Tips & Techniques to Have Positive Energy and a Good Aura, No Matter What!

Be like the butterfly with the perfect auraFor many people right now, creating a good aura and positive energy around them can be difficult. Although there are people who are doing fine financially, who have great careers and good health and all the marvelous amenities modern life can offer, there is a rapidly expanding gulf between the “haves” and the “have nots.” As you may have discovered, it is far easier to “be spiritual” when things are going your way. But when life gets tough, it can be very difficult to be spiritually connected and maintain positive energy.

Tough Times and Heavy Hearts

Increasing numbers are suffering greatly in body, mind and spirit. Sadly, the collective sense of social mercy and justice has left the nation: millions of people go without health care, jobs, homes, or a social safety net. Added to their immense suffering is an impersonal, self-serving social system that purports to help (in order to justify its tax burdensome existence) but does not. Millions of people live on the edge and are falling into an abyss.

The material reality is utterly heartless for precious beings, human and non. Likewise, emotional realities fair no better. Tough economies and political decay translate into shattered social connections so essential to human health and happiness. Although there are people who are happily attached to a romantic partner or enjoy a strong sense of family security and connection to others, many more find themselves without a partner of any kind, have broken family ties, or feel essentially friendless.  Epidemic isolation of people from one another is the worst kind of curse to the human spirit. Not only are we social animals who are wired to connect with one another, we are spiritual beings who long to give and receive love.

Around the globe, wars rage and diplomats arrogantly play with human life over intellectual absurdities and outright lies. Deception is the rule–not the exception. Moral and ethical decay has corroded all of our social systems: government, politics, religion, education, finance, business, media–if you can name it, you can find a lie. This creates dissonance and confusion within the human psyche, leading to mental lock-up, indecision, and despair.

You’re Not Going Crazy…The World Has Gone Crazy!

Many innocent, loving souls who strive to do good tell me that they are growing weary. They feel alienated from a world that makes no sense to them. Some think they’re going crazy because they see the world as upside down. If you feel that way, know that you are not crazy and you are correct: the world makes no sense. The insanity all around us can only make sense to the insane, who have shaped the world into what it is today.

National and global turmoil, psychopathology, and spiritual darkness are negative energies that people battle with. Every day, people are pressed upon by negative energy–whether they know it or not.

What can be done about it? How can you overcome?

Truths and Techniques to Keep Your Energy Positive

Buddha taught that the the path to liberation from suffering is Truth. What many do not realize is that dogma is not the same as Truth. Dogma will let you down at some point in your life. When you no longer know what to believe or hold onto, the following Truths, and Techniques, will get you through.

Six Truths to Know:

  • You are an immortal, indestructible Spirit housed in a temporary physical form. The real, eternal you cannot die and you cannot be destroyed.
  • You were born free. You are free. Whatever enslaves you, you  have given your consent. You can revoke your contracts of bondage. Be the free spirit that is your Divine Birthright.
  • You are unconditionally loved by Life…the Infinite Creator of Life…and Love is the energy you are made of. You are never without love, even when others are unloving to you!
  • Things, being what they are, are not what they seem to be! What you see, what you believe, what you think, what you’ve been taught are not absolutes: every intellectual certainty you own is destined for correction.
  • The rock foundation of your life comes from knowing who you truly are and loving yourself, first.  Jesus taught, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” but almost all people fail to get the “thyself” part. Seeking love from others in order to feel loved is building your house of life upon shifting sands. Know who you are. You are worthy of love, yes, you are! So love yourself.
  • There is humor in the absurd. When you rise above the unrelenting trial, the excruciating injustice, you will find your smile again. Don’t get stuck in the mire of resentment, revenge, and hatred. The cosmos rolls on. What is horrible now, will be remade. Don’t sacrifice yourself to darkness. That’s what it wants you to do. If you want to get even, keep your smile.
Seven Techniques that Work:
  • Master your thoughts. While how you feel influences your thoughts, your thoughts influence your actions. Realize your thoughts fuel your emotions. Emotions change for the better, but not when you are locked into negative thinking! Break that debilitating loop by disciplining yourself to keep your thoughts positive. Look at the proverbial glass as “Half full” instead of “Half empty.” You are forging a doorway out of your misery.
  • Follow a daily spiritual practice. There is no option for you not to do this. There is no other way, if you want to change your life.
  • Do things that are hard to do: discipline is a necessary part of a successful life. The easy way out is for losers. Life will not coddle you out of your troubles, so don’t waste yourself in complaining and whining. Want some examples of discipline? Master your thoughts and have a spiritual practice! 🙂 These take discipline at first, but they become something you love to do because they work.
  • Serve others. Do something nice for somebody. Reach out. Give of yourself. Make the world better with your caring.
  • Love beauty and be curious. The world is incredible even if we’ve messed it up! Listen to uplifting music and read uplifting books. Create something. Learn something new.
  • Take care of your body. Don’t eat junk. Drink pure water without chlorine and fluoride. Get adequate sleep. Have a stress elimination routine (like a daily spiritual practice!!) and get exercise.
  • Spend time in nature. You need nature because you came from nature
I support your happiness, health, and spiritual empowerment! If you need to talk to me for a clairvoyant psychic reading, an auric energy reading, or spiritual coaching, make your purchase from the right-hand column and I’ll schedule an appointment with you. Namaste, dear friends.