Spiritual Reality: Why Millions of People Deny its Existence

This Post is a Continuation from Part One: On Telephones, UFO’s & Spirit Guides: Close Communication of the Spiritual Kind

My Spirit Care, 25 Years of Psychic and Spiritual Advice for Thousands of PeopleHow is communication with Spirit possible? Are there energetic portals that connect us to other-worldly beings? Are there portals to other times and even, to other dimensions? We just need to open our minds to either ancient metaphysical teachings or modern quantum physics to find some answers to these important questions.

Contrary to what you may have heard, the reality of spiritual communication is not a fringe topic for the “tin-foil hat” crowd. Spiritual communication is spiritual science. It’s also physics taken to the quantum level and beyond, to metaphysics. It is an energetic exchange between consciousnesses that does not require a physical body to communicate.

But before we can begin to understand and accept spiritual communication, we have to know about the existence of unseen energy: what it is and how it works. We also need to know why this information is not widely available and why it’s not open for serious discussion in the mainstream. Until we understand those two related subjects, we may not give serious credence to a black-listed topic that has long been the object of derision and ridicule by the majority of people who call themselves rational.

Once we know what obstacles we have to overcome when we want to find truth–and how we get in our own way by adopting the beliefs we’ve inherited from others–we can discover truth. In this case, you’re interested in the truth about spiritual guidance and contact with spiritual energies. So to discover this for yourself, you have to be an intellectual and spiritual rebel and not a cookie-cutter cut-out.

So, are you ready to be a rebel?  Let’s find out then, what’s been standing in your way.

The Need for Heresy to Find Truth

Most great truth and powerful discovery had heretical beginnings. Sometimes it was just too fantastic and ahead of its time to believe, as with the discovery of wireless communication by Mahlon Loomis. His incredible discovery enabled long-distance communication between living people that changed the world.

Imagine what the knowledge about spiritual communication would do! It would create a world-wide revolution that would redefine reality as we now know it. Everything would change, because:

  • People would realize their inter-connectedness with other beings in the universe;
  • People would have awareness of their greater eternal existence;
  • The pervasive deceptions that hold us in bondage would no longer control us;
  • Our absorption in the acquisition of things and money and having power over others would come to an end;
  • War would cease;
  • Opportunistic exploits and oppression of the vulnerable would end;
  • Political domination would fall;
  • People would begin to govern themselves in harmony.

The human race would become truly free, spiritually healed, and joyfully united. It would be the beginning of an Age of Light, and an end to the Age of Darkness.

Who doesn’t want that? You do. I do. But there are those who have everything to lose if things change and so they don’t want people to know the truth about spiritual reality. These are the ones in power who profit from exploit. These are forces that have been in control of civilization for a long time; and through multiple mechanisms, from behind the scenes, they set the board and move the pieces.

Consider, just for a moment, that there is a cosmic game afoot designed to keep human beings ignorant of the truth that will set them free. It’s a game that those with big power love to play; it’s a most extreme sport, and they play it very hard.

They play it to win.

And when they win, humanity loses.

Just look around you. This is why the world is in chaos and despair, in spiritual poverty and deepening darkness. This is why “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” This is why we need the knowledge that saves. But it won’t be an easy transition because old ideas die slowly and they die hard.

Humanity is in need of unabashed heresy against the mass beliefs that have brought us to the edge of catastrophe. But don’t wait for the next person to lead the way, because heresy means big change and it takes a great deal of courage to go against powerful superstitions and prevailing beliefs. Heresy must start with each truth seeker, often standing alone for a time, willing to endure whatever ridicule or abuse that comes, knowing that truth will eventually prevail.This is how mass belief evolves: certain, special people must step up to oil the rusted gears of forward thought.

I ask you to recall what happened to Galileo, as I wrote in the last post, On Telephones, UFO’s & Spirit Guides: Close Communications of the Spiritual Kind, and remember how many generations passed before his discoveries were accepted and became widely known. Remember how the preeminent political/religious power

of his day, the Catholic Church, controlled what people were allowed to know, think, read, talk about, and believe. Today, almost 400 years later, the sociopolitical landscape has shifted, but the plan to control our philosophy continues and thus, our human bondage to group-think has not changed over time.

Slow to Change: Society’s Group-Think about the Nature of Reality and Spiritual Existence

Most people don’t understand the absolute reality of spiritual realms because they, their parents and grandparents grew up under the assumptions imposed by the 300 year-old Newtonian scientific model of physics, as discovered by Issac Newton. This model of reality said that things are made of matter and nothing but matter. For most people this continues to be a comforting view of reality because it teaches that everything in the universe works mechanically. It says that effect follows cause and that things follow a sequence, such as either/or; left side, right side; before or after; good or bad. It asserts that reality boils down to solids, to what is predictable and what is physical. It is a three-dimensional viewpoint in the strictest sense, where time is linear, where everything is matter and all must be explainable by the laws of mechanics in order to be real.

Old Newtonian physics is where our modern, “practical” assertions come from. From this limited understanding of reality, our “prove-it-to-me” attitudes and materialistic inclinations have taken their strongest defense. And since very few people can see the spiritual realms, those who cannot see, touch, taste or smell want solid proof of a reality that is not solid, not linear, and not bound by time or our bodily senses.

And because many people’s minds are programmed with old beliefs, the doubters out there don’t seek an education about the new findings of science or test it by conducting their own experiments. Had Mahlon Loomis been that way, instead of sending wireless signals to communicate with each other, we could still be sending notes delivered by horseback…or sending smoke signals…or flashing mirrors in the sunlight.

And while we have terabytes of computing power, we are still in the Stone age with our spirituality because most people are uninformed about the science (upon which all that computing power is based, by the way) that substantiates there is more to life than meets the eye. We are stuck between the old science that most modern people believe in, and the new science they don’t know about.

And why are people not openly educated about the cutting edge of science that has spiritual–not religious– implications? Because current power structures that manipulate common beliefs are not eager to acknowledge new truths which would make them irrelevant. Why? Because once again, new ideas threaten to bring down the old paradigms and threaten those who profit from a power establishment that was built on old and limiting ideas.

And it’s not just church and state that combines to blockade public awareness. It’s the ivory tower of science itself, with its internecine wars and corrupted motives, with its high priests in lab coats or those who lecture at the holy podium of scientific certainty. As we have learned from history, scientists who pioneer new discoveries often experience opposition and ridicule from their colleagues who have a lifetime invested in the inner sanctum of old science. Many scholars have careers invested in old science; they have diplomas based on old science; they get their income from old science, and so…new science be hanged.

The problem of being branded a heretic, as it turns out, is not limited to religion.

Disappointing, isn’t it? You count on science and education for objective facts when in fact, neither is as unbiased–nor as pure–as you’ve been led to believe.

Scientific advancement has not always been so contaminated by power and money. Remember Albert Einstein? Einstein’s discoveries went far beyond Newtonian physics and created a new model of reality for mankind to fathom.

This was many years ago, and still, relatively few human beings are open and willing to consider the possibilities of an expanded reality shown by Einstein’s findings. And that’s not all they’re missing: Einstein’s break-through has since been superseded by even greater discoveries that reveal a reality very different from Newton’s mechanical, clockwork universe, which is the reality most people have come to believe in.The world needs a grassroots breakthrough in its understanding of what Reality is and how it operates. That is why you are here on this page.

In the next post, we will take a look at what, exactly, new science shows us about the Greater Spiritual Reality that you cannot see with your physical eyes. This will help you know how “Close communication of the Spiritual Kind” happens to you all the time, if you’ll allow yourself to “hear” the call. Then you can free yourself to “phone” your Spiritual Guides…to call Heaven…to talk with Spirit…and to know the Divine, without “help” from any another human who puts on his (or her) pants the same way you do!

You won’t easily find this critical and accurate information elsewhere, so be sure to keep in close communication with MySpiritCare! Until our next post, may peace and a heart that hungers for truth be with you.


  1. Daniel


    The version of Newtonian physics that gets imposed on people as “proof that there is ONLY matter” may seem anti-spiritual, but I will note that Newton himself was an intensely religious man who claimed to communicate with angels. In fact, perhaps it was his open-mindedness on spiritual matters that allowed him to be such a brilliant scientist.

    • Diana


      Thank you, Daniel, for reading and for your comment.

      You raise an interesting side commentary, but it is worth pointing out that religiosity and spirituality are not two words with one, identical definition nor one consistent influence or resultant outcome. Some people who are religious are decidedly spiritual in their intention and practice, others…not so much. During Newton’s time, religion as defined by the Church was the predominant Western view of “spiritual” matters and was the only broadly acceptable avenue for spiritual questing. Despite the restrictions on religious freedom, spiritual energy–high, low, and in-between–certainly influenced people, not because of religion but in spite of it.

      Newton’s religious views were unorthodox, so much so that in later years he was considered by some to be a heretic for his disbelief in the Trinity, among other things. He understood the Universe to work like a clock, and one might imagine that he envisioned the Creator as the Master Clockmaker.

      Material science has its place but materialism by its very definition is non-spiritual because it denies what cannot be materially proven. Spirit cannot be measured in a laboratory but as material science is now being supplemented (perhaps supplanted) by theoretical physics, the presence of spirit is increasingly obvious. In Newton’s time, his discoveries were radical to the established beliefs of his time. It took generations for his basic understanding to filter into the population at large. Human growth, discovery, and development has been cyclical throughout the ages, rising and falling like incoming waves that crash upon the shore of temporary reality only to diminish and repeat the same process through the far reaches of time. It takes a lot of time for outworn programming to diminish, except for the ardent seekers and individualists who discover for themselves, rather than simply conform.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

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