Clean Negative Thought Forms from Your Aura and Feel Good Again!

ImportantPlease read “The Power of Thought Forms: What Are You Doing to Your Life?” before you read the following article.

People are often hammered by negative thoughts. While they wonder why, you have learned from our previous MySpiritCare article about thought-forms and how to cleanse your aura. Negative and troubling thoughts are more than brain synapses! They are energies you either create or pick up because you have similar frequencies in your own aura!

When the mind is allowed to idly dwell or when we obsess over the same thing again and again, thought forms will be created that come back to haunt us, making it very difficult to let go of particular thoughts or behavior when we wish to stop thinking about something or acting in a certain way.

For example, a woman who thinks constantly, incessantly about an unrequited love but finally comes to the conclusion that it’s best to move on because the person is not a good romantic interest, may find that she can’t stop thinking about the person even though she wants to. “I can’t get him off my mind! So it must mean I’m not supposed to stop thinking about him! I must have a future with this person!” She assumes because she can’t stop thinking about him even though she wants to, that there is some fated purpose in her incessant thoughts… and that she is “not meant” to let go.

Far from her thoughts being some sign of cosmic purpose, she is a victim of a thought form that she herself made, as it keeps engaging her mind in an obsessive way. Terrible as it is, the thought forms made from improper thinking grow even stronger with repeated focus: their influence widens and deepens until circumstance (often unfortunate) sublimates it to other arising thought forms of similar negative frequency.  Sublimated negative thought forms remain damaging. They do not just “go away,” but influence the deeper levels of the human psyche in more complex and entangled ways.

People trap themselves into negative cycles with their unwitting use of living energy: unproductive thinking, self-centered ego fantasies and negative thoughts have hidden and serious consequences. They lead to pathological and destructive behaviors, suffering, sadness, rage, and grief.  Negative thought forms ruin lives. From a karmic and cosmic perspective, we must also know that what we send out to others, we will receive back. Negative thinking is a no-win scenario of the worst kind.

You Can Change It!

Thankfully, most people are victims of bad thought-forms only due to their complete ignorance. Knowledge provides the power to change everything.

The moment an unpleasant, obsessive, unproductive, fearful, depressed, hopeless, ugly, greedy, angry, hateful, condemnatory, jealous, wicked, injurious thought or mental out-picturing arises in your mind, immediately visualize this thought locked in a bubble of golden-white light and squeeze it until it evaporates in your mind. Say, “I negate and neutralize this idea and give it to Divine Light right NOW!” Then say, “Light, Love, Light!

Another technique is to immediately respond, “Good-bye, LIE!” and mentally whoosh your dark thought into the light of the sun.

Done as often as needed, these actions neutralize negative thought forms and render them harmless. It won’t take long, if you practice this, before your thoughts become rarified and positive on a regular basis. It is an outstanding remedy for those caught up in negative thinking and helps to heal states of feeling depressed.

This will change your life. When enough people become aware, it will change the world.

If you need further help with energy issues in your  life, I’m here to help! I will do an authentic, clairvoyant energy assessment and give you individual guidance about clearing bad energy out of your life. Working together, we can help you fill your life with the good stuff!

May beautiful thoughts belong to you, and beauty abound in your life!





  1. Tiffany


    So my son has these beautiful abilities with seeing spirit, can talk to them back and forth in his head, he can sense when I am getting sick prior, he has been like this since he was born. I have the abilities also but I can hear, sense spirit, smell scents that are familiar from past members, I also pick up random peoples emotions when something is about to happen o happens but I don’t know who:what until later.

    So it’s on both sides of my parents family having this ability and now my son is having these thoughts of anxiety of something bad is going to happen to him and he can’t stop thinking about it .. he said I do the protective bubble mom, I also ask for spirits to push negative thoughts out and he wondered what else can push the thoughts of things that could happen and remove them forever

  2. Amanda


    Hi Diana,

    So I absolutely love your posts. I keep reading hoping to see other physical ways, like placing a glass of water on your table to trap someones negativity, when listening and helping with their problems. I hope to start using crystals, but anymore ways to protect your aura from others negativity?

  3. Krysta


    Diana I am lost. Totally lost. Does everybody have a Guide? I look for signs but cannot find any. I want to get out of this negativity so bad, but I don’t know where to start.

  4. osbourne


    HI, DIana, is the violet flame efective to transmute mental tought and negative situations, or is it dangerous as many have told me? Can adicctions be healed by cleansing negative tought forms or there is something more to do (struggling with this!) ? Thank you.

    • Diana


      The subject of addictions of whatever kind, cannot be addressed in a comment section. As for the violet flame, this generated out of New Age teachings related to Mr. Ballard’s encounters with a spiritual entity that identified itself as St. Germain… and while the color violet is the primary color of clairvoyance and is of a high and lovely frequency, it is NOT the frequency of absolute aura protection. That color is golden and/or golden-white, like sunlight. This is the frequency of cleansing and absolute shielding. As with all mental projection, your focus has to be strong and measured for it to be effective, for most people will “make” protection around themselves in a most casual manner, which is entirely ineffective. So when you want to cleanse yourself, be sure to set the tone by creating a sacred space and taking your time to visualize the Light around you. You may go here for more articles about protection: and also, here: I suggest that you book a session with me, as I cannot fully assess or help unless you do.
      Thank you for taking the time to write.

      • Dominic


        Hello. I’m in great need of help as a dark thought form I unknowingly created with sexual energy is causing a depression in me. Can you please help me with this? I couldn’t find another way to contact you so I just made a comment

        • Diana


          Dominic, I can be contacted by using one of the buttons on the right hand side of the page, where you can purchase a session. Other than that, I am unable to provide help in the comments. Your situation is far too complex and personal for that.

  5. Dean


    Diana. I feel overrun with negative thoughts and I feel Iike I repell people. Recently at a party,a stranger approached me and told me I was full of fear. I’ve noticed people suddenly move away from me. Am I creating this and how so I stop it. I want to love a d give off love not fear. This is hurting a lot as it often happens and making me socially outcast. Any help would be so appreciated

    • Diana


      Dean, I can help you best in a private session. If you choose not to do that, then the most important thing I can tell you here is that you are placing way too much importance on what people say to you and what you believe they think of you. External events are a demonstration of your internal beliefs. Work on self love first. Build your self-acceptance and confidence in the truth that you ARE a good person and you’re going to see a big change in how the world responds to you.

  6. Reply

    How can i use any of these processes to break ancestral spirits and curses blocking my progress, giving me bad luck unexplainable hatred and rejection and terrible dream attacks?

    • Diana


      Read the home page for my policy on free readings: surely you can understand, as well, I couldn’t possibly help you in a comment forum. Help is available by purchasing as session in the right column of this website.

        • Diana


          Jasmine, for this website, you have to be 18 years old to have a reading. And although you didn’t say what’s going on in your life, I strongly encourage you to go to an adult that you trust…someone that you personally know… to get guidance and help with your situation. If the problem involves a family member or if you don’t have a family member or trustworthy adult to go to, then seek help from your school counselor. If you don’t live at home, or you are not in school, then seek out counseling help from your State services.

          In the meantime, Jasmine, it will be very helpful for you to read the articles on this website about how to get positive energy.

          There are many things you can do to help yourself, as the articles show, so why not try them? And tell yourself this truth: you’re not alone even when you feel that you are! You do have spiritual guardians that watch over you very closely, so talk to them and ask these Divine beings to help you, and to guide you, and I know they will!!

  7. EW


    I need help with my mom, she’s in her mid 70’s, had a rough childhood, and is so full of negativity, my dad just wants to please her, but nothing makes her happy, it’s caused a lot of division in our small family, so much so that even when my brother was diagnosed with a fatal type of cancer my mom continued to hate, and blamed my sister-in-law for getting my brother sick, my brother passed in june and my mom continues to blame, hate and being so mean and ugly, I’m the oldest of 3, now 2, trying to bring peace and love and I’m met with such vileness, I’m no doing this for myself but to help my nieces to be able to visit their grandparents, that’s their only link to their dad and I feel utterly at a loss, any suggestions? I’ve tried sage and crystals, prayers and just plain love, but I’m exhausted. Thank you

    • Diana


      Well, “Angel”, given that our connection is a website comment section I can offer some limited suggestions. I will be brief and it may seem uncaring but I assure you, it is not. You are “too much in the forest to see the trees” so here’s a birds-eye view from someone who can see what you can’t.

      You say you do this for the children, so they can see their grandparents because that is the only link to their father. Without knowing exactly the relationships we’re talking about here, (and it wouldn’t matter anyway) I have a question for you.

      What makes you feel responsible to intervene on behalf of these children? At such great cost to your own well-being?

      Love? Concern? Duty?

      All of these attributes have their place. But just their place. Meaning: they can also be displaced. In this instance, that appears to be what is going on.

      Have you always felt that you carry someone else’s burdens? Is this so-called “relationship” really up to you? For that matter, should these children even be exposed to such a negative, hateful grandmother? These are hard questions for you to ask yourself and because your good energy efforts are leaving you with little improvement, it’s time you set aside your automatic answers. Set aside your assumptions that this all falls on you because it does not. And stop trying to be a savior. This is not your job.

      When you feel exhausted despite your best efforts, the Universe and your Soul are giving you guidance you refuse to acknowledge. Cut the ties as much as necessary to disassociate with the extreme negativity. That’s right. And no, it isn’t wrong.

      Everyone in your family has a place and a part to play. And while you’re busy trying to “fix” things, the souls of everyone involved have different plans. Your nieces have their own path: it may very well be a path of not having a connection to their father. These matters are determined before birth and they are of a cosmic significance human beings don’t understand. Let go. Step away. Live your own life and let the rest of them live theirs. If you don’t, you will not fulfill your own personal mission, which you cannot see or grasp because you’ve worn yourself out trying to be the peacemaker.

      If this is not helpful, I can only suggest a private session. The only way out of this mess is to withdraw. I hope your survival instincts kick in and you choose to do the right thing for yourself, for that is your first duty and it always has been. We help others when we are in healthy balance and some people cannot be helped and they will never be fixed. Honor your mother’s choice to be negative but do not stand in her muck. If you are wiped out, you cannot and will not realize your full potential.

  8. Leon K


    Hi Diana, I’m very fascinated by you. My question to you is this…how you always maintain a 100 percent alignment with the source aka universe aka god. I try to eat food with high frequency vibration such as organic fruits and vegetables, I drink lots of water with PH level of 9.5 and above, I meditate at least 20 minutes out of the day, I do chakra cleansing 3 times a week, I pray multiple times during the day on my knees and ask god to guide me and increase my vibration, and I burn white candles and incense around my house to eliminate negative energy. I’m sure I missed on some stuff but any other tips?

    Also how do I become more in tuned with my psychic abilities? what can I start practicing in order for me to see aura and have better intuition.

    • Diana


      Hi, Leon, and thanks for taking the time to comment! From what you tell me, you are deeply devoted to spiritual connection. You’re doing it, not just talking about it! 🙂

      You should know, however, you really cannot have a 100% connection to Spirit all the time. You are here on Earth and to have the kind of connection you ask about…you can’t be here. You are supposed to be human and in the human experience and this means, you can’t always be spiritual. If you are connected most of the time, that’s outstanding. Good enough! (By the way, it IS possible to get “too” spiritual and to become ungrounded and out-of-balance. It’s important to be spiritually devoted but to also be balanced in the world and out of it; meaning, spiritual practice in healthy moderation.)

      One thing you may not be aware of, though: not all incense repels negative vibrations and many varieties actually attract negative energy. For the purpose of purification, use Nag Champa but better yet, burn a stick of sage-sweetgrass-cedar smudge. This is an ancient and absolute best method of smoking out negativity. Go here to learn more: The Smudging Ceremony: Remove Bad Energy With Sage Smoke.

      The development of psychic abilities, particularly the seeing of auras, takes time and dedicated practice. I’m sure you already have psychic insights that serve you well. Acknowledge how many times that gift helps you in your life, notice how your intuitive insights are at work already. In the future, I will publish information on developing these kinds of insights, as a continuation of this article, How to Develop Psychic Ability and Communicate With Divine Spirit. This first part of a continuing series sets the stage for you to know what is safe and what is not because until you know where you’re going, you don’t want to go there…not until you have been properly prepared. 🙂

      Again, thank you for your interest and all the best to you. Keep shining!

  9. Taya


    Hello, I wonder if you have any experience with deliberate psychic attack by another human being in a form of a telepathic influence. I am currently under such attack and find it impossible to pray, meditate or use any grounding, centering, shielding or visualization techniques as she has already access to my subconscious mind and can interfere with my thoughts and alter the images I am trying to create.

    • Diana


      Yes, Taya, psychic attack often occurs telepathically: some people have such hateful thoughts about others, these energetic barbs direct themselves toward the intended person. It has happened to everyone at one time or another; after all, we can’t be liked by everybody. However, I take issue with your assertion that this person has access to your subconscious to the extent that you cannot control your thoughts. This is not something that can be done by a living human, but rather by spiritual interference from an attached non-physical entity. And as long as you keep telling yourself that it is impossible to shield yourself, you won’t be able to do that. It’s not impossible! You ARE eternal Consciousness, inseparable from the Divine Source. Own that! Take charge immediately, do your shielding and mean it! Further, pursue energetic cleansing with sage smudge, a salt bath, and some shamanic energy extraction from a qualified practitioner of shamanic healing. Also ask this shaman for a power animal, to give you strength. You give this other person way too much power in your belief that he/she has such control over you. He/she does not. You, on the other hand, have the power to help yourself. Use it.

  10. Marilyn


    I am very thankful to have found this site. I have struggled with worry and negative thinking for as long as I can remember. Over the past few years I’ve tried improving my thoughts but had recently dealt with persons who have done things to be hurtful to me and my family on numerous occasions. I fear that I have thought or expressed negativity toward them in moments of anger and unclear thinking. This is worrisome for me. I do not want to be harmful to anyone or myself, and least of all having my husband and child be affected. I have prayed, Saged, showered with sea salts and tried to radiate forgiving and loving vibrations to all (and those involved). Some time has past since now finding your page and trying your technics to defuse the negative thoughts. But how do I know if any harm has been done? I don’t want any harm to come to anyone, coming back to me or my family…
    Your help is greatly appreciated!

    • Diana


      Marilyn, thank you for sharing. Your efforts to work on yourself are inspiring to all of us.

      We all struggle against darkness, as human beings it’s a part of the earth trip. Life is hard and we get hurt along the way, and because of pain, we get angry sometimes. To have the realization you’ve had is a tremendous achievement, so give yourself a break by not turning guilt and worry onto yourself. Love yourself, forgive yourself, and you can’t help but radiate that positive energy to others.

      You have sent out intentions to undo harm and injury. Now trust that it’s done, and don’t linger over it. LET GO! Worry can be an addiction; keep after your inner cleanse through practice of positive thoughts and trusting in goodness. Let yourself know joy again.

      We don’t necessary have a “lightning bolt” break through but rather, we notice a change in ourselves once we quit thinking about things so much and just get on with our lives. Do your daily spiritual protection, remember to love yourself every day, connect with beauty, and remember to laugh and share the fruits of your good heart with others. That’s pretty simple, really…and simply forgive yourself. All is well, Marilyn.

  11. Brenda


    how does one tackle physic attacks for example sour limes thrown at you? How do you prevent these attacks of dolls with pins and all sorts of nonsenses?

    • admin


      Hi, Brenda, thanks for taking time to comment/question.

      I presume you are talking about voodo attacks, when you mention dolls and pins.

      While it’s very important to recognize the reality of negative spiritual energy, it’s equally important not to be intimidated by it.

      People fear these things when in fact, one’s personal auric Light naturally serves as a defense against the negativity that can be consciously projected by another individual WHEN one is positively charged. That means: right thoughts, right actions, personal strength and strong personal/auric boundaries protect one from negative psychic onslaught.

      If you believe that someone has more spiritual power than you do and that this person has the ability to overcome you with their negative projections, you are resonating with fear, which is a lower energy frequency. This drops your auric protection capacity and can make you vulnerable to bad energy. So, in essence, the “head game” of sorcery, voodo, etc. is largely won by making others afraid, which makes them vulnerable to all things negative.

      Parents should never allow their children to watch horror movies and they shouldn’t do it, either! Society’s dysfunctional obsession with “being scared” as entertainment is very damaging spiritually. Once the “scare factor” is programmed into the brain, it is more difficult to clear out. Fear should never be considered a thrill: it’s a weakening of the Spirit and an opening to the dark side.

      Learn to fear nothing. Know who you are: Eternal Consciousness first, and a body, second. While anyone can be subject to psychic attack at any time, personal spiritual awareness and a clean aura will render these attacks to be entirely ineffective. Be the Light and the darkness won’t like your company.

  12. Greta


    How is it possible suddenly start to be negative near the person that seems to act and speak positive??

    • Diana


      I’d need to know a bit more about your situation, Greta. There are a number of factors to consider.

      Remember, though, that energy is invisible and really has nothing to do with personality. For instance, psychopaths are very charming on the outside but are predators on the inside. So, what a person seems to be is not necessarily what they are. Likewise, what a person projects with words is not necessarily the unseen energy that they emit.

      Energy doesn’t lie: people do. So trust your feelings. They are there for a reason. And if or when you feel negative from being around a particular person, it might make sense to limit contact…don’t you think?

  13. jjo


    I am so glad I read your article. I have had a terrible experience of negative thought forms and now i know how to cope with the problem. I feel relieved and vindicated that thought forms do play a role in the lives of people and one should always think positive thoughts.

    • Diana


      Thanks for taking the time to comment! And of course, I’m glad we helped you! 🙂




  15. anonymous


    I know this reply will sound corny but, Diana, I want you to know that having found your website has led me to understand how to free myself and escape from my mental hell. I was trapped in a state of absolute hatred and fear and sadness and almost “demonic” energy, I felt like I was utterly decaying, like I had absolutely no purpose to exist, something inside me broke, and I forgot what ecstatic love and happiness feels like, I forgot how to live and even who I am at a point. I wanted to die, I wished my mind had never been created, and I’ve been having horrible nightmares involving people that I love. Reading what you have put onto this website has literally freed me, I’ve raised up and escaped my fear and utter sadness, the pure ecstatic and secure love floods through me to the point of joyous tears as it once did. I remember now, and I’ll never be afraid and saddened so much ever again. Thank you thank you thank you, there are no words to express how thankful I am. I think I was led here by my guides, literally to save me from myself. I’m so thankful it happened, thank you so much again.

    • diana


      Thank you, as well, for taking the time to let me know this has benefited you. Bless your heart: many blessings!

  16. manowya


    yohoo and read the books are change our bad thoughts
    parents speaking are improve ourgood habits
    but this gentrason peoples are donot hear their words
    and their speaking against
    so our bad thoughts are early grow up
    so we are stop the against for parents its my small request.

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