. Many other people, however, have an abundance—a chronic onslaught—of negative thoughts, which lead to negative feelings and yes, all the misery that comes with a negative state of mind. It’s distressing to witness the epidemic of negative perceptions among increasing numbers of people but even more distressing to see that in…

Dealing With Holiday Blues: Why it Happens and How to Heal Yourself From It, Part 1

In previous articles, I’ve written about how to understand and cope with your emotions,but at this time of year I want to share some important thoughts about those particularly vexing and sad feelings that many people have during the holiday season. Here, we are going to look at the cause from a Soulcology perspective, from the wider view of the physical, mental and spiritual totality—the realm of the human soul—that is the core essence of every human being. We are going to drill down to the core of sadness, and as we go we will be unwinding false social and personal assumptions from which the source of holiday misery arises. If you had clairvoyant vision like I do and could see through walls, you’d know…

Dealing With Holiday Blues: How to Heal Yourself, Part 2

In our last article,Part 1 of Dealing With Holiday Blues, you read about how the unreality of holiday expectations cause sadness and depressed emotional states. And, as I promised, in this segment, there is an exercise to help you overcome the negative emotions that often come into play at this time of year. Demolish the Untrue Beliefs That Cause You Emotional Pain In Part One of this article, you read that our persistent beliefs in unreality (and here we are speaking of the Christmas myth but any and all unreality applies) cause us to suffer. When we argue with reality, we will suffer every single time because Life does not “play by the rules” of the human ego. Life is what it is. And while…

How to Develop Psychic Ability & Communicate with Divine Spirit: Getting Your Head Ready for the Journey

Spiritual reality is a vast, infinite, mysterious realm. It is literally a territory largely unknown and unexplored by human beings. And while many people want to learn how to communicate with their Guides, about how to be a spiritual medium or a channeler, an aura reader, an energy healer, a mystic or “master” by learning through videos, articles, books, teachers, and classes, few wonder if they should attempt to cross into unknown spiritual territory without having in hand the information and preparation so necessary for their safety and success. An overwhelming majority of articles you can read on the Internet address the subjects of Spirit Guides and psychic development in a superficial manner. It’s a barrage of amateur fluff that has no substance, often written…

Want Good Energy? Find the Beauty in Your Life

Again, the Hopi say, “Find two beautiful things” when you are feeling down. Focus on the first beautiful thing, then find another…and focus on that. Let yourself be with the beauty and merge with it. You will discover that the heavy feelings have dissipated or left you entirely. Even gazing on, and being with, the beauty of a single flower can put you in a state of spiritual transcendence.

Thawed from the Big Chill

It’s been awhile, my friends, since I spent time with you here on the website. The Big Chill of this extreme winter induced “writer’s hibernation” within me, but fortunately everything else was functional while waiting for the promise of Spring to show itself again. Since the robins have reappeared, oh joy!, I am now thawed out and ready to resume the articles you’ve waited for. I seldom take a break from my work and after taking a couple of days off from my hectic schedule early this week, I was greeted today with a hot blast of problems from folks who had expected me to get back to them sooner. I want to thank them for their teachings and for the trust they (and all…

A Shaman Minute #1, Spiritual Cleansing

In addition to other MySpiritCare articles on spiritual cleansing, here, here, and here, I hope to make this an on-going series of brief spiritual practices you can easily incorporate into your daily life, whether you meditate, or seek a more active way of connecting with Spirit. I call the series “A Shaman Minute,” because it only takes a minute (or maybe a few more) to do these beautiful spiritual exercises. Here is a sacred way of doing a brief cleansing ceremony in preparation for establishing spiritual protection for yourself and others around you. It is a wonderful way to start the day and to help develop a daily spiritual practice if you’ve been wanting to. It’s all about water. It is THE source of power for women,…

Meditation, Guided Meditation, The Shamanic Journey #1

        By Bob I’ll write many articles about meditation, guided meditation and the shamanic journey, but this first one is to provide you with a quick overview. Few people can agree on what constitutes a state of mind different from either the waking or sleeping states. Generally though, I’ll use the term “altered state of consciousness (ASC),” which indicates a state of awareness different from the normal waking state. (More on Wikipedia) And that’s where meditation and the shamanic journey can both be loosely classified. Anthropologist Michael Harner further delineates a “shamanic state of consciousness” in his classic book, Way of the Shaman. Both practices can be quite beneficial to one’s well being. Research on positive gains resulting from meditation are widespread, while…

What are some good guided meditation and creative visualization cd’s out there?

I’ve already got the title Meditation Made Simple, which goes into different healing light visualizations and breathing exercises. I also have Lifescapes Guided Meditation, which is more of what I’m looking for right now. They have actual scenarios that they go through while you visualize them (one where it takes you through a rainforest, another where you lay out in the moonlight, and even one where you float in the ocean). Does anyone know of any other similar types of CD’s out there? Powered by Yahoo! Answers

Guided Meditation Exercise – Ocean Breath

For hundreds and thousands and even millions of years the ocean has done this. It has breathed against the shores of country after country. Shaping the crevices and caves and cliffs, smoothing the sands, exposing and carving the rocks for the myriads of life forms that evolved and found just the nutrients necessary for them to grow and thrive. An uplifting and healing visualization connecting to the ocean and beyond. Take time out to visualize and meditate with the Meditation Society of Australia ( These guided meditations feature video footage from around the world designed to inspire and illumine. The Meditation Society of Australia has no religious, political or financial affiliations, it is a community organisation designed to help people meditate.

Simple Relaxation — A Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is from and is one part of a three-part relaxation and stress management system. This guided meditation uses visualization techniques and a subtle rhythm to guide your mind to the relaxing Alpha state. You will experience a deep relaxation of the body and mind. The focus of this meditation is to quiet the Somatic Nervous System (Voluntary Nervous System). Created by For a complete relaxation practice use Simple Relaxation to relax the muscles of the body and the somatic nervous system. Use Quiet Mind to restore the experience of calm and balance to the mind and central nervous system. Finally, use Sympathetic Breathing to restore profound relaxation to the heart and autonomic nervous system — your fight or flight response. Together these three practices form a profound relaxation system that is essential for any stress management or stress relief practice.

Meditation w/ Anusara Yogi Bridget Woods Kramer –

A guided meditation with Bridget Woods Kramer, a leading Anusara yoga teacher, filmed on the clifftops of Cornwall, England. Bridget is Anusara’s UK representative and main certified Anusara teacher having studied with John Friend, the founder of the Anusara school of Yoga since 1994. Bridget travels all over Europe giving Anusara immersion workshops, Teacher training’s, and in depth study courses. ‘Be Still’ Music by kind permission of Rafael Szaban Produced by Rafael Szaban ( Music available to purchase at Yoga workshops with Bridget available from