Curiosity and Non-Conformity: the Twin Pillars of Spiritual Freedom

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” —Albert Einstein

There is an old saying that sublimates a wrong idea: “Curiosity Killed the Cat.” Curiosity never hurt anyone, let alone killed them. One of the most important characteristics a cat…or a person and a seeker-of-truth…can have is curiosity!

Unfortunately, this very obvious truth won’t stop many people from remembering that nasty little slogan about how we can get killed just for asking. It’s time to change the saying to reflect reality instead of supporting a mind-control myth, so let’s say instead “Curiosity Saved the Cat” because we need curiosity to be alive inside. Without curiosity, we can become robotic, unthinking, “dumbed-down” and highly conformist. Without curiosity, we are very boring people, interested in only our microscopic world, our own immediate gratifications and interests and oblivious to what a mindless drone we have become. Without curiosity, we can have as many doctoral degrees as we can afford and still be blatantly ignorant because without curiosity, we will be closed off to finding timeless truth while we memorize textbooks that teach institutional dogma.

People are not encouraged to be curious and the aforementioned slogan has served to support the notion that being curious is foolish and bad for your health. —Which is what those with all the power want us to believe. When we don’t ask questions, we cannot threaten their authority. When we don’t challenge the status-quo, we are told by implication that we are being “good people” who don’t engage in risky, anti-social behavior.

Imagine that. Those who don’t want you to be curious want you to believe that being stupid is what makes a person safe and decent.

We all need to recognize how easily human beings can be enslaved by their mental programs. Pop-up slogans that come quickly to mind are small tidbits of the programming received over a lifetime, and these programs control the reality construct we believe to be real. In other words, our beliefs either limit or expand our potential and those that limit natural curiosity and the seeking it inspires will stand in the way of finding one’s true purpose in life.

It’ time to get very curious. It’s time to make the institutionally ignorant uncomfortable by asking lots of questions, rather than allow them to make you feel uncomfortable for asking!

Have you noticed in your life that the social systems that have dictated to you, have not wanted you to be curious? Just think about the times you have asked questions and have received either indignant or evasive answers. It’s likely that at one time or another, you were made to feel embarrassed for being curious, for asking questions, for challenging a situation, an “authority,” or a so-called fact.

I am often sad to see that many have replaced curiosity and its result, learning, with blind following, dogmatic assumptions, and the pursuit of empty fixes.  We are all on a great Cosmic adventure and many of us snooze and sleepwalk right through it. Tragic!

Life is about learning and discovery…even without the intention to learn something, every day offers something wondrous to discover. Unfortunately, many of us don’t care much about that unless we have a problem we don’t know how to fix. Instead of looking for easy (and empty) answers, when you find yourself stuck in a problem, that’s the time to let your God-given curiosity take over.

—Why am I experiencing this?  —What is to be learned from this? How do I handle things differently, what can I change or not change? What do I have to accept? Is this a pattern in my life and what is it telling me about myself?

In our fast-paced world, the majority of people don’t feel they have the time to engage in spiritual exploration or personal seeking. It’s much easier to get our beliefs about life and ourselves “out of the box.” Prepackaged answers are so very convenient, until we learn the answers that we assumed to be true are not, until the false assumptions we hold like insurance policies for tough times do not come through with the help that they promised.

Every person is destined to discover that the formula ideas and prepackaged answers are fancy gift boxes with nothing inside, hollow and void. After childhood—once our God-given curiosity had been wiped out—most of us accept what we are told about life and what we are told about ourselves. Only when adults face situations of crisis where the standard answers come up empty, are people driven to seek new truth to get them through. But we need not wait for the Universe to get our attention in that way.

We can begin now to search for the greater purpose in our lives, to understand the truth that we are all interconnected, and to know that to conform is to be utterly deadened and made empty inside, like an animated puppet without true free will or a Living Mind.

How do we cultivate curiosity and individuality when it is so strongly discouraged? Follow the guidelines below and you will be well on your way to being who and what you were born to be.

  • Recognize that first and foremost, you are a unique spiritual being having a particular physical experience. You are not your body, your occupation, your education, your bank account, your family tree or any other label you can think of.
  • Recognize that all institutions are man-made and those who serve them are acting in an imperfect human capacity, nothing more.
  • Recognize that privilege is no indicator of being special: you are not your stuff or the station you were born into. You are what you make of yourself.
  • You do not need permission from anyone to be yourself, whatever that may be in any period of your life. Being yourself is your birthright!
  • Fear of what others will think of you is a plague of mind and spirit. It was implanted in you at a young age to make you conform and let false authority go unchallenged. Ditch that fear before it ruins your life.
  • You have the right to know the truth. Others do not have the right to keep the truth from you.
  • If you will know the truth, be the truth. Be honest in thought, word, and deed.
  • Come to know that Truth is its own reward, and although it’s not easily found, it’s worth more than anything else in this world because without truth, nothing in this world is real, not even love.

It’s time to care for your Spirit by honoring who you truly are. Here’s to asking lots of questions, being insatiably curious, and at long last…changing the world into a beautiful place to be…just by being your True Self! Freedom to be authentic and make your own way through life is your birthright. We wish you a most rewarding journey!

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    • Diana


      Well, now, Naveen, you’ve trapped yourself in quite a corner, haven’t you? Not knowing exactly what you’re talking about (your comment is very short) I would say it’s past time to quit judging yourself as “stupid.” Why do you talk to yourself like that? Try some self-respect talk, and work things out with a trusted person who can give you good advice about what it is, exactly, you want to do.

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