How to Overcome Fear with Spiritual Power

Continued from Fear: A Useful Emotion or Negative State of Mind?

My Spirit Care, 25 Years of Psychic and Spiritual Advice for Thousands of PeopleNearly all people instinctively fear the unknown. (Okay, so maybe you shouldn’t go into that unexplored cave without being fully prepared! Until they learned better, some of our ancestors who did that either got eaten or fell into an abyss and never came out.) Your racial memory within your cells is telling you to be careful of the unseen, but when the fear of the unknown becomes reactive and entrenched, we turn into bigots who don’t like “others” because they are different. We become zealots who can’t believe anything outside of our established ideas because our certainties have become the antidote for our primal fear of the unknown. We wither into timid followers who haven’t the courage to challenge anything or anyone, let alone think for ourselves, because the fear which initially led us to be cautious turned into a terrible fear of standing up, of being ridiculed or punished.

A Continued State of Fear Has Devastating Spiritual & Social Consequences

If we don’t understand the authentic purpose of fear and how it can get blown way out of proportion, it will have a very powerful instinctual control over our lives. Instinct has no reason: it does not think, take time to think, or want to think. Instinct reacts; it is automatic, and most fear arises out of us in just that way. Being automatic in most people, many do not recognize when they are acting out of fear. It becomes a part of them, a seamless connection to their consciousness that often goes unrecognized. Knowing when we are fearful for inappropriate reasons is important, because if fear is not directed as an appropriate survival protection, it will take over the world.

And it has!

Fear is the savage beast that inhibits the spiritual and physical progress of billions of people. Winston Churchill recognized this when he said, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” Indeed, fear that dominates is a serious threat to all of us.

Unconscious fear expresses itself as apathy on one end and violence on the other; as broken relationships, bigotry, intolerance, fanaticism, addiction, cruelty, fascist governments, entrenched ignorance, corruption and political/social oppression. Mental, physical, and spiritual sicknesses are often rooted in fear and its many associated states.

Crippling states of fear are called phobias. Agoraphobia, claustrophobia, androphobia, chronophobia, erotophobia, and a thousand other fears are irrational states of mind that occur when fear has rocketed out of control. It is a miserable experience, for sure, but a spiritual opportunity for personal growth as well. When fear becomes paralyzing it forces people to deal with it and learn to conquer their many other personal fears, as well.

Fact is, we learn courage by facing and overcoming our fears. It’s the only way to learn bravery. As we all become collectively stronger and not dominated by our assorted fears, humanity will reach a new level of potential and our lives will change for the better.

Spiritually-Centered Love is the Antidote to All Forms of Fear

Fear, worry, anxiety, and insecurity are intertwined. Feelings of insecurity, helplessness, doom, and similar feelings have their root in feeling threatened or feeling vulnerable to being hurt in some way. The self perceives a chance of injury and autonomic fear arises to defend. But we seldom need to be defended or rescued by fear. When a situation is not one of genuine physical threat, fear is likely to be a psychological and spiritual roadblock in your life.

Once you understand that you are an Immortal Consciousness that does not die, that you are not your body, that nothing can truly injure the real you and that there is no punishment from a vengeful Creator, (the Hand that made you will not strike you down, in other words!) this truth will begin to set you free from deep-seated fears. As you learn to love yourself, love life, and love others, fear will have less and less hold over you. It was Jesus who said, “Perfect love casts out fear.” He told us plainly and it’s very true.

When you are afraid of the things in this world and afraid of life; when you are afraid of loss, destruction, failure, or being hurt; the answer is to find the love within your own being. Love makes you brave! Connect to feelings of love and the divine Consciousness you are made of. When you feel the love deep inside yourself, you will know everything is all right. This positive energy opens the way for miraculous change and indomitable strength in the face of temporary worldly adversity. In the face of strong spiritual love, fear disappears like a depressing fog evaporates beneath the morning sun, and the roadblocks it causes disappear, as well.

When you have a decision to make and you are afraid, hold up. Wait. Don’t act from your fear. Get connected to love, and make your decision based on that.

From us here at MySpiritCare, may you know courage and conquer fear. May you be blessed in the trying times upon the world just ahead, by finding the love in your own heart that is truly Divine. As humanity overcomes its slavery to fear and the darkness it brings, the whole world will be born anew. Now that’s something we can put our hearts into!

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Clairvoyant Sight into the Spirit World

In my years of work as a clairvoyant, my clients ask me what “The Other Side” is really like. Most are surprised to learn that the Spirit World is very much like our own, except that truth and love reign supreme and reality is created at the speed of thought.

A consultation I gave for a client years ago is an excellent example of the parallels between the spirit world and this one. When I was clairvoyant viewing for this client, a twelve-year-old girl came to me, accompanied by her Spirit Guide. The little girl was very excited to talk to me, wanting to let her mother know that she liked it over there very much, that she was in school, had many friends and a former family dog. But most of all…most of all…she smiled for me very big, revealing the braces on her teeth. Her message was most urgent: “Be sure to tell Mommy that I got my braces!!”

The woman for whom I was reading broke down immediately in ecstatic tears. Although I had absolutely no prior knowledge of her daughter before the session began, her mother told me that this child was killed in a car accident while going to the orthodontist, on her way to a brace-fitting appointment.

Now, a rational person could ask me, “Why would she go to school in the Spirit World? Without a physical body, why would she have braces?”

Before I answer that, let’s peek behind the veil at what the Spirit World looks like and what people who have crossed over do to “entertain” themselves. Since they don’t sit on clouds and play the harp, then what do they do with their “time?”

It’s hard for us in this world to understand, but there is no time in the spirit world; or any clocks, calendars, or dates. This is a timeless dimension. Spirits do not contend with issues of time and all but the most advanced do not even understand it anymore. Many of the facets of earthly life have become like a dream to them.

Speaking of spiritual dreams, the way for you to begin to understand timelessness is by recalling your physical dreams. Time, during dreaming events, is often blurred and nonsensical. Example: In a dream, you can be in one certain place and another place a thousand miles away in a mere instant. And, you can be in the year 2011 and suddenly find yourself dreaming you are in another time period, without any sequence of time happening.  This happens because in dreamtime, you can tap into the Reality outside of linear time, where time does not exist and all potentialities exist together. As in your dreams, the Greater Reality–the spiritual foundation of our existence–operates with thought or the expression of Consciousness and all events that occur in a physical timeline happen at once in an instant.

Even though there is no time on the Other Side, no schedules, no limits, there is an infinite array of things to do, to be, and to experience. How this plays out for the individual who crosses over will depend on the level of his/her consciousness and the entrenched beliefs that splay from the root of that person’s awareness and their spiritual development achieved during the physical lifetime.

In the Spirit World, what we believe and what we expect is what we will get. Consciousness, and the beliefs that give rise to perceptions and experience, are the builders of reality in the Spirit World.

The child with braces on her teeth needed a seamless transition in order to adjust to the sudden shock of crossing. Her consciousness was focused on receiving braces at the moment of her passing. Her Guides, ever loving and immensely wise, assisted her with the construction of a reality that was comfortable and familiar for her upon her sudden transition and separation from the physical reality. Her personalized Spirit reality also assisted her mother, at her level of consciousness; to have the assurance her daughter was perfectly happy and well-cared for.

In the Spirit World there are vistas of indescribable beauty. The colors are alive with light and vibrant to an exquisite degree. People go fishing (if they loved to do so in physical life) and they walk their beloved dogs who crossed over before. They eat wonderful food, can make love and create music; because, this is the Paradise of lore. People generally assume the appearance of a physical age where they were the most comfortable and happy during their physical life, or to be recognized most easily by loved ones on earth.

Because consciousness and personal development shape the reality one experiences when crossing over, those with a more negative consciousness will experience situations that reflect their mindset and the energy emissions that were prevalent in earthly life. Some might call this Hell, although there is no such place taught by religions about eternal suffering in fire and brimstone. While these can be very unpleasant experiences, once the inner Light and the love of their being is recognized, the negative, frightening, and darker side of spiritual existence will evaporate and those persons are then lifted by their Spirit Guides into the higher frequency of proverbial Paradise.

The state of a person’s consciousness or the purity of their aura will determine their initial experience when crossing over. Some will experience Jesus, or Buddha, or the Virgin Mary: some will see Joseph Smith, Apollo, Shiva, or any other representation of their religious/philosophical convictions when they first arrive on the Other side. The early stages of spiritual existence are keyed to what we believe to be true. And no matter what people believe to be real; whether they see a red devil with a pitchfork, Biblical scenes, Muslim virgins, or a foggy “nothing,” every person that crosses over to the Other Side will share the common reality of a Life Review.

In the Life Review, one experiences–first person–the emotions, effects, and experiences that their actions caused other people to feel and experience during their physical life. Based on the intentions and actions of their lifetime, this can either be a hellish or illuminating experience. Most people experience a mixture of happiness and pain, as average people are neither “saints” nor “sinners,” exclusively.

Heaven is the Other Side. Everyone goes there on physical death. This is the place where the truth about one’s self becomes glaringly evident and for those who suffer from darkened consciousness, it can seem like less than Heaven until their awareness shifts into a realization of love: self-love and love for others. In the state of unconditional Divine Love, we are destined to know great peace, joy, and overflowing love while we are prepared to undertake yet another life, wherein our spiritual quest for full Spiritual Awakening and enlightenment will continue.

At MySpiritCare, you can gain spiritual insight into the purpose of your life. We can help you on your path!




Stepping Above Guided Meditation: 5 Steps to a Daily Spiritual Practice

Okay, guided meditation is a cool thing, no doubt. It’s used for all kinds of reasons, with good results.

But what about the spiritual aspect of our lives? What about getting familiar with who we really are, without needing a CD or technology to try to do that? What about…just you, and Life…becoming one, moving together smoothly the way a dolphin is one with the sea or a rainbow trout is one with the river? Becoming one with Life and all things is the most ancient spiritual wisdom; shamans from the dawn of history have known and taught the greatest of all truths that everything is interconnected.

Once you learn how to relax and let go, once you learn that imagination is NOT “imaginary,” it may be time to just be with yourself and the silence. Why? Because when it gets right down to it, guided meditation is a beginning for some, but then what? To mature spiritually we will have to sometime surrender the training wheels.

Most people want to be spiritually connected. Those on the spiritual path want to ascend, for crying out loud! We tell ourselves we “should” meditate, we “should” pray, we “should” and “should”…and (sigh) let’s change the subject! So, how’s work coming along?

Yep, for many people on the spiritual path that’s about the size of it. We don’t have a spiritual practice once a week, let alone once a day. I bet some of you felt a twinge of guilt when you read the title to this article. (Some of your friends may have skipped it altogether.) See! I can read your mind!

Actually, if you don’t have a dedicated spiritual practice you would be in the majority and so my guess is merely “playing the odds.” Most people just don’t make the time to connect spiritually. Many people don’t even think about it, or even dare to hope it’s possible. Others don’t find it at all important and even more people leave this up to churches and clergy to “do it” for them!

But all of the above probably isn’t you, either. This is a spiritual site and you’re here for a reason, so for those who are open to the path to enlightenment but can’t get in the groove, maybe it’s time to make it happen for yourself.

In order to get motivated, it helps to understand how an intimate, living spiritual practice can make a difference in your life, and what that entails, exactly.

A personal, dedicated spiritual practice will lead to a sense of connection to the Divine, and to an inner strength that comes from knowing your life has a unique purpose. You will develop your own psychic awareness. You will gain clarity, wisdom, knowledge, foresight…and if you are truly successful, you will become a more loving being.

Here are a few short suggestions on how to get started:

Want to make the connection: you have to want to know what you are all about, under your skin. People with a Christian background will recall that Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. To advance spiritually, we must first know ourselves.

How you decide to have a spiritual connection is completely individual. There are no rules, only guidelines. Find a personal system, or a composite of modalities, that work best for you. So here are 5 steps to get you past “I should” to “I do!”

  • Remember, you have to want to improve your life and be willing to explore for greater truth.
  • Turn off the phone, and eliminate external distractions. Put a “do not disturb” sign on your door if others in the house are used to summoning you at their fancy. Let others know this is YOUR private time.
  • Set aside 15 uninterrupted minutes, the same time each day. Why the same time? …A little discipline is needed to develop good habits, and setting the same time establishes a basis for sacred ritual, which enriches the experience over time. (If you should miss your appointment with the Divine, don’t skip that day. Find the 15 minutes somewhere else in your day before you go to bed and give that spiritual time your full, surrendered attention.)
  • Prepare to share. A relationship with the Divine, whether the Creator of All-That-Is or your own Higher Self, is a two-way street that involves expression of your feelings or intention and the reception of insight or guidance.
  • Listen. Don’t run out on yourself…allow time to just listen in quiet for the guidance from within.

Try not to think of this as work…it’s not. It’s joyful self-development! It’s an awesome experience to be on the right track, gaining solid inner guidance. Higher insight, or personal psychic connectedness, is worth more than anything in this world that money can buy.

Don’t be surprised if you realize, during your spiritual connections, that you are not alone in this world. Opening your heart in this way is to go through that “straight and narrow” Gate to Infinite Consciousness, which is your true and perfect Home. Heaven, you will find, is in your own heart and is with you all the time, right where you are, right now. 🙂