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People tend to get depressed in the winter: maybe you can relate. There is a diagnosis for this condition, called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, for short. During winter, there’s almost no color in the world around us; just shades of grey and dull browns…muddy asphalt…dirty snow…little light…and instead of being outside in nature, people just want to retreat from it. Having been caged indoors for warmth, artificial light and safety, by the time Spring comes around we are famished for glittering sunlight, chirping birds, and green foliage. We are yanking at the leg irons to get outside once again. We ache to be released from a four-walled human habitat; the beauty of nature pulls on our heart strings and awakens the life within us. Why do you think that is? It’s because all domesticated human beings are wild inside…and believe it or not…the “Great Outdoors” is the cradle of a human soul.

Nature’s winter season has an important counterpart within the human psyche. Domesticated humans undergo spiritual winters. During these times, self-expression and personal growth will hibernate right alongside the bears of the wild, especially for those who suffer from SAD, and this human spiritual winter can come during any season of the year. During those times, we are depressed and the world seems grey on the brightest, most beautiful of days.

Be that as it may, in their natural state humans have a soul hunger for nice days and green trees, for the beauty, color, and exquisite symmetry of nature.  Psychologically and spiritually, healthy humans crave beauty, they thirst for it. Surrounded by beauty, the spiritual luster within a human being can come to life. Maybe you have noticed: people tend to be more pleasant toward one another on beautiful, nice days; they also tend to be more outwardly civil when they are within a beautiful environment. Beauty and cultured behavior frequently (although not always) go hand-in-hand.

We all know towns and cities that are outright ugly. Maybe you live in one of those places: poorly zoned communities with run-down, shot-gun buildings on tightly-crowded lots, garish, eye-sore signage piling up to the sky and spilling over onto the sides of the road, leaning poles with multitudes of sagging wires, litter, broken sidewalks, acre upon acre of asphalt and pavement, dust, junk, litter, barred windows, dirty air, over- crowded roadways with the racket of sirens and back-up beepers. These man-made, unnatural, and offensive expressions of human society look especially terrible in the season of winter, but if we want to know why we have to put up with them we should know there is a reason they exist. They reflect the perpetual spiritual impoverishment of those who created them…those who develop property out of greed, those who oversee communities but do not inspire or nurture them, and those who choose to live in unsightly ways because they have gone utterly blind to beauty and its critical importance in our psychological and spiritual lives.

So here we are: with millions of people living in physical and spiritual blight simply because the greedier  society becomes and the more financially inequitable, the more hideous the common human environment becomes. Beauty-in the form of function and design at least- is now largely the purview of the rich, leaving the rest of the masses to contend with decay and all the negative intrusions it brings to human Consciousness.  To live in man-made desolate places, without countering the ugly things with those that are beautiful, is to parch the human spirit and to slowly…invisibly…desiccate the living soul.

Beauty in our Environment Gives Rise to Good Energy

Robin's eggs in nest-2Without beauty around us, it is difficult to thrive. Collectively, unless we become conscious of and respectful of beauty, humanity’s expectations of a “great society” will collapse into ruin. However, just because one has to live in an ugly place does not mean we have to embrace our circumstances as inevitable. Not only can we be advocates for community change, but we can surround our personal environment with things that are beautiful to us. We can also create physical order in our lives, which is an expression of beauty in itself.

As a clairvoyant, I can tell you that the spiritual reality is a magnificent array of an unlimited Light Field, arranged in exquisite order.  There are also regions of chaos and darkness, inviting the creation of order from and harmony within them. There are probability fields, and convergence points, from which the instant physical reality arises…and this has direct meaning to you in your personal life.

Your aura, or spiritual body, is a fast-moving field of colored light particles as well as waveforms of energy. These change with mood and emotion. When you are feeling down, your aura will take on a muddy, darker hue and when you are energetically “up” it will brighten. When your aura is bright, you attract more brightness, your good energy begins to expand and your aura gets stronger. A strong aura is a protective shield against negative energy.

When you find something beautiful to focus on, this alters the convergence point of a particular timeline moment, and if you do this frequently, you change the frequency of your personal vibration to a higher rate; meaning, your life will begin to express more positive events. The Hopi have a saying, very spiritual, and it is, “Walk in beauty.” The First Nation peoples were inseparable from Nature, from the beauty of our Mother Earth that envelopes all of us, if we have the eyes to see and a heart to hold it. Their advice is extremely sage. We would all do well to walk in beauty. Nature shows us the way.

The word, “beauty”, can also be capitalized like a proper noun because in the context of this article, Beauty is a force of Consciousness and a Divine expression. -A Deity in its own right. While it’s valid to say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and while to one person purple/orange/green nail polish is beautiful, and to another, it’s ugly, the kind of beauty I’m writing about goes way beyond the fickle fad of the day or an intellectual debate or so-called sexual attractiveness. True beauty is that which inspires the vital energy, the Divine Consciousness within a person… it always has a subtle life force…and because it comes from the Source of Life, there are concealed blessings associated with it. It is a constant fountain of Life for you to dip into, especially in times of need, sadness, and despair…during a winter season, the winter of your life, or all those recurring moments when your inner world turns grey and your heart feels barren of hope and joy.

By now, you probably know I’m going to tell you that Beauty makes for good energy. There is enormous value to human society in fine art, classical music, fine architecture, and outstanding literature. There is untold benefit from having an ordered environment. Above all and more than anything else, the beauty of Nature can heal your psyche, your spirit, and your life.

People who are in close communication with Nature can even find great natural beauty around them in wintertime: barren trees and windswept plains have a beauty all of their own. Then…there’s springtime, which is upon us now, and my, oh, my…there is a feast of beauty that awaits you!! So get outside and take it all in.

Again, the Hopi say, “Find two beautiful things” when you are feeling down. Focus on the first beautiful thing, then find another…and focus on that. Let yourself be with the beauty and merge with it. You will discover that the heavy feelings have dissipated or left you entirely. Even gazing on, and being with, the beauty of a single flower can put you in a state of spiritual transcendence. Cultivate an appreciation of beauty in your life, and beautiful, you will most certainly be.

sunset in trees

“Beauty before me, beauty behind me, beauty to my left, beauty to my right, beauty above and below me.  I am on the pollen path of joy and oneness.” —the Hopi Nation


  1. amrita


    I have always been close to nature. I have always been an outdoor person. Pet loving happy and content.fearless.last year I got pregnant with my first baby.I was forced to leave my job and stay with my inlaws.although my mil is very caring I found myself locked and confined in a small bedroom for 9 months and 4 months after the arrival of my angel daughter. .All in the name of protecting me from any accidents. I fought I cried I shouted. But my husband blindly trusts his mom who never ever even allowed me to go the balcony as she believes pregnancy makes you weak for evil spirits..how silly. One day I gave up. After being confined for almost an year I finally came to my parents .but I feel I have lost myself.I feel injured no one understands me.I am trying to stand up again. I am trying to get my engineering and management degree to work again.although I have an experienced of 6 years I know I am nothing now. I tumbled across your blog.you have no idea how much it has helped me and whenever I am reading you I feel litle confident although I think I am still lost and something just hurts.don’t know.but keep on writing good stuff you don’t know how far your reach is geographically and that you are actually helping out someone in need .god bless you.

    • Diana


      I am greatly touched by your story, as will others be who read this website. Thank you for sharing.

      You are a very strong and old Soul…even if you feel you have lost yourself, I promise that you have not lost your deepest self, as I am about to explain in a moment. You are in a process of recovery after trauma (being confined, feeling controlled, misunderstood, and unheard, uprooted twice, being unemployed, not to mention the biological,spiritual, and emotional trauma of pregnancy and childbirth). You have been through a great deal and it takes time to process it all and to heal. I suggest you start right now to give yourself credit for the amazing and wondrous, curious and brave, loving and giving person you are…which is still very much the person you used to be…only weathered by life as we all become over time.

      Please, stop being hard on yourself! You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, and if others don’t understand you (and many of them won’t and don’t) then please step back and take at look at the terrible problem they wrestle with: a fixed, fearful reality, without the eyes to see. Many human beings do not possess understanding hearts. This in no way diminishes who you really are. While your trauma changed you by exposing you to human follies and therefore tarnished an innocent and fresh view of life, it has done it’s job by initiating you into the ways of wisdom and compassion, matured you, and revealed important truths, many yet to be understood.

      It’s important to remember that being wounded for a time does not mean you are wounded always. This is a choice for you to make right now. Decide you will not be like the many people who hold onto their wounds and walk through them every day for the remainder of their lives, never giving life a chance to heal them.

      And last, when you say “I know I am nothing now” you are building a prison around yourself. You are doing to yourself what you say the others did to you! While on the surface we can have compassion for your feelings of low-self esteem, this cannot be tolerated for a moment and I won’t enable you, even with kindness. You don’t need pity, you need to recognize how critical it is to stop judging yourself by what kind of a job you can get or what other people think of you. Suffering that comes from this is self-imposed: do not do this to yourself. Even if you feel this way, recognize this is only a feeling and not a fact!!

      Inner hurt will heal if you let it. This is temporary, as long as you make it so. Get outdoors again! Spend time with birds and puppies and kittens and stick your toes in a stream. Create beauty around you, sing, stretch, eat healthy, and build new relationships with people who accept you for who you are. All this can take time or it can happen quickly, but what matters is that you set your inner compass to joyfully embrace your own heartbeats. Celebrate your chance to be here on this beautiful planet and make your life an outer expression of your inner angel! You are a most beautiful Soul: accept this and you will soon find you are not lost at all. Talk to your Divine Angels out loud every day and ask them to help you heal and move forward. I send you much love and healing help and I thank you so much for writing.

  2. Sulaymaan


    I often and always have found beauty in nature. It dazzles me on how sooo many people are blind, and invalidate my personal eye for such beauty. This demoralizes my intent, and being a large “black man” it is quite unusual for people to except this. I find it crushing to my soul, and i feel damaged as I attempt to heal myself. As I enter the true realms of manhood. Feels like i am now trying to reconnect to what I envisioned for who I wished to be, and disconnect from this ugly reality that others have visioned, label, and painted for me.

    • Diana


      Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

      How fantastic, Dear Smiles, that you can still feel your Soul!!! 🙂

      At this Age in the world’s history, the Kali Yuga Age of disintegration, the mass of humanity is experiencing soul loss and psychic disintegration…and an immunity to ugliness and despair. “Hardness of heart” is what the Bible calls it; and they cannot see what you see, or understand you, until they awaken from their mesmerized condition.

      Be the Light that you are, and stand up straight and tall when you do it. Have confidence in who you are and in your communion with Mother Earth, let the Divine Presence sustain and empower your purpose. I strongly recommend that you learn about shamanism and shamanic healing. Go to http://www.shamanism.org for more information and read “The Way of the Shaman” by Michael Harner. You are a natural-born shaman and I feel you will find great purpose in this ancient and incredibly beautiful spiritual practice.

      Thank you for taking the time to reach out, and blessed be!!

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