Thawed from the Big Chill

My Spirit Care, 25 Years of Psychic and Spiritual Advice for Thousands of PeopleIt’s been awhile, my friends, since I spent time with you here on the website. The Big Chill of this extreme winter induced “writer’s hibernation” within me, but fortunately everything else was functional while waiting for the promise of Spring to show itself again. Since the robins have reappeared, oh joy!, I am now thawed out and ready to resume the articles you’ve waited for.

I seldom take a break from my work and after taking a couple of days off from my hectic schedule early this week, I was greeted today with a hot blast of problems from folks who had expected me to get back to them sooner. I want to thank them for their teachings and for the trust they (and all of you) extend to me in the work that I do. It’s important, though, that you understand that on occasion I may be away and unavailable for a few days, so if you don’t hear back from me immediately, please be patient. There is a considerable demand placed upon those of us who labor to help others, and sometimes I have to take the time to be a regular person, just like yourself. There are many more people in this world than just little ole’ me, and you can take comfort in the fact that I don’t consider you a number in line, even if sometimes you will have to wait in line to get your consult.

Due to the problems encountered today, I learned that a toll-free number we occasionally used for this website is no longer working, and in fact was cancelled without our knowledge by a web provider and  was evidently re-appropriated by the telecommunications carrier to another company promoting questionable products! After more than four hours on the phone and the Internet trying to resolve the situation, I am still working on a solution. I apologize to all of you who called that number and were surprised by something that had nothing to do with this website or my services. I should have caught it sooner, but the downside of being too busy is that things get overlooked, when they shouldn’t. (Thus…the need for some days off now and then…and occasional delays in my response.)

I’m not the only one who feels harried at the moment, not by a long shot. Which takes me to the very thing I’ve been meaning to write about for the last month or so: the condition of this world and your place in it.

This has been a difficult season the world over: flooding and severe storms in the UK, volcanic eruptions, polar vortices, record low temperatures, record heat and wildfires in Australia, unexplained booms in the sky and shakes on the ground, severe drought in the western U.S., bizarre winter wildfires in the U.S., rumors of war, political intrigue, and much more. This has caused people quite a bit of spiritual unbalance and emotional malaise: travel agencies report that record numbers have taken flight into the South for a little “peace” from the relentless cold and the endless expanse of winter’s dull gray.

Most of the people who visit this website are looking for help with energy problems in their lives. I am most gratified that many of them find help inside these digital pages because this site exists to help, comfort, and serve. There is much more to be written, but the foundation of all that I write is one principal that cannot be ignored: each one of you must engage in a daily spiritual practice and good energy management if you are to rise above the state of the world and the increasing difficulties that are making their way onto the world stage at this epic stage of human history.

Life, for every single person, grows increasingly difficult as it becomes exponentially complex. American society has become so extensively complicated that we are witness to the beginnings of social unraveling. Things that shouldn’t break, break or malfunction surprisingly often, and with ever greater consequences. (Think Hanford nuclear power plant and Fukishima, for instance.) Accountability for failures, official and otherwise is most often deferred, which leads to no correction or positive change. Complexity has led us into a society where people go through twelve stages to do something that should take one or two stages; it has muddled our thinking and blunted natural reason…the kind of reason that has enabled our species to survive. Examples? Endless daily rules and the legal system itself are now masters instead of servants; politicians have become self-serving, psychopathic criminals, hopeless hypocrites, or puppets, or anything but representatives of the people; corporations have become political powers full of manipulating players instead of businesses; educators indoctrinate and don’t teach; religions preach love, forgiveness, and brotherhood but don’t practice; medicine purports to heal but makes far more people sick than it ever helps; institutions that are supposed to work for the greater good are instead, veiled instruments of destruction. A traffic stop today can get you tased. If you live in some states, you can go to jail for an unpaid bill. Something misnamed “family services” has become a bogeyman, a stalker of families, according to countless stories here and abroad. Your five year old can be detained by police if he steps out of line in kindergarten. These are extreme times, and these are the years of destruction to the fabric of a formerly free society.

How do you deal with life? What will you do to connect to the Infinite Spirit within you? How can you ever connect to the sacred identity you were born with… but now cannot seem to find in all the chaos and callousness?

Answer: You can be serious about cleaning your energy field. Have a daily meditation and a Light protection exercise.  Love yourself and love others. Do not let the world make you afraid or hardened in heart, but rise up and be a warrior for goodness and truth.  Be steady in the storm. In the realm of Spirit, it is always Springtime. Connect to that truth, even when the world is in a Big Chill, bereft of love and light, sanity and justice. I know who you are, and with a little daily effort on your part, you can come to discover this, as well.

Now is the time for you to be the spiritual Jedi  you were born to be. Don’t just “try”…how many of you say this…for as Yoda said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” See the clock? It’s talking to you. It says, my friends, that it’s time to do. It’s time to thaw the Big Chill and warm the earth with your Light. And all of life will thank you for it.

Blessings, from my heart to yours.


  1. anonymous


    Well, I have been trying to do all that I can to clear my negative energy. I was born into utter negativity and I’m sick of it. My upbringing was stressful and negative and I was born into a negative pattern that I know can’t seem to change into a positive one no matter how I try. Its starting to get to me bc it affects my life and my parenting. I want to raise my daughter so to her being positive is easy! But that’s hard when I’m always stuck in a negativety funk. Is it ever possible that a person whose exposed to so much negativity from day one to live a full peaceful life? I’m 22 by the way. I just get worried because i try so hard for peace and it doesnt happen. And I also wanna thank you for the time you take for this site it is very helpful:)

    • Diana


      I am so grateful you took the time to write and that you shared this with us. I have a few more suggestions for you:

      1. Slow down, my Dear. Your mind knows no peace; let it empty out. Do some breathing exercises. Read uplifting things. Ignore the world for awhile and declare it’s your time to know peace.SLOW DOWN.
      2. It’s time for you to realize that most people had negative patterns around them in childhood. That’s a fact of life; you are in the company of many. It’s kind of like dwelling on a particular rainy day when there is sunshine all around you now, as if you cannot let go of the past. Since the past exists only in your head, clear it out. You need to be fully in the present, recognizing all the wonderful beauty around you and the blessings of life. Just being alive is a gift!! Seriously…let’s start with this moment and begin to count all the things that are right and good in your life. Your daughter’s smile, her toes, the way her hair grows in a certain spot, your own beauty inside, a ladybug…a bird…an old friendly dog with a crooked tail. You are immersed in beauty everywhere but you are not seeing it. Get outside of your punishing thoughts and begin to interact with the Divinity all around you.
      3. Love is joy and it is the greatest protector and cleanser of negative patterns of any kind. Celebrate your love; lift up your head and defy the darkness by lighting your life with your love.
      4. Engage in a daily spiritual practice. Read how to have a clean aura: Read my tips on how to have positive energy: Read how to smudge to cleanse out negative programming: Read how to help your child and help yourself with negative environments: Read about a daily spiritual practice: and also, read about how to get rid of bad energy from other people:
      5. Take a salt bath every day for 10 days. 1/2 – 1 cup salt to a tub of water. This cleanses your aura and will lift your spirits.
      6. AFTER you do all of these things sincerely, and if things have not then improved, consider a shamanic spiritual healing session with a qualified shamanic practitioner. Read about the ancient (and very valid) healing practice of shamanism, starting with a book by Michael Harner, “The Way of the Shaman.” You may benefit from a power animal, a soul retrieval and extraction, all spiritual healing methods that are most beneficial for those who get spiritually stuck and don’t know why. To find a practitioner in your area, go to or seek out a qualified practitioner in your area.
      7. Finally, finding peace is not work…you don’t have to try hard at all. You have to allow life to love you. It already does…tell the little girl inside of you to uncover her ears and open her eyes; to trust, to play, and to heal. I send you all blessings, my dear friend, and great love.

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