The Road of Reality is a Head Trip: Are You Sure You Know Where You’re Going?

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” Albert Einstein

My Spirit Care, 25 Years of Psychic and Spiritual Advice for Thousands of PeopleOn this third installment of On Telephones, UFOs, and Spirit Guides: Close Communications of the Spiritual Kind, we’re going to look beyond our “mechanical universe” ideas that have us hooked on our five senses and have given us incorrect ideas about the nature of reality and spiritual communication. The higher dimensions of Spirit are not bound by physicality or by time and because most of us don’t understand this, we limit our access to the truths of life.

So, tell me…is your Spirit real? Well, yes, you may believe it, but can you prove it with your five senses? Ahhh! Therein lurks the ever-gnawing doubt that most people struggle with!

How about the air you breathe? You can’t see it, either…but, you believe it’s real. That’s because when you don’t have invisible air to breathe your body will tell you! You experience air as being something real, but you can’t feel it in your hands. Nevertheless, it’s everywhere all at once and it’s invisible. Despite the fact you can’t see it, no doubt we accept, for a fact, that air is a reality.

So then–why is it okay to accept some invisible, incorporeal things as real…but not others?  Why is it that people have such a difficult time believing in a Spiritual reality that is everywhere at once and can’t be seen with physical eyes but can be experienced in the same way that you experience air? The answer can be found in the content of one’s education and subsequently, our beliefs about what is—and what is not—real.

So, what is reality, to you? Is it your car that you can see and get inside of? Is it the computer keyboard in front of you that you can touch? Is it the food on the stove that you can smell and taste? Is it the chair you sit in, that you can feel?

What about your thoughts? You can’t see, smell, taste, touch, or otherwise validate their independent existence. Are your thoughts, real, then?

When you really think about it, reality is a head trip. In every way imaginable.

Humanity’s Enslavement to Materialism and Time: a Prison of Our Own Making

Until humanity can expand its awareness of what is real, we will remain spirits trapped in bodies, unaware of our spiritual nature, our spiritual power, our place in existence, and what life is about. We will remain lost, bound to believe we are hunks of flesh that die along a certain point within the relentless passage of time: marching numbly, inexorably to “the end”, “finis”.

Time is a whip-yielding slave-driver in today’s world: you know that as much as anybody. Work schedules, appointments, due dates, holiday mayhem, closings, openings, traffic jams, alarms, calendars, hairless heads and bald tires, wrinkles, bad joints, sags, bags, rust, breakage, stress, pressure and the deterioration of everything…these are the gifts that time gives to you.

Now imagine, for a moment, what it would be like without all that slavery to time. Go into your mind and imagine an earlier time when people got up at dawn and went to bed at dark. And there was no living by the clock, no panic about being late, and no worry about what will happen tomorrow, just being with the day, in the rhythm of the planet. Now that’s what people like to do on their vacations but it used to be a way of life, when humans were not ab-so-freaking-lutely obsessed with time.

Fortunately, sanity has not taken a total exit from the world stage: there are still remnants of aboriginal cultures that don’t define time like modern people do. Native cultures have what they call Dream Time, or simply the Now. Their understanding of time is closely connected to their non-linear spirituality and a sense of oneness with what they call “Great Spirit” and “all our relations.”

This is the Fourth Dimension, Not the Third—And Time is Not Your Jailer, You Are

Just as reality is not mechanical and as I am soon to explain, not solid, we need to know that time is not an all-powerful master that limits our existence and signals our end. The Greater Spiritual Reality is not bound by physicality, third dimensional configurations or by time. As spiritual beings, neither are we.

This is not the stuff we were taught about in school (a social system that doesn’t educate as much as it engineers the mind to embrace mediocrity and to parrot accepted factoids). So, according to two thousand-year-old Euclidian geometry, we were taught we live in a three dimensional reality where objects consist of length, width, and depth (or height.) Euclid was a Greek mathematician whose discoveries–and those of others, including Newton’s theories of a clock-work universe–has led people to believe that everything in the universe has only three dimensions, is made of matter, and functions like a machine. Most people also view time as a progression of events along a forward/backward line, a constant and independent reality that’s separate from 3rd dimensional space.

While we perceive reality in this antiquated manner, this viewpoint is not an accurate reflection of what reality is. As briefly mentioned in the last post about why millions of people deny spiritual reality, Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity discovered that time and space combines to form the Fourth Dimension, or “the space-time continuum”.

Einstein discovered that physical human beings are residents of the Fourth Dimension, not the Third because the 4th dimension of Time and 3-dimensional space go together. Time is not a self-existent constant in the universe: there is no big clockwork in the sky that marks the passage of time. In fact, the so-called passage of time on other planets (as we choose to measure it here on earth) is influenced by their particular gravitational forces and thus interplanetary time is different from earth time…even very different.

In addition, we have learned that the passage of time is relative in every possible way. It is relative to space, and it is relative to the one who experiences it.

What does that mean, exactly?

It means that time is a relative experience because although, you, as a person, can experience time, time itself does not exist outside of your perception of it. Although we ride time like a train through our life experience, and although it seems to take us from past to present to future, time is a servant of the human experience. It is not our master. Time is a tool that enables us to process the physical journey we’re experiencing. And like all tools, we can put it down once in awhile and live without it. We can use our Consciousness to go back in time, forward in time, or experience non-time, which is what we do when we become spiritually aware.

You experience the relativity of time every time you lose track of it, when it slows down on a bad day and speeds up while you are having fun. During periods of psychic insight or spiritual communication time is suspended, because in the Greater Reality, the past, present, and future are all happening NOW. This is absolutely an imperative understanding when you try to heal your life from past wounds, or have a spiritual healing for your body and create good experiences in your life. All connection to the Divine occurs in the NOW, because the NOW is all there is. The NOW is All-That-Is. The NOW is where you connect to the Divine Source (which is just another man-made name for what many people believe they’re talking about, when they say “God”).

I’ve figured out a way to help you understand the relativity of time by asking you a question.

When you look at yourself in the mirror and see new wrinkles or physical signs of aging, have you ever felt shocked?

Now I know that young readers will have to wait for the illusory passage of time to have that experience, but mature readers are going to know what I’m referring to. People sometimes feel shocked when they see the signs of aging in the mirror. That’s because inside of ourselves, we are timeless. Inside of ourselves, our perception of ourselves is unchanging. We’re as old as existence itself and spiritually we exist within the dimensions of cosmic non-time. Our internal, spiritual selves still feel the same as they always have despite what the calendar says. We feel, inside, like we are suspended in constancy outside of time. And that’s because we are.

We are all ageless, eternal beings, unbound by time. In Reality, there is only the Now. In cosmic truth, everything is happening at once. Since trying to process infinite happenings with our physical brains would give us a very bad case of synaptic overload and massive schizophrenia on steroids, we experience All-That-Is in micro-bites. So we can make sense of our life experience, the instantaneous Whole of reality is filtered through our faculty of perception and broken into infinitesimal, linear segments that we call time.

Think of how an entire movie is made, frame by frame. We experience the cosmic movie of life in that way, frame by frame, perceiving the frames in our personal movie as time. Our experience of time is nothing more than a slow motion thought in the Mind of God.

–Which brings me to the hummingbird. Did you know that they move so fast that when they see us, we appear to them to be moving in slow motion? Hummingbirds perceive and experience time very differently than we do.

Then there’s the dog: in one year of our time, they live seven. Do you think that your dog perceives a year the same way you do? You’re gone for 8 hours at work and the dog is hysterically, slobbery joyful to see you. That’s because in your dog’s perception, the eight hours that you’ve been gone has been over two days!

And let’s not ignore the mayfly: poor thing lives 24 hours. Gets born, has a few dozen weddings, a few thousand babies, retires from its job at the pond and in 24 hours, it’s “curtains” for the mayfly. What the mayfly perceives as a lifetime…is about a day to you.

So as you can see, time is a persistent illusion that is experienced in a wholly relative way. This understanding is necessary to expand your mind to the greater possibilities of your existence. This helps you become spiritually aware of the Greater Reality that you cannot see, but that you are an inseparable part of.

For instance, you may have psychic ability, but there is no way you can consistently access and use your gift unless you understand that something doesn’t have to concrete or immediate to be real. You may be seeking a greater spiritual connection in your life: again, without understanding that time does not exist in the spiritual dimensions and that here, in your body, time is a perception and not a hard fact, you will meet with serious obstacles in your pursuit. Perhaps you want to be better at meditation, maybe you want to become a qualified spiritual medium, an energy healer, a spiritual leader/teacher, or to receive personal spiritual guidance in your life. All of these efforts at accessing the spiritual dimension of your life cannot be attained without understanding that reality is not limited by time or physical senses. When we realize that, we unlock the door of our spiritual prison and take the first step into a new world of astonishing possibilities.

The Quantum You: Very Small, but Oh, So Mighty!

Now that you understand all that, it’s time for your diploma (it’s in the mail!) and to be informed about an even deeper layer of physics, which is the quantum level of reality.

From its discovery of atoms as the “building blocks of matter,” science has gone on to discover subatomic properties of light, called particles and waves. It has been learned that light is not either a particle or a wave (the either/or clockwork model of reality), but that light is both a particle and a wave. This opened our realizations to an inclusive reality that is altered by the expectations of the observer.

As the probing into matter continued, we then discovered that instead of atomic building blocks as the elemental structure of creation, there were so many smaller particles that the term “elementary” had lost its meaning. Experimentation showed that matter was entirely changeable, that all particles are created from energy and can transmute into other particles. In other words, reality is not a solid construct made of matter, but reality is an interconnected web of energy that responds to the one who observes it.

And that’s not all. Particles are also waves because they are probabilities—unlike physical matter, such as an ocean wave. As probabilities, they do not represent the potential to become things, but rather, they exist as potential events.

Whew! Well, this means that there is no such thing as a thing, but rather, all things (I can’t refrain from using the word, even though things don’t exist!) are events, or interconnected, interchangeable paths that take form in manifest reality as events.

This interconnectedness of all things is exemplified by your body and all things in nature. Just as a cell within your body contains the encoding to make a new body, and just as a seed contains the entire tree, so it is that any one part of the universe contains the Whole. These are examples of the holographic model of existence, which arises from interconnectedness and was proposed by the physicist David Bohm. He theorized that the reality we experience arises from the undivided Whole of existence, which he calls the implicate order. The implicate order is a sea of interconnected energy…kind of a cosmic soup…and from this energetic soup arises our manifest, physical reality, or explicate order. This scientific thought is certainly paralleled in Eastern spiritual traditions and belies our Western mechanical concept of dualism, of “you” and “I”, of “us” and “them.”

―Which brings us back down to earth. There is an Ultimate Reality where the explicate part is not separate from the implicate Whole…and then there is the dual, physical reality that we have come to identify with while in explicate human form. These states of being—the Whole and the part—appear to be irreconcilable but in fact, they do not oppose each other.

Existence is not an either/or proposition, but an inclusive, complimentary state of being both. We are physical and we are spiritual; we are living inside of time and outside of it. We are mortal and immortal; as an individual entity we are apart from the Source and are inseparably one with it. We are the created event and the creator of the event, both the observed and the observer. Life is one huge paradox. It is an endless series of ands.

Reality does not consist of separate pieces of matter suspended against a void of dead nothing, all separated by membranes of skin or surface. Instead of being like a bubble floating on the water’s surface, you are both bubble and water. The form of the bubble is a temporary, explicate manifestation of the implicate order that is the water. And in a very real way, we are our brother’s keeper because we are each an explicate manifestation—an event!—arising out of the undivided order that is a unified field of Universal Consciousness.

 We are all One. The explicate manifestations of the physical realm are actually frequencies of existence in the transient form of matter. All of life is a vibration, or frequency emanating from this universal magnetic field; which many call God.

In reality, that so-called “heaven” you were told about is not a “place.” All states of being are a frequency! When you want to feel connected to the divine in your life, you simply have to deeply connect to the right frequency, which is the Divine love in your own heart.

You Have to Know Where You’re Going to Get There!

And guess what else? When Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” he already knew about what we now call quantum Reality, he knew about frequency and about your unbreakable connection to the Divine. He knew you didn’t need anyone to lead you to God or to reconcile you to God, because there has never been a separation from God to begin with. The Unified Field is a Unified Existence between everything.

This is an accurate model of reality, but is a very foreign worldview to many people who remain trapped in old ideas and thus, stay confined within their spiritual jails.It is great irony that in a “modern” world where people take such great pride in their supposed knowledge that they are way behind the ancient and aboriginal peoples–whom they deem to be primitive–in their knowledge of reality as it truly is…and always has been.

Fortunately, there have been great minds who have tapped into spiritual guidance and higher awareness to develop great inventions when it was not looked upon favorably or with proper curiosity by the masses of ignorant people who professed to know. Mahlon Loomis, (see Part One of this series) was one of those rare and gifted individuals who was far ahead of his time.His invention of wireless communication was a first peek into the realm of interactive, unseen energies and a very early forerunner of modern discoveries in advanced physics.

So on those occasions that you hear someone make fun of all things that are “different” to what they think they know, or to all things spiritual (sometimes in the name of all things religious!) you are free to have an open mind and a loving heart. Because now, you know that Reality is far more than most people see because they have their eyes wide shut.

Spiritual communication, psychic ability, inspired inventions, energetic healing, Spirit Guides, alternate realities, and a host of other spiritually-connected experiences are not only possible, they are inevitable. Spirit, frequency, energy…this is the substance and foundation of material life. Now, you know!  With eyes wide open, you can walk your path in life with power and purpose. All you have to do is choose it.

In the words of our Lakota brothers and sisters, “May you walk the white road of the good heart”, and may you come to know the truths that have been hidden from you for so long. Only when you walk in your own truth and from your own heart, can you really know where you are going. Then, this amazing and sacred journey of life will truly belong to you.


  1. John


    Hi Diana and friend(s),

    Just a note to thank you-all for being you, especially your kindness. This article remains and inspiration….Wishing all the very best…..John

  2. Jim Child in Time to Eternity


    The creator had to become man to mesh his nature- Spirit world and the natural world- matter> He walked on water, changed into the flowing Spirit man on the mount of transfiguration as not only a testimony why he created but also came to invite anyone, created matter breath to be attached to his eternal so anyone whosoever can also be a member of the new creation. His death attached the severed arteries between man, creation And GOD.
    The spirit world, matter world (earth, moon, stars, planets, created beings, atoms) and space world, each produces of its own kind and exist by the same governing laws that vibrate in wave, light, directional, relational forms and communication. Transcend means one must ascend by means of attaching back their major arteries to the author or giver, Breather of life, The supreme heartbeat. Jesus is the one whose goings forth has been of old, from everlasting to Everlasting. He speaks and only they who are willing to be humble as child can hear and be healed or rejoined to everlasting to everlasting. His death in his body( house of eternity) is not like the mortal death of others. He is the Large breath that breathe its last on Matter and from everlasting breathed life back into matter to vibrate to a new song, frequency highest waveform -Heaven communication once again. The Cross is The plus sign, directive poles of east west north south, up, down, left and right. Consider the power poles lining the streets carrying current. On the plus sign The voice spoke It is finished, as a Legal sign of New beginning. His name is also synonymous of new beginnings, number 8, no coincidence there the Breath in human form could perform the joining of his arteries back to his creation. Religion cannot house him. His breath houses attached beings in higher realms and is unheard by lower realms.

    • Diana


      Well, Jim, thanks for sharing. You are a great teacher for the many ways that reality is a head trip…and how much we don’t know where we’re going. –Even when we’re so sure of ourselves. Readers, read it, and learn.

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  4. John


    Hi Diana,
    Wishing you the very best of everything. God knows you deserve it.

    John here. I’ve skimmed through this, your article, before and thought it was great, possibly even fantastic…enough so that I recommended it on my website, as well as to anyone when I think it might be appropriate.

    As you know, I’ve continuously been trying to rationalize my so-called UFO encounters and glean as much as possible from them before I die. I’m trying to rationalize the encounters with the concept of “Frozen Time,” which I found in the Steigers’ new book…which is also compatible with what you have written here. This partially explains the mysterious, seemingly science defying manifestations. It’s curious that I had previously come to some of the same conclusions you have stated here and those of the theory of Frozen Time.

    I am a novice but have a background in research and development engineering. Even so, I find your in-depth spiritual understanding and approach much more fulfilling than those understandings that are limited to advanced physics and the subatomic energies of quantum mechanics…even though the new discoveries have contributed a great deal to our understanding of the nature of our universe.

    I am beginning to believe a simple, continuous connection with the prime creator is the best path for understanding, which involves the simplicity of feeling, which I now “feel” ultimately is the highest form of knowing or being. My wife is a good example of this.

    At any rate, you need to know that you have helped me a great deal. My wife and I will never forget you…

    Lots of love and light……John

    • Diana


      Well, John, you are incredible. When you say, “I am beginning to believe a simple, continuous connection with the prime creator is the best path for understanding, which involves the simplicity of feeling, which I now “feel” ultimately is the highest form of knowing or being. My wife is a good example of this…” I know you have achieved the Consciousness that we all strive for. The readers of this website don’t know you personally, what you’ve seen, what you survived, what you’ve endured, and the immense wisdom and insight you have earned through all of it. You are a genuine Pioneer in the search for truth, John, and a spiritual warrior of the initiated kind. As for me and my house, we honor you and count ourselves blessed to know you. Thank you, John, for sharing, and much love to you as well.

  5. Ben


    So Jesus was undoubtedly an enlightened master, or whatever you want to call him. He could shift and all that healing jazz. But was he actually the messiah, born of Mother Earth and Father Sky, like countless other messiah’s, who’s death always falls in line with the equinox or something? The mayans predicted the earth would “end” in 2012, but didn’t that mark the beginning of human evolution into higher consciousness? I’m just trying to figure out who Jesus was…do these messiahs die for our sins, or do we die for ours and learn repeatedly? Or do we simply focus on forgiving ourselves, keeping chakras open, etc. ?

    • Diana


      Ben, these questions and assumptions are part of your path of learning. This is lifetime pursuit and your understanding will arrive at conclusions, only to change and morph over time, if you are fortunate to continue to pursue the truth. Focus on love. Focus on integrity and living truthfully. Challenge the status quo…those old ideas everyone around you believes and expects you to believe, too. Ask yourself every day, “Am I substituting belief for truth?” Truth will come to you a little at a time, as you are ready to receive it. Have a daily spiritual practice and don’t over-analyze these things. A LOT of people will tell you THEY have all the details of the truth about things…and they are very eager to impress you with all their “knowledge.”
      Learn, instead, that you are guided from the Spirit within, so keep learning, reading, searching, and live well. You’ll figure it out as you learn more and you are spiritually ready.

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  8. Bert


    I cannot thank you enough for this awesome series about reality. I have never read a more clear explanation. It really gets one thinking about the “greater reality” which we can glimpse when connected with Spirit. Thank you so much for sharing!

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