Two Secret Truths to Stop Negative Thinking and Change Your Life Right Now

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In case you don’t know this already, everyone has negative thoughts. After all, we are all human and life is often a struggle in one way or another, which wears us down and makes us feel less than positive on occasion. Even so, an emotionally healthy person can recover from these negative emotions and thoughts, becoming positive again if for no other reason than feeling negative all the time is well, a miserable experience.

Many other people, however, have an abundance—a chronic onslaught—of negative thoughts, which lead to negative feelings and yes, all the misery that comes with a negative state of mind.

It’s distressing to witness the epidemic of negative perceptions among increasing numbers of people but even more distressing to see that in fact, human society is becoming very a negative construct on a global scale. To admit our negative condition is not to be negative, but rather to see the truth for what it is. Seeing the truth about the negative state of our world is by no means a positive realization, and to counter that “downer” there are people who will not contend with obvious problems because they wish to remain positive!

But does denial about what is negative, for the sake of being positive, have any lasting merit? True, you can isolate your mind and “create your own reality” through narcissistic self-protection and denial of other people’s suffering, but all that does is to make you culpable in that suffering. Why? We could say that sidelining is for infants and children, those who are not mature or strong enough to take responsibility. And while many of us wish to be as unburdened as children, to protect our innocence and remain neutral or safe behind the line of worldly battles; to deny, ignore, and completely disengage from the suffering of others is ethically reprehensible, a type of cowardice done many times under the guise of “spirituality”. Just as it was most definitely not “spiritual” during the Inquisition to support the Church in the burning of heretics (even though people deceived themselves in the form of projected religious loyalty when they were really just being cowards), it is not “spiritual” to refuse to face the truth that negative conditions exist. This is worldly reality, even if we don’t want it to be “our” reality.

To recognize these things is not to be weak. It is to be strong when besieged with adversity. This is what Nature intended for grown-ups to do and further, superficial positivity as promoted by many a modern self-help guru will not get rid of the negativity within us. It merely enables our inner Shadow to hide, thereby contributing to the collective negative matrix. So yes, there is negativity inside and outside of us and if we cannot cure it with denial or cover-ups, then what is to be done?

Clearly, in a world where events, governments, institutions, conditions, and circumstances grow increasingly dystopic and where the humans who are affected by a psychopathic social disorder must live their individual lives, there are mounting challenges to the maintenance of a positive state of mind. Since the beginning of civilization until this very moment (and into the far future if we continue our dysfunctional and passive behaviors), average people have had to live out their lives under oppressive social orders which created deeply miserable conditions. Naturally, negative circumstances provide every opportunity for negative thoughts; but in spite of that, there is a mighty, utterly positive Divine Light inside of the human animal that no darkness can truly extinguish. Thus, you and I are here today because those that went before us overcame unimaginable trials. The positivity deep within our ancestor’s souls overcame the negative conditions in their lives.

There is a Light inside of every human animal that no darkness can obliterate.

So, then, about this inner positivity: you know it when you have it. But other than being a personality trait, where else does that come from? How do you suppose that people can endure so much hardship, can be pulled down by the undertow in their lives and still bob back to the top, with optimism for moving ahead? What is that force inside of you that keeps you going, and going…and going like the Eveready rabbit? What is it that powers your life when external events, don’t??

By now you you’ve guessed I’m going to tell you about the Light inside of you, but first, let’s look briefly at the opponents of your inner Light—darkness and shadow—which herein are metaphors for negative thinking. Much has been written about “positive thinking” and although I can appreciate the intention of these teachings, it’s easy to see that the world hasn’t changed for the effort. That’s because the act of positive thinking, as presented, tends to bandage mental processing without curing the underlying cause of negative thought. As you know, healing has to occur at the level the disorder is created and when we cover up deeper negative feelings with positive dressings, we fail to heal the core of our negative eruptions.

You probably know that the word “darkness” is often used to describe conditions of war, loss, famine, and disease and you also probably know that “darkness” is a common metaphor used to describe depression, which is the opposite of happiness—that positive emotional state often associated with sunshine and light. Metaphysically speaking, “darkness” describes a negative energetic condition demonstrated by a diminishment, or absence, of light in the auric field of a person, being, or thing, and scientifically speaking, darkness is the polar opposite of brightness, or the absence of visible light.

In all these usages, there is a correlation of meaning that is fascinating to contemplate: where there is physical light, darkness cannot exist, except as a shadow. Of course, a shadow is an area where light from a light source is obstructed by an object, such as happens when your body in sunlight casts a shadow upon the ground.

To be a human animal is a vastly complex experience, made of both light and darkness, and an abundance of shadow. (Shadows, visually and philosophically, are the grey areas that are neither black nor white, and that’s an important observation as you learn to undo negative thinking, so keep this in mind as you read on.) We are so complicated that we have a most difficult time understanding ourselves, for instance: it confuses us that we are good and bad, kind and cruel, happy and sad, selfish and generous, suspicious and trusting. We love and we are indifferent, without a shred of caring for another. We are defensive and receptive, cowardly and brave. We give and we withhold. We think too highly of ourselves and we despise ourselves. And so it goes.

Thus, mortal humans are both positive and negative, both light and shadow; but despite our mortal contradictions, the spiritual core of every person is powered by the inner Light of the Creator Consciousness. This inner Light belongs to the realm of the Soul, and that realm is an energetic sea of immortal Consciousness, also known as Greater Reality. The Greater Reality is the timeless realm of Spirit and Source…among other things. It’s where your energy—your life force—originated and it is the spiritual condition to which you will eventually return after your physical body “gives up the ghost.” In the Greater Reality of Source Light, the Light does not come from a certain direction, as in the physical reality where light shines upon us from a distant star that we call the Sun. The Greater Spiritual Reality contains, among many states of being, a realm of pure light that emanates from everywhere all at once, from inside to outside, and where there is neither shadow nor darkness.

As you came from Light, as your spiritual Self is made of Light, as you are concealed Light wrapped in a non-lustrous physical husk, then it follows that your true Divine nature has no shadow. Darkness holds no sway therein. Negativity is not called for, because the only condition that exists on that level of your Being is love, which is the ultimate Light and THE positive force in all of existence. Here, there is harmony without conflict; a constant frequency of joy and fulfillment.

Illuminate the Shadow

Yes, that’s your spiritual self…but you are also here, in this world. And you don’t even know if you believe what I just wrote. So, what about getting rid of negative thoughts?

The challenge of being in this physical world is to sidle as close to our core spiritual Selves as possible, though most of us don’t. We live our lives totally immersed in our egos—the temporary worldly identity that is not cognizant of the true eternal Self—and spend our time being negative when we don’t get our egoic desires met.

When we do this, we are playing in the shadow, a bridge between positive and negative, a place of neither dark nor light. We give our Shadow Self the upper hand. We grope and fumble around in a twilight reality, not seeing things for what they are, struggling with the more negative emotions that come from a twisted perspective; and when we do that repetitively, we cross into darker and darker states of mind. We get more and more negative. A few among us—those who intentionally and repeatedly harm other people without remorse (typical of people who hold great power over others)—go black. “Going black”, or becoming a person that is so stripped of Soul they can’t be fixed, is not something that happens instantly. This soul diminishment can be said to occur gradually and if it happens, it’s because years of negativity have gone unchecked.

I’m sure you know that when you do something often enough, it becomes habit. Repetitive negative thoughts are habit-forming. They can become automatic—very easily—and because our thoughts have vibrational frequencies that attract similar frequencies, it doesn’t take long to magnetize and collect the negative thoughts of others all around you and to bury yourself in a mire of misery and anguish. Pretty soon, it seems impossible to “get positive.”

If you find yourself struggling with negative thoughts, it’s time to step out of the shadow and into the light, where you are not deluded by those faulty perceptions that are not illuminated or clear when you are giving your Shadow Self free reign.

Two Secret Truths to Eliminate Negative Thoughts:

Secret Number One:
Do not choose to think things that are energetically harmful and feel you are excused for doing so. You are not.

Under your physical skin, you are an Immortal Consciousness made from Illuminated energy that is Indivisible Light. When things don’t “go right”, there is a reason. Regardless of what you think is causing this, your Soul is trying to wake you up, to get you to stretch beyond a blinded, false identity and learn some truth about your life. Your Soul is trying to reveal to you a lie.

For example, let’s say you are having negative thoughts about someone you feel has wronged you and you incessantly dwell upon thoughts of seeing them hurt in return. Well, here’s a TruthFlash for you: The “reward and punishment” ideas of this world, promulgated by religion and capitalized by governments, are the “poisoned apples” of fairy tales. This popular belief is very old but that does not make it true. Falsehoods like this sway you to relentlessly fixate on hateful desires to see someone else suffer, while giving you the false belief you are justified in your negative thoughts. This keeps you stuck and enslaved to the negative energy of resentment, rage, and hate. Feeling righteous (not!!) you stay there with all determination and proclaim you can’t forget and can’t be happy until that “bad person” gets their “just desserts”. In so doing, you have chained yourself into a dark prison, where no Light enters and darkness continues to accumulate. Then… more bad things begin to happen in your life and you get more negative, still. Your negative thoughts have attracted more negative things!! In all of this, you are the one who is making yourself suffer more than whatever was initially done to you, and no, this is not someone else’s fault!

Fact of this world is: bad things happen to everyone. Your negative thoughts do you harm. They do not create recompense. They will take you to no good place. To make a long spiritual story short: you are not a victim, so quit your whining and get over it.

Secret Number Two:
You are not your thoughts. Many times, the negative thoughts you think are not your own. Reject them as spiritual invasions, clean your aura, and focus on beauty.

As an Immortal Spiritual Being, you are energy first, and a body, second. You are not a person with a Soul; you are a Soul with a body. As a spiritual being, you have psychic or spiritual abilities to pick up energies outside of yourself, both positive and negative.

There is a hidden energy matrix that has influenced human beings from time immemorial, and to their detriment. It is a broadcast “standing wave” that directs mass consciousness to sway this way or that. It has influenced the development of religion, most religious experiences as well as paranormal interdiction’s, political trends, social trends, and is responsible for memes, which are infectious mind viruses.

Furthermore, there is a vast energetic, vibrational field of human thought: for every thought of every human, there is a corresponding vibration set up in the resonance of our collective reality construct. You can pick up thoughts from others. You do it all the time. When you experience negative thoughts “out of the blue”, look to unseen metaphysical influences for their influence over you. (How to Have Positive Energy and a Good Aura, No Matter What)

And while most of you reading this are not so interested in saving the world right now, if you apply these two little secrets to your lives you will change your own life in a big way. Then, your perspective about things as well as the way life interacts with you will change for the better, as well. These changes will ease much of the suffering you experience and that is a very good thing to have happen, for yourself… and for the world at large!

If this post has been of help and assistance to you, great! Diana offers these valuable insights from her heart and with the highest intentions to be of service to you and to all. She gives freely. Please consider completing the beautiful energy exchange with her by donating if you found this article helpful. Thank you.


  1. Arkyle


    Hello and thanks for this article so well written, its not easy to read about energies and not get lost in texts that ramble a lot!

    i’d like to give something in return, and my personal (and positive) experience about handling energies might be of some add-up:

    i have found out that all this energy stuff, doesnt matter where it comes from ot what it is, tend to work like a magnet does.

    now, the problem with this comparison is that if its true, then equal does attrack the opposite, and indeed it does! but in a certain way.

    magnets are not only about positive and negative sides, are all about directions, a magnet has a + and a – because energy flows from one side to the other, thus causing the polarization we all know.

    so if you are focusing your energies (that includes your emotions, outcome hopes of your actions and every action itself) on one direction, the you will be attracted (or “magically” find in your way) people that is one step or more ahead of you in a similar chosen direction and resources that will help you go forward.

    also you will attrack people that is trying to go that direction but is one step or more behind you, like magnets work, its all about aligning with a certain type of energy that goes towards a certaing direction.

    thats why seems so useful that old advice that says “fake it till you make it”.

    because you are setting yourself in a determined direction with everything you have (actions, looks, thoughts and mind-focus or soul) and then the magnet effect does its work.

    hope this helps and thanks again for your articles!

  2. claudia


    What a beautiful article!You have highlighted my recent recurrent beliefs that we as human species may seek comfort in aiming for black and white when in truth we are many shades. We ask friends for advice and are given generic a equals b response. After all we live in a world where we make sense with the scientific evidence,yet if we really come back to our core (something which even starring out of a window from a very young age) i’ve marvelled at just how mysterious and complex being born and alive in a new body is!! Ultimately Whilst negative thoughts keep us in our cocoon it is the butferfly we want to keep becoming in each new moment of our life. Thankyou xx

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