Clean Negative Thought Forms from Your Aura and Feel Good Again!

ImportantPlease read “The Power of Thought Forms: What Are You Doing to Your Life?” before you read the following article.

People are often hammered by negative thoughts. While they wonder why, you have learned from our previous MySpiritCare article about thought-forms and how to cleanse your aura. Negative and troubling thoughts are more than brain synapses! They are energies you either create or pick up because you have similar frequencies in your own aura!

When the mind is allowed to idly dwell or when we obsess over the same thing again and again, thought forms will be created that come back to haunt us, making it very difficult to let go of particular thoughts or behavior when we wish to stop thinking about something or acting in a certain way.

For example, a woman who thinks constantly, incessantly about an unrequited love but finally comes to the conclusion that it’s best to move on because the person is not a good romantic interest, may find that she can’t stop thinking about the person even though she wants to. “I can’t get him off my mind! So it must mean I’m not supposed to stop thinking about him! I must have a future with this person!” She assumes because she can’t stop thinking about him even though she wants to, that there is some fated purpose in her incessant thoughts… and that she is “not meant” to let go.

Far from her thoughts being some sign of cosmic purpose, she is a victim of a thought form that she herself made, as it keeps engaging her mind in an obsessive way. Terrible as it is, the thought forms made from improper thinking grow even stronger with repeated focus: their influence widens and deepens until circumstance (often unfortunate) sublimates it to other arising thought forms of similar negative frequency.  Sublimated negative thought forms remain damaging. They do not just “go away,” but influence the deeper levels of the human psyche in more complex and entangled ways.

People trap themselves into negative cycles with their unwitting use of living energy: unproductive thinking, self-centered ego fantasies and negative thoughts have hidden and serious consequences. They lead to pathological and destructive behaviors, suffering, sadness, rage, and grief.  Negative thought forms ruin lives. From a karmic and cosmic perspective, we must also know that what we send out to others, we will receive back. Negative thinking is a no-win scenario of the worst kind.

You Can Change It!

Thankfully, most people are victims of bad thought-forms only due to their complete ignorance. Knowledge provides the power to change everything.

The moment an unpleasant, obsessive, unproductive, fearful, depressed, hopeless, ugly, greedy, angry, hateful, condemnatory, jealous, wicked, injurious thought or mental out-picturing arises in your mind, immediately visualize this thought locked in a bubble of golden-white light and squeeze it until it evaporates in your mind. Say, “I negate and neutralize this idea and give it to Divine Light right NOW!” Then say, “Light, Love, Light!

Another technique is to immediately respond, “Good-bye, LIE!” and mentally whoosh your dark thought into the light of the sun.

Done as often as needed, these actions neutralize negative thought forms and render them harmless. It won’t take long, if you practice this, before your thoughts become rarified and positive on a regular basis. It is an outstanding remedy for those caught up in negative thinking and helps to heal states of feeling depressed.

This will change your life. When enough people become aware, it will change the world.

If you need further help with energy issues in your  life, I’m here to help! I will do an authentic, clairvoyant energy assessment and give you individual guidance about clearing bad energy out of your life. Working together, we can help you fill your life with the good stuff!

May beautiful thoughts belong to you, and beauty abound in your life!




The Power of Thought Forms: What Are You Doing to Your Life?

We have explained in other articles on My Spirit Care about the importance of cleansing the aura to remove bad energy and maintain balance of the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Another equally important aspect of keeping oneself psychically clean is to think good thoughts and negate bad ones so they do not commit damage in our own lives or the lives of other beings.

That old saying “Thoughts are things” isn’t just an adage! It’s true that thoughts are things. More precisely, they are thought-forms, very real energetic constructs that you create by thinking. They are part of your auric body, although they are often mobilized to go great distances across the material barriers that limit physical form.

For example, when you have an intense moment of thinking loving thoughts about your child who is away at summer camp, a corresponding thought form will be created that contains the energy of your feelings. Made of light, colored according to the frequency and energized by your focus on your child, this lovely formation of light will rush out from you through the miles and attach to a corresponding, resonant field in your child’s aura. He/she will feel Mother’s love from afar, because it has come in the form of a flying hug. The love bounces back, as well, reinforcing the loving energies within you, increasing your own capacity to be a loving person.

The more love you give, the more love you will get.

This is the reason the wise have spoken about Love being the greatest protector. We can offer shields of protection to others with our love because of thought- forms.

Negative thoughts, on the other hand, are not a gift we like to receive and should never be given to another. These cause psychic injuries—and more—and like a boomerang, will come back to injure the sender. I’m sure you’ve heard the old stories of how tomb raiders of the Pyramids had bad things happen to them because of ancient curses. Scientific-minded people would have you believe this was due to suggestion, but in fact the Egyptians whose duty was to protect the Pyramids were masters at the creation of negative thought-forms. Those explorers who were susceptible by reason of their own auric weaknesses would experience “bad luck” from negative thought-forms that attached to their auras. Not nice at all, very nasty.

 Schematic of a Thought-Form

It would not be possible to provide an encyclopedia of what thought-forms look like because they are a lot like snowflakes: under general conditions, no two are exactly alike. Sometimes they are complex designs and sometimes they are lines, arrows, zigzags, clouds, balls, and boxes. They can look like creatures, spirals, thunderbolts, and architecture. Anyone who has looked through a kaleidoscope has had a little demonstration in how some thought forms can appear to the clairvoyant eye and how these change rapidly into something else.

They are made of living light, just like you, and there is no example in the third dimensional world that is adequate to compare their appearance.

Thought-form shapes and colors reflect the quality of the thought that made them. The pictures with this article are two dimensional drawings (made by a 3rd dimensional person!) of hyperdimensional thought forms, so while the rendition is not perfect, it will give you an idea of what they look like to the relatively few clairvoyants who can see them. The greater the intellect or the stronger the focus, the more defined their construct. The more lovely the thought, the more beautiful its form.

Public Enemy Number One: Negative Thought-Forms!

It takes an especially trained Third Eye to know what thought forms mean or represent. Positive thought forms, which arise with positive thinking, are very desirable. We all want those around us! But negative thought forms are more common to the fearful human condition and silently wreck havoc in our lives. They are created by obsessive, reckless or negative thinking and they breed like an orgy of cockroaches!! Bad thought-forms create more compulsively negative thoughts and behaviors that continue to multiply in receiving and resonant  energy fields.

What some in science call a “meme” and what sociologists call “mob mentality” a clairvoyant calls a thought-form. Truly, we are defining a mind virus. And yes, it is imminently real AND viral.

On a broad social level, repeated similar thoughts (sparked by mass belief) make thought forms larger and more intrusive, influencing things like public policy. Ever-increasing and fanatic religious fervor is an example of how thought- forms infect populations, or even how incompetent people gain positions of power, when no person “in their right mind” would support them. Powerful thought-forms created through ad campaigns and media hype push their way past reason and override conscious decision-making. The injury to society from negative thought-forms is beyond reckoning: the effects are seen, but not the energy that causes it.

The really good news is that we can cure the damage done by negative thoughts. In our next  My Spirit Care post, we will explain how toClean Negative Thought Forms from Your Aura and Feel Good Again.” Don’t miss it!

As always, when you need our psychic advice to eliminate negative and bad energy from your life, or when you need a clairvoyant psychic reading or clairvoyant energy  assessment to understand what energies are around you and what to do about it, we are here to help you.