Clairvoyant Sight into the Spirit World

In my years of work as a clairvoyant, my clients ask me what “The Other Side” is really like. Most are surprised to learn that the Spirit World is very much like our own, except that truth and love reign supreme and reality is created at the speed of thought.

A consultation I gave for a client years ago is an excellent example of the parallels between the spirit world and this one. When I was clairvoyant viewing for this client, a twelve-year-old girl came to me, accompanied by her Spirit Guide. The little girl was very excited to talk to me, wanting to let her mother know that she liked it over there very much, that she was in school, had many friends and a former family dog. But most of all…most of all…she smiled for me very big, revealing the braces on her teeth. Her message was most urgent: “Be sure to tell Mommy that I got my braces!!”

The woman for whom I was reading broke down immediately in ecstatic tears. Although I had absolutely no prior knowledge of her daughter before the session began, her mother told me that this child was killed in a car accident while going to the orthodontist, on her way to a brace-fitting appointment.

Now, a rational person could ask me, “Why would she go to school in the Spirit World? Without a physical body, why would she have braces?”

Before I answer that, let’s peek behind the veil at what the Spirit World looks like and what people who have crossed over do to “entertain” themselves. Since they don’t sit on clouds and play the harp, then what do they do with their “time?”

It’s hard for us in this world to understand, but there is no time in the spirit world; or any clocks, calendars, or dates. This is a timeless dimension. Spirits do not contend with issues of time and all but the most advanced do not even understand it anymore. Many of the facets of earthly life have become like a dream to them.

Speaking of spiritual dreams, the way for you to begin to understand timelessness is by recalling your physical dreams. Time, during dreaming events, is often blurred and nonsensical. Example: In a dream, you can be in one certain place and another place a thousand miles away in a mere instant. And, you can be in the year 2011 and suddenly find yourself dreaming you are in another time period, without any sequence of time happening.  This happens because in dreamtime, you can tap into the Reality outside of linear time, where time does not exist and all potentialities exist together. As in your dreams, the Greater Reality–the spiritual foundation of our existence–operates with thought or the expression of Consciousness and all events that occur in a physical timeline happen at once in an instant.

Even though there is no time on the Other Side, no schedules, no limits, there is an infinite array of things to do, to be, and to experience. How this plays out for the individual who crosses over will depend on the level of his/her consciousness and the entrenched beliefs that splay from the root of that person’s awareness and their spiritual development achieved during the physical lifetime.

In the Spirit World, what we believe and what we expect is what we will get. Consciousness, and the beliefs that give rise to perceptions and experience, are the builders of reality in the Spirit World.

The child with braces on her teeth needed a seamless transition in order to adjust to the sudden shock of crossing. Her consciousness was focused on receiving braces at the moment of her passing. Her Guides, ever loving and immensely wise, assisted her with the construction of a reality that was comfortable and familiar for her upon her sudden transition and separation from the physical reality. Her personalized Spirit reality also assisted her mother, at her level of consciousness; to have the assurance her daughter was perfectly happy and well-cared for.

In the Spirit World there are vistas of indescribable beauty. The colors are alive with light and vibrant to an exquisite degree. People go fishing (if they loved to do so in physical life) and they walk their beloved dogs who crossed over before. They eat wonderful food, can make love and create music; because, this is the Paradise of lore. People generally assume the appearance of a physical age where they were the most comfortable and happy during their physical life, or to be recognized most easily by loved ones on earth.

Because consciousness and personal development shape the reality one experiences when crossing over, those with a more negative consciousness will experience situations that reflect their mindset and the energy emissions that were prevalent in earthly life. Some might call this Hell, although there is no such place taught by religions about eternal suffering in fire and brimstone. While these can be very unpleasant experiences, once the inner Light and the love of their being is recognized, the negative, frightening, and darker side of spiritual existence will evaporate and those persons are then lifted by their Spirit Guides into the higher frequency of proverbial Paradise.

The state of a person’s consciousness or the purity of their aura will determine their initial experience when crossing over. Some will experience Jesus, or Buddha, or the Virgin Mary: some will see Joseph Smith, Apollo, Shiva, or any other representation of their religious/philosophical convictions when they first arrive on the Other side. The early stages of spiritual existence are keyed to what we believe to be true. And no matter what people believe to be real; whether they see a red devil with a pitchfork, Biblical scenes, Muslim virgins, or a foggy “nothing,” every person that crosses over to the Other Side will share the common reality of a Life Review.

In the Life Review, one experiences–first person–the emotions, effects, and experiences that their actions caused other people to feel and experience during their physical life. Based on the intentions and actions of their lifetime, this can either be a hellish or illuminating experience. Most people experience a mixture of happiness and pain, as average people are neither “saints” nor “sinners,” exclusively.

Heaven is the Other Side. Everyone goes there on physical death. This is the place where the truth about one’s self becomes glaringly evident and for those who suffer from darkened consciousness, it can seem like less than Heaven until their awareness shifts into a realization of love: self-love and love for others. In the state of unconditional Divine Love, we are destined to know great peace, joy, and overflowing love while we are prepared to undertake yet another life, wherein our spiritual quest for full Spiritual Awakening and enlightenment will continue.

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  1. Reply

    What is a 12 year innocent old doing in the spiritual world? Children go to heaven. The kingdom og God belongs to the little children.

    • Diana


      Well, yes, the Kingdom does belong to little children…but that passage means so much more than you understand at the present time. –Do you think that heaven is a location somewhere is the sky? Heaven is not a physical place, it is a spiritual frequency. As far as your objection to what is, all I can say is: arguing with truth is futile. Many people do it anyway because they persistently confuse truth with belief. May the blessings of greater truth grow within you, like the rising sun that dissipates the fog and envelopes the mental landscape with clarity and warmth. Thank you so much for reading and for commenting.

  2. Kiran


    I am so thankful I somehow stumbled upon your page. My brother passed away 2 months ago at the age of 21. I have been a wreck ever since.. But reading this has made me feel so much better. I am 3 months away from writing my nursing exam, im 24 and I feel more confused and lost than ever. I have no motivation anymore… but after reading this article it sincerely made me shift my perspective on the other side. I truly believe that my brother is okay after reading your article. I feel a sense of peace.

    Thank you.

    • Diana


      Kiran, I’m thankful Spirit led you to the article and I’m thankful it brought you peace, as it should. The loss of a loved one can be very scathing, heart-wrenching, and traumatic. I lost my mother at your age, and my heart goes out to you, Kiran. Know that your brother is doing just fine, he is very much alive in spirit, and it would be a wonderful gift to him to do well on your exam, pick up your heart and love life, remember him with love, and “live your love” every day. Let the goodness within you march on! All is well. Blessings, peace, love. and success to you, my Dear.

  3. Sarah


    What is it to be possessed? Do you think its mental? Is there no God in your understanding? No devil? How do people practice magic without the help of other spirits or demons? Are demons a myth? Is magic a myth? What is paranormal activity to you, nonexistent? I’m extremely curious to hear your views on these questions.

    • Diana


      Hi, Sarah. I simply don’t have the time to satisfy your curiosity about a subject very deep and very wide, which could fill a book…but thank you for taking the time to comment!

  4. Feliciaann


    I go to another world like ares everytime i sleep since i was little it looks like are world they live the same we do but its differnt because sometimes i see evil things people doing stuff evil too ive seen God times to ive seen stuff that is happening did happen and i believe will happen i saw a demon it had wings a person but bat Iike it was fast i woke up but i was in a airport i think. i looked out the window a guy standing next to me said dont be scared and dont say nothing and a demon screamed like a loud screech slammed into window i woke up fast i was scared. I saw a face in the sky i just knew was GOD he had like a scarf on him covered his face he lift the scarf he had red eyes and a thick beard i was scared i right away said God please forgive me and he said in a loud voice like thunder it was weird he yelled out Nooooooooo Nooooooooo and in slow motion huge fireballs was coming out his mouth hitting buildings cars everywhere people was panicking i looked to my right a fireball hit a plane it went down i woke up and anothercd dream i was in building with teen boys they was doing drugs laughing i walked out building looked up i saw two tunnels like tornado tunnels it seemed like souls was going up for one tunnel and souls going down other tunnel and people was running scared screaming hiding and i woke up a short dream i had i was in like a water tunnel thing are underground sewer are something i saw lots of people living in it like they was homeless i was in one couple room in sewer and the had like blankets and u could just tell they live there and out of nowhere water was everywhere it got flooded than i woke up i had another dream i felt scared someone had like a house thing underground he said i could stay there was people living there in like jail beds like everything metal i went up latter and open door thing a like saucer thing it was small it was flaying in air like mini robot thing it lit red light at me and i saw it was like scanning me my dream switched over to like building inside like government people it showed them everything about me ever and they sent message back to machine thing and said kill her and i woke up i see stuff all the time i remeber from when i was little its weird i can talk see people when i dream and can remember it

    • Diana


      A person’s unique psychology makes up the fabric of dreams. Many times, people attach religious or psychic meaning to dreams while ignoring their own psychological make-up. I suggest you consider working with a trans-personal therapist to further plumb what your unconscious is trying to tell you about yourself.

  5. Reply

    Hi Diana

    My name is Sifiso all the way from South Africa. 1st of all inspire to be like you one day to help people in need in the Spirit World.

    Its just that today, I’m the one whose in need for some spirit sense. Sometimes I can’t help but to feel that neighbour sends evil energies in my life, well at least I suspect so OR is it something else I don’t know of?!

    Bottom line I feel stuck in my life, a lot of not so goodluck I’m experiencing. I just want to know what’s holding me back from success, peace and happiness.

    Looking forward hearing from you…..

    Thank You

    • Diana


      Sifiso, thank you for commenting! I hope you can realize that you asked me for far more than I can answer in a comment session. Please read on this website about how to have good energy, how to clean your aura, and how to be rid of bad energy from other people.

      Do not, I repeat, do not blame anyone for putting bad energy upon you and do not put your belief in
      “bad luck”! You are a Divine Spirit, loved by life and good within your heart, so begin to love yourself and have a positive outlook, each day. Life, being imperfect, is an experience of hardship, mishap, and difficulty sometimes…it’s just the way things go. This doesn’t mean you’re being held back! It means you are being given the opportunity to develop yourself by rising above this difficult moment with positive self-image, spiritual strength, and determination to get through it and beyond it. As a Divine Spirit, this is your right…but you must make the effort necessary to help this happen. All blessing to you, thanks for writing.

  6. Marisa


    I am in awe of how eloquently and honestly you have written this article. My beloved fiancé passed away unexpectedly almost a year and a half ago. He died next to me while I was asleep and I woke to find his body. The grief has shown me levels of pain that I never thought a human being could possibly endure. I’m honestly shocked that I’m still alive because there have been so many times I was certain I would die from the pain and even welcomed it. Somehow, I’m still here and while I’m constantly struggling to function “normally” on a daily basis, my fiancé’s passing sparked a flame in me to seek out an understanding of life and what it is truly all about. I began to feel my fiancé’s presence almost immediately. I could just feel him with me all throughout the day but especially at night. He would leave me signs all the time. My cat who is extremely sensitive started going through these strange “spells” where he would look me dead in the eyes and meow or run in circles chasing his tail. One time he even jumped face first into a wall as if there was a bird on the other side of it and he could just jump through it. I would have conversations with him in my room and talk to him in my car, asking him to hold my hand like we used to do. I didn’t tell many people about this because I was afraid of what others would think or that I’d be institutionalized! The grief finally got so bad one day I begged him to find a way to talk with me. The next day I had an extremely strong urge to call one of my mother’s co-workers. We were friendly but I hadn’t seen her in years much less had a phone conversation with her… ever. I’m glad I listened to my intuition because the fist thing she said when I called was that she hoped I didn’t think she was crazy but she had a friend who is a medium and wanted to give me his number. A coincidence? I think not! The next day I had the session and I felt so much relief knowing that he kept his promise that he would never leave me and he would always be there looking out for me. As hard as this time has been, I have grown spiritually by leaps and bounds. The abilities I had when I was younger have returned and are getting stronger everyday. I have made it my mission to honor my fiancé and myself by being the best person I can be and by living a spiritually fit life with integrity and love. I absolutely adore your article about what the other side is like. From the countless readings I’ve had, my own chanelling of my higher self and spirit guides, and meditation, I have come to the conclusion that the other side is almost identical to the way you described it. It’s extremely reassuring to read the viewpoint of someone as advanced and gifted as you are and realize it matches exactly with what I have come to believe as true through my own self-discovery. I am just so impressed and excited at the same time! I felt compelled to share my story with you and tell you what a difference you are making in people’s lives. Just by putting yourself out there so fearlessly, I’m sure that you have helped countless people and have opened many people up to the possibility of spirit and its unconditional love and light. My hope is to one day be as privileged as you by helping as many people as possible to live fulfilling lives. Thank you so much for all you do on this incredible website!

    • Diana


      Well, Marisa…(respectful pause intended) thank you. I must let your story stand and speak for itself. Words, in this case, could not demonstrate reverence for the exquisite sacredness of the journey that you are on. Thank you for sharing your purity of heart–breath-taking…silence-inducing–in a world so in need of what you have to offer. I am certain you will achieve your desire of being of service to others. Your loss has opened the path into your own Divine Soul…as emotional pain so often does. I can only thank you…for your endurance, and what you are making of yourself in spite of everything. You stand as evidence of what we can all achieve. Shine on!

  7. Dave


    Thanks for the insight but you are saying that anyone who behaves badly in our world, because there is no hell, basically gets away without even the slightest bit of atonement. To used a name that is well worn,… Adolf gets away with it?

    • Diana


      Thanks for taking the time to comment! Understand that we are each products of the teachings and beliefs of our respective societies…which many people take at face value to be “the” truth. Ideas of Hell, in the Abrahamic religious traditions, are no exception to this problem of confusing belief with truth.

      It appears you may have not grasped what I said in the article: “… those with a more negative consciousness will experience situations that reflect their mindset and the energy emissions that were prevalent in earthly life.” What this means, exactly, is that upon crossing over, people will experience what psychiatrist Carl Jung coined their “shadow” selves.

      Believe me, wicked thoughts and wicked deeds do indeed create terrible suffering in the Spirit World, as we each have to face the consciousness, or the personality/deeds we had and did in a lifetime. We will endure every iota of the misery we put upon other beings…but not forever and not “eternally”.

      Furthermore, no one is left behind by Infinite Creator, once the necessary realizations are achieved and the purging is complete all are embraced into the Light of Source.

      Human ideas about justice are entirely upside down. Jesus said we should not judge because he knew precisely that we are largely incapable of fair evaluation (we are emotionally charged, belief-driven and immensely uninformed) and furthermore, there is a Cosmic order of things of which humans are completely unaware.

      Do you know what real justice is? Justice is what we get when we realize we cannot run from ourselves, that in the eternal realms the truth will out and we will suffer inside because the truth of what we are and what we’ve been cannot be rationalized or escaped. This is truly the worst imaginable punishment. Since most of us are masters of self-deception and self-interest, we will have quite a reckoning when we finally have to experience ourselves.

      Lesson learned. And of course, the same goes for the good that we do and the love that we give. So who is the “Judge”? Each one of us will judge ourselves. But judgement without mercy does not exist. So at some point we learn our lessons, and continue onward in our endless journey of existence.

  8. ATUL


    i had read all the contents carefully and need to have your advise, may be the quarries i had may not be suitable on the public forum. please send your contact details, email etc for helping me on the issues which are worrying me.



    • Diana


      I can’t do emails or free readings, my friend. Am happy to help if you want to make an appointment by selecting a reading choice in the right column of this website. Best wishes to you and blessings.

    • Dave


      A good answer and certainly fits the ethos of most religions but flies in the face of Christianity. To me there is reasonably good evidence in human history of the existence of the Devil, what of him? and indeed Jesus?

      • Diana


        Hello again, Dave!

        Well, now…about “the Devil”. Had you written, instead of the word “Devil”, these words: “To me there is reasonably good evidence in human history of the existence of evil” that would be a very straightforward observation because there is every evidence of the existence of evil. And not only in history: just look around us! Evil is growing exponentially.

        It is an Abrahamic religious belief and common assumption that evil originates with the devil, without any understanding whatsoever of other negative spiritual forces at play, including human and psychological ones.

        One has to look deeply into religious history and philosophy to discover where our ordinary, modern ideas of the Devil originated. I suggest you begin your research, as this is beyond what I can teach in a comment section. Perhaps this is an article I should write.

        As for Jesus, there are many scholarly books that provide alternative insights into the life and identity of this figure. As with all things historical, we cannot prove the accuracy of what we are told, and it is not unwise to admit to ourselves how often we substitute belief for truth.

        Your questions show a great uprising within you to discover truth for yourself. This is a great beginning for you and promises much. Blessings on your path, and hope in your heart. For he that seeks and seeks truly, will indeed find.

  9. Seelan


    how can i tap into the spiritual world. what do i need to do. i need to find my lifes purpose and what i’m meant to do in this material world.

    • admin


      Wow, Seelan! That’s a boatload of very important, very personal questions that can’t and shouldn’t be answered on a public forum. Contact me for a clairvoyant session. And thanks for reading!

      • Reply

        I’ve reach some LEVELS that mad me really trip out I never had ANSWERs I seen some smoke or vapor come out the sky and knock me out I got up and after that day it seem like I was getting led by this spirit and every one talked DIFFERENT after that day I’ve never been the same and I can’t stop loving or forgiving people I was something that came out the sky that hit me I never new who it was how can I know?

        • Diana


          You have had a brush with the greater realms of reality…and you were changed in a positive way. Spirit assumes many forms…the identity of “it” is not as important as the positive changes you see in your life. People want so much to identify Spirit; give it a name, give it a title and so on, but this tends to reduce Spirit to the human traits and personas we give it. Spirit is much greater than the human attributes we ascribe to it, so instead of wondering how you can “know” the things which you really cannot (Spirit is so indescribably vast and infinite)…recognize the Divine by the effects it has on your life.

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