Talking to God: The Three Languages of Spirit

If you’re like the rest of us, there are times in your life when you yearn to truly “talk to God.” There was a humorous commercial on television where a heavenly receptionist answers the phone, “Heaven…” and assures callers that help is on the way.

Our need to communicate with the Divine is often urgent and profoundly deep, an instinct that arises from a deep core within us, seldom felt otherwise.

The obstacle we wrestle with centers around our focus on form, or physicality. If God had a mailbox, no problem! —Or an address? We could drive there!

Well, I have great news! The Divine Source of your life communicates with you via e-mail…energy mail. You only need to understand the Three Languages of Spirit before you can open your energy mail and clearly understand it.

The Language of Spirit is broadcasting to everyone, all the  time. You were born with the ability to get spiritual guidance…a Loving Creator gave you the ability because deep inside, you were implanted with a desire to connect. –Or as ET said, “Phone home!”

I bet you think of language as words…one word follows another in a linear fashion to convey a concept, like this sentence. Well, have you ever thought about mathematics as a language? It is a language! And what about musical notes, cave paintings or hieroglyphs?? Those are languages, too, symbols that represent concepts, sound, or a collection of words, in just one picture.

You “speak” symbolic language every day. Take a handicapped parking space, for instance. With just one picture, you know it says, “Don’t park here without a permit; you’ll be fined ; you’re selfish if you sneak this space,” etc.

You also experience the language of symbol in your sleep: You dream of a big house, full of water and flying fish…

We often don’t understand our dreams because unlike the language of words, symbols are not linear. Symbols do not convey, word following word, the points to be made. One has to develop a less literal approach to interpretation if one is to understand  the concepts contained in the symbols of a dreamscape, or any symbol for that matter. For example, a house in a dream often represents the Soul, with rooms representing various incarnations or even levels of awareness that are hidden to your conscious mind. Understanding all symbols requires that you allow yourself to expand your awareness and “think outside” the walls of your mental box.

So, then, our frustration at communication with the Divine has to do with our conscious fixation on communicating with our tongues, physically using the language of words. But the Universal order is not so limited and in order to “hear”  the guidance we seek, we have to train ourselves to communicate on a spiritual level. It’s really not that difficult, once you understand how things work!

The Three Languages of Spirit

We obtain communication from Spirit  in multiple ways, and through three different modalities. The Three Languages of Spirit are

  1. Sound/words
  2. Symbols/pictures
  3. Light/frequency

Sound and Words

“In the Beginning was the Word…” Sound includes the spoken language and the means by which I attempt to communicate Spirit to you. This is conscious, linear,  neuron-fired communication in the physical realm.

From a spiritual perspective, one must come to understand that words, and the sound the words make, have spiritual power to do good or to do energetic harm and be destructive. Fact is, there are very ugly words that resonate as ugly  sounds and these have a negative energetic effect in our lives. For example, popular “rap” music with degrading swear words, violent messages, and throbbing dull beats have a negative influence on one’s aura, as well as the collective energy field of humanity.

Uplifting sounds and words have a positive influence. If you pay attention and can sensitize yourself to how the use of words make you feel, you will find that degrading words make you feel worse. Sound and words all  have energies, and once we understand this we can make an abundant use of positive words in our lives.

Aside from spoken language, all sound is energy and has an energetic influence on upholding the  life force or degrading it. Positive sound, as in the pulse of creation and the heartbeat of Mother Earth (known as the Schuman Resonance) create life and sustain our being.

People have used sound to communicate with the Divine since the dawn of time. Drums, rattles and other devices to alter states of consciousness create heightened states of awareness to spiritual reality. Tibetan bowls, chimes, even birdsong can place one in a raptured state that enables a stronger connection to Divine Spirit. Beautiful music can serve the same purpose.

The Divine often communicates with us through song, as well. You may hear a meaningful song on the radio, you may hear the distant sound of singing or joyous laughter and not know where it is coming from. A special bird my light on your window and sing for you.

When it comes to receiving guidance from the divine, you can be positively certain that Divine Spirit always communicates in sounds and words of beauty that will uplift you and encourage loving actions. Divine messages will never degrade, or scold, or tell you negative things!

Symbols and Pictures

Symbolism and Pictures combine into the wondrous language of the Unconscious realm. This is the reality of dreams, of hidden memory and mysterious mind where all our beliefs and memories quite actively influence our waking lives. Symbol is also the language of Higher Mind, of energy  and of inspiration. Many an inventor has received a “flash”…a whole concept in an instant…a brilliant discovery held in a picture or a symbol seen in the mind.

The interpretation of symbol in either your dreams or from a spiritual point of view is an individual matter. For example, the unconscious reaction felt as an impulse at the symbol of a snake will be differently viewed. Some lend a negative connotation, as “He’s a snake in the grass,” and others would see this as a sign of healing, as in the Caduceus or a sign of enlightenment, as in the Kundalini. To interpret symbol it is important to know what it means to you and then learn the greater meaning, beyond provincial beliefs.

Symbols are used all the time in religious and spiritual practices. On a personal level, one can create a mandala to connect to Divine energy.

Symbols on the grand scale are called Archetypes. The spiritual seeker is called to know about archetypes and I do recommend at least a basic familiarity with the works of the late Carl Jung.

Beyond the Unconscious Mind or the Collective Unconscious, on the even higher frequencies of existence, words and pictures lose the edges of their individuation and meld into an infinite sea of energy.

This is the realm of what can only be apprehended as the Language of Light.

The Language of Light

This Divine communication comes from a realm of Light that is pure Consciousness. It conveys unlimited blocks of information instantly. In this human world, you experience these rare interactions with spirit during a second of epiphany when you receive a rare “knowing” about something and it turns out to be right.

The Value of Silence

Behind all language and all knowing, there is the sacred Silence of the Void and  this primeval “place” is the apex of Creation. There are times in your search for the Divine that you will need to find this place, which is the Silence within yourself. This is a place of advanced spiritual enlightenment, where we discover that our own inner quiet and emptiness is the beginning of new life within us. It is most important to realize that “getting silence” can be as much of a communication with the God Force as “getting answers.”

In your search to communicate with God, remember that the energetic realms are subtle. This has been referred to in Scripture as “the still, small voice” to convey the truth that God will not holler at you through a bull horn so you may as well quit trying to hear Spirit in that way. Remember that you are made of Spirit/energy first, and that you have an innate ability to receive Divine guidance at any given moment if you will apply yourself to learning the language of Spirit.  It can be very frustrating at first, to find that still, quiet space within ourselves but know for sure you won’t find what you seek by watching TV or keeping busied every waking moment of your day.

And know this: that although many answers we seek do not come right away nor in the way we expect, they do come.

A relationship with the Divine is like any other…it requires a commitment. So heavenly guides ask that you choose to still yourself, to listen,  to let go, and begin to trust how much you are loved.

You are loved. This is my knowing, and for now take it from me…Heaven is waiting and ready  to help bear you up right now and in all moments to follow.

All you have to do is surrender…just lean into it…and you will know.

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    the three languages what a significant number. A sign from the heavens. Where do i startl? im in my transperiod state can you help

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