The Power of Thought Forms: What Are You Doing to Your Life?

We have explained in other articles on My Spirit Care about the importance of cleansing the aura to remove bad energy and maintain balance of the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Another equally important aspect of keeping oneself psychically clean is to think good thoughts and negate bad ones so they do not commit damage in our own lives or the lives of other beings.

That old saying “Thoughts are things” isn’t just an adage! It’s true that thoughts are things. More precisely, they are thought-forms, very real energetic constructs that you create by thinking. They are part of your auric body, although they are often mobilized to go great distances across the material barriers that limit physical form.

For example, when you have an intense moment of thinking loving thoughts about your child who is away at summer camp, a corresponding thought form will be created that contains the energy of your feelings. Made of light, colored according to the frequency and energized by your focus on your child, this lovely formation of light will rush out from you through the miles and attach to a corresponding, resonant field in your child’s aura. He/she will feel Mother’s love from afar, because it has come in the form of a flying hug. The love bounces back, as well, reinforcing the loving energies within you, increasing your own capacity to be a loving person.

The more love you give, the more love you will get.

This is the reason the wise have spoken about Love being the greatest protector. We can offer shields of protection to others with our love because of thought- forms.

Negative thoughts, on the other hand, are not a gift we like to receive and should never be given to another. These cause psychic injuries—and more—and like a boomerang, will come back to injure the sender. I’m sure you’ve heard the old stories of how tomb raiders of the Pyramids had bad things happen to them because of ancient curses. Scientific-minded people would have you believe this was due to suggestion, but in fact the Egyptians whose duty was to protect the Pyramids were masters at the creation of negative thought-forms. Those explorers who were susceptible by reason of their own auric weaknesses would experience “bad luck” from negative thought-forms that attached to their auras. Not nice at all, very nasty.

 Schematic of a Thought-Form

It would not be possible to provide an encyclopedia of what thought-forms look like because they are a lot like snowflakes: under general conditions, no two are exactly alike. Sometimes they are complex designs and sometimes they are lines, arrows, zigzags, clouds, balls, and boxes. They can look like creatures, spirals, thunderbolts, and architecture. Anyone who has looked through a kaleidoscope has had a little demonstration in how some thought forms can appear to the clairvoyant eye and how these change rapidly into something else.

They are made of living light, just like you, and there is no example in the third dimensional world that is adequate to compare their appearance.

Thought-form shapes and colors reflect the quality of the thought that made them. The pictures with this article are two dimensional drawings (made by a 3rd dimensional person!) of hyperdimensional thought forms, so while the rendition is not perfect, it will give you an idea of what they look like to the relatively few clairvoyants who can see them. The greater the intellect or the stronger the focus, the more defined their construct. The more lovely the thought, the more beautiful its form.

Public Enemy Number One: Negative Thought-Forms!

It takes an especially trained Third Eye to know what thought forms mean or represent. Positive thought forms, which arise with positive thinking, are very desirable. We all want those around us! But negative thought forms are more common to the fearful human condition and silently wreck havoc in our lives. They are created by obsessive, reckless or negative thinking and they breed like an orgy of cockroaches!! Bad thought-forms create more compulsively negative thoughts and behaviors that continue to multiply in receiving and resonant  energy fields.

What some in science call a “meme” and what sociologists call “mob mentality” a clairvoyant calls a thought-form. Truly, we are defining a mind virus. And yes, it is imminently real AND viral.

On a broad social level, repeated similar thoughts (sparked by mass belief) make thought forms larger and more intrusive, influencing things like public policy. Ever-increasing and fanatic religious fervor is an example of how thought- forms infect populations, or even how incompetent people gain positions of power, when no person “in their right mind” would support them. Powerful thought-forms created through ad campaigns and media hype push their way past reason and override conscious decision-making. The injury to society from negative thought-forms is beyond reckoning: the effects are seen, but not the energy that causes it.

The really good news is that we can cure the damage done by negative thoughts. In our next  My Spirit Care post, we will explain how toClean Negative Thought Forms from Your Aura and Feel Good Again.” Don’t miss it!

As always, when you need our psychic advice to eliminate negative and bad energy from your life, or when you need a clairvoyant psychic reading or clairvoyant energy  assessment to understand what energies are around you and what to do about it, we are here to help you.


  1. Nicole


    Thank you for this article. I hope someday humanity can realize how important our thoughts are. If only we could see them like we see other three dimensional things, then maybe our mass consciousness would change! I have hope!

    • Diana


      Thank you, Nicole, for your very insightful and accurate comment. Blessings!

  2. Jim


    I think I have a power to separate man from inner being. I always have this idea of putting myself on a char and my inner being on another chair, having conversation with each other. I now know that dead people remains but the soul leaves, that being is a superpower we have never discovered in physical life. One day I was thinking I want to separate the twos. I don’t know the physics that involves it. But in Genesis there is a Creation power formula which is mystical. God created man out of the soil, which is the human body, HE God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, this is God’s gift. Life is a gift from God. Spirituality is a connection to know the existence of soul and understating the connections Soul ( it) makes to communicate with God and translating that information to humans in a inner part of brain. Our brain is the existence of the inner being, man is a complex scientific designed. However, one thing which is vital in human is the life, the breath of God, which is the Spirit of God, the knowledge or the memory is the transmission of information from humans to other spirits and immediate connections to the Creator. It is a complicated process, all we need a happy thinking, all disease and pains in life will be gone if we live happily on earth. Thankyou God bless.

  3. Andre


    Hi! I don’t know my problem is psychic or not. But everytime i have a dream and wake up i feel so clean. But it only happen momentarily like lasting for seconds then after that my conscious mind and memories come back and my deppression cone back. I feel so everwhelm with negative thoughts that are too far fetch from reality, people probably laughing if i tell what is inside my mind(because it sound like fiction) and the worst of it, i let my thoughts pile up inside instead of communicating it with others and now i even lost my capability to speak and engaging with people. I have bad performance in life and chores become something impossible if not ultra difficult task for me. But after just waking up and having a dream.. I become so positive and my normal common sense working. But then like i said earlier it only happen for no longer than a minute. My conditions like this has been hanging for more than 3 years.. And i was unable to explain and convinced my parents. I lost all my friends because its impossible for me to connect to them. It is just speaking but has no meaning. I can’t relate to anyone not even my closest friends or family. Now that i have grown up but i do feel like time has been suspended for years. I feel like i was actually taking a break while the truth is time flows and people have grown to maturity while i am still left in the past. This always coming to my dream. That the situation todays is still like what happened in the past. That i am still like i used to be. I lost my ability to remember details and only can explain things or situation in overly generalised or vague words. That also make communication so difficult. I dont believe in psychology or psychiatrist, because i feel they are merely testing their over complicated theoris to their patience. I spend most of my time researching thing and that makes me really knowleadgable. I believe in Jesus Christ and the bible and i believe that christianity do indeed has a divine power to change people. Not like many false religions or beliefs. There was a time when i become sceptics and i ‘betrayed’ my own belief that originally i had since i was a children that was passed down from my mother. But now i have come back and feel it’s presence after wandering to mant different philosophies and belief.. Realising that it is christianity that is really true in the beginning though i am not really following the established church doctrine. I believe the bible has mysteries to it and supposed to be read spritually instead just taking the words and interpreting it to suit our theories. However another one thing that keep me open minded is astrology. I am really convinced almost 100 percent that astrology is also true and that conflicted with my mainstream faith. But the hardest thing for me is to appreciate life since my mind has experienced mind blowing metaphysical thoughts that everything in life is downright boring. But i do believe there is a way to appreciate everything(perhaps erasing memories??) Anyway i cannot let my situation hanging up like this and i want change. I want to come back to life and now has released my innermost thoughts. Like i said earlier i dont know my problems are psychic or not. But i can only tell that my positive thoughts and common sense only occur after my unconscious mind help me recover my sanity in dreams. But it only last for a minutes until that negative thoughts cone and bringing all the ridiculous far fetch assumption and speculation. After that i feel so twisted or muddles with thoughts inside and i am doing my best up until this day to preserve my sanity.
    *I am not a native english speaker so i am sorry for my messed up writing and grammar. I really beg for HELP. even though it is just a mere explanation that helps me a lot.

    • Diana


      I receive dozens of comments and appeals for help daily from thousands of daily readers and cannot possibly answer all needs. Readers need to be mindful of the limitations of a comment section as well as my policy on free readings as explained on the home page. In the comments section, we have before us a concerning truth that most cannot see: human beings have become so out of touch with their Souls that they don’t respect themselves enough to spend a few dollars to heal their lives. They will spend many hundreds of hard-earned dollars on a cell phone to “keep connected” and will not spend a few dollars to help themselves be truly connected to their spiritual core, which resolves problems and leads to a joyful life. No amount of free advice can cure this epidemic lack of self-respect, so if you have an issue that is difficult, love yourself enough to reach out through the means that I provide you.

      Andre, I cannot help you in this kind of forum. You are asking for a “fast food” answer to bring balance into your life…the things most important in life take time and inner exploration to discover and resolve. Go here and begin to read, expanding your knowledge base and hopefully, you will begin to build a solid spiritual foundation. Hold on to those good feelings you have upon awakening: you return from sleep with a clarity from your Spirit but soon after, the complexities of your mind take root. You are going through a type of spiritual struggle for transcendence and awakening and it is very confusing for you, making it seem you are at war within yourself. To calm yourself, begin with a daily practice of simple spiritual connection in nature. Go outside and be with the birds, the sky, the trees, the water. Find the peace in nature, however you can. Ask the Divine to help you make sense of things and then be very, very patient. The one thing you must understand that it is your duty to hold on, that there are many things you cannot understand and that don’t make sense right now, and in the meantime, go about daily life in a grounded, sensible way. Find healthy things to do and enjoy in this world, a hobby or an interest to be involved in, also smudge yourself, and by all means, put your “beliefs” on hold for awhile. Your Soul is trying to help you grow and your ego is trying to find something stable to hold on to, such as religious conviction, but it is good for you to get out of mental conflict. What makes you feel at conflict needs to be “put on the shelf” for awhile, get into the practical side of life and enjoy that. Life is a tremendous mystery and will not support our certainties for long, so be patient with your confusion while new understandings come as you are able to have them. You may also go to for a professional therapist to help you.

  4. alveena


    Its really amazing how thoughts can control your actions. But sometimes its not as easy to just think good when you experiencing something bad like the death of a father who meant everything to you. I do try to be happy and concentrate on my own family but instead I’m just lying to myself. Also I think its the matter of teaching yourself that in time you will be happy and to go foward looking at life like the spectrum of light.

    • diana


      Thank you, Alveena, for your insightful and very thoughtful comment!

      The experience of being human isn’t an easy one. There’s a saying, “Fake it ’till you make it” and sometimes we have to just push through. You are so very right about teaching ourselves that in time, we will find happiness again…and your comparison to life as the spectrum to light is completely accurate! (I should probably write a short article about the frequency, or energy, of color.) Our thoughts and feelings have color: the whole range of emotions, from light to dark, encompassing all shades and hues, make up the canvas of a lifetime.

      You are more in touch with your Higher Self, more deeply spiritual than you may realize, Alveena. The searing pain from the passing of your dear father has made you wise, bitter-sweet, and deep. Pain is a great spiritual teacher and you are an amazing person who is learning about life in the ways it must be learned. Your loved one is proud of you and the most loving Guides are with you. You are making right choices, learning great wisdom, and walking with wonderful purpose. To bring happiness into this day, I suggest you let yourself feel the spiritual connections that never die, give yourself lots of love, find the beauty around you, and practice laughter. And thank you, for sharing with us.

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