Spirit Guides in the Great Circle of Life

My Spirit Care, 25 Years of Psychic and Spiritual Advice for Thousands of PeopleMany people don’t know about Spirit Guides but almost everyone knows about angels.  Studies done within the past several years indicate that 50-70% of Americans believe angels are real…a belief also held by those who do not consider themselves to be religious. Human beings, religious or not, need hope in their lives and some sense of a gentle spiritual connection: angels are easy to believe in because they often seen as less threatening and more understanding than a god that dispenses judgment and punishment.

For several hundred years at least, since the Christian doctrine of angels began to evolve, adherents to Judeo-Christian theology have looked to angels as the only messengers of a “one true god.” They have viewed angels as critical intermediaries and messengers who exist along an upward pipeline that leads to the Divine. These beings are believed by some to come…and then go…with information or protection, much like a phone that rings for a brief time and then goes silent.

Other cultures around the globe, that are not Judeo-Christian, have had ancient beliefs of spiritual guidance that comes from within a person’s heart and from the Spirit Guides who help and protect humanity. These are spiritual beings who bring good guidance from Great Spirit, the All-That-Is, and who guide us from everywhere, all at once and are always present.

Here’s a rough and simple diagram that illustrates these two different viewpoints about God, Great Spirit, Angels and Spirit Guides:

Circle Ladder

These two paradigms, or belief systems, view Reality in substantially different ways.

The Chain of Command Paradigm

The “God, angels, humans” viewpoint is a linear view of existence; meaning, it believes that our connection to God happens upward on a ladder-like straight line. Along this upward line there is a hierarchy of spiritual authority, like a chain of command, with angels standing between men and God. This worldview believes that humans are separate from, and far beneath, the Divine.

This same viewpoint also sees human beings as God’s chosen creation, with a distinct inequality between man and nature. Humans are believed to have been given dominion over the “soul-less” world of nature by a God who created the world for mankind. This undeniably ego-centric viewpoint does not make room for the value of unlimited life, with ensouled Consciousness all around us, in us, and through us.

Many times, what people believe to have been angelic intervention is actually something done for them by a Spirit Guide and not an angel. In the truest sense, angels are enormous cosmic beings that exist on another level of reality who “do their own thing” while sometimes also serving, in a limited capacity, as Spirit Guides to human beings.

The Great Circle of Life Paradigm

The “Great Circle of Life” viewpoint is not a ladder or a line, but instead, it accepts that life is an all-inclusive circle where everything is connected to the Divine at the center of existence. It sees that all things are part of the Divine because everything is interconnected, from the outer world to the inner world and from the inner world to the outer one. This worldview says that humans are not separate from God and further, that God is present in all things.

In terms of human history, modern Christianity is very new to this planet and has been largely confined to Western culture. When we look at ancient, Eastern, mystical, and indigenous traditions–all of which are much older than the “Yahweh” religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism–we find a common belief that all things are seen as connected to Great Spirit and to each other and to all other created things…even rocks. These are viewpoints that tie man and nature closely together; that reverence the planet as a divine being in its own right. Native Americans, for example, use the terms, “Mother Earth” and “All my relations.” This speaks of the greater family of created beings we are all a part of, and of their deep reverence for the Earth which gives life to everything here.

In this circular order of life, there is no separation between beings on a supraluminal level; and importantly, spiritual help can and does comes from many different energies–not only from “up there” on that spiritual ladder of power. The human and non-human Spirit Guides from these supraluminal realms…the Greater Unseen Reality…serve God/Great Spirit, along with providing vital help to their human family. It’s very comforting to know that we are never truly alone and that along with higher beings that we have come to call angels, there are many other wonderful Beings that stand ready and willing to assist us in our mortal life.

Spirit Guides for Every Person 

The spiritual realms of the Greater Reality are teeming with conscious life. Everything has a spiritual form before it has a physical one: you existed as a spiritual being before you were born and you will continue on as a spiritual being when this life is over.  Indeed you are a Soul first, and a body, second. In your pre-life existence you laid out a plan, with help from your Spirit Guides, about who your parents would be; your genetic potential; your life path, and the fundamental purpose for this lifetime. It was in this pre-earth planning stage that you also decided upon, and contracted with, the Spirit Guides who serve you in this physical incarnation. 

Every person is born with divinely appointed spiritual beings that watch over them, their Spirit Guides. There are differing opinions about the number of Guides each person has, but since human beings claim to do the counting, it’s best not to work yourself up over how many you have. Suffice it to say, you have exactly the number of Guides that you need, at any given time.

Spirit Guides are present to help you with specific life tasks. They also guide you to make decisions and to understand personal truth.  Most of the time they work behind the scene and go unrecognized, but they are ever-present to help, teach, and protect you.

Multiple Spirit Guides for Every Need 

There are many kinds of Spirit Guides. Some Spirit Guides have a human spiritual form because they have lived lifetimes as a human being. Other Guides have never lived a life on earth, but may have a human-like spiritual form because the humanoid animal is not exclusive to planet Earth: other planets in the universe also have human life forms. Guides that have lived lives as human beings are especially equipped to help you in your life because they know full well the challenges of human existence. Whatever your Guide’s personal background while they were once in a body, they are with you now for a specific purpose related to your life’s mission and Soul purpose.

Spirit Guides can also be ancestral spirits, or those people who are in your genetic lineage who lived good lives and have had good deaths, who have elected to watch over you during your earthly walk. There is a caveat to this family arrangement, however: not every relative that you love who has crossed over is going to be your Guide. Chances are, if you’ve lived a lifetime with someone here, they will not be a Spirit Guide to you when they cross over. (Deceased relatives, however, may try to help you from the Other Side, if given permission and oversight from your Spirit Guides.)

A few of you reading this article have actually been a Spirit Guide to others during your existence between lives! While this may surprise you, just know that as friends help each other in the physical incarnation, we can also help those in our spiritual family when we are not in our bodies.

Some Spirit Guides are of cosmic origin. While it is unusual to encounter such Guides, having one does not make you more special than anyone else. There is always a karmic reason why you have a certain Guide, so be careful about feeling proud of yourself for having some Guide that seems “higher” than another. There is no such thing as “higher” or “better” or “more powerful” when it comes to Spirit Guides! One is not “better” than another and when we get ourselves into the murky area of “specialness” we have wandered out of Divine territory and gotten ourselves into the darker aspects of existence. The Divine is absolutely “no respecter of persons.” Never forget that because it’s a truth that never changes and there are no exceptions.

Other Spirit Guides can take the form of animal or plant spirits and they often do. These spiritual volunteers offer themselves to share their particular gifts and insights at those times in your life when you need to develop certain qualities to get through a situation.  You have at least several Animal Spirit Guides present with you at birth and they stand at the ready to help you when you call upon them for spiritual strength, wisdom, and protection.  Like other Spirit Guides, some of the Animal Guides will come and go throughout your life according to your need but the ones who come in with you at birth are there for the duration of your life.

What Spirit Guides Will…and Will Not…Do

Even among people who believe in Spirit Guides, there is considerable confusion and misperception about what Spirit Guides will and will not do for their human charge. Spirit Guides care about the big cosmic picture and the journey of your Soul through time.  They are not so concerned about giving you winning lotto numbers or finding a parking place for you every time you’re in a hurry. They are not our servants, even though they serve us. The many people who look at their Guides as giving them “a leg up” on the world often miss the deeper spiritual connections to their Guides that would result in true personal growth.

Guides use our thoughts and feelings to communicate with us. Although less frequent, Guides can certainly influence physical reality in order to help us if need be.

Some examples of what Spirit Guides do for us: 

1. Protect your body and protect your energy field;

2.  Encourage life change when it’s needed;

3.  Help connect you to important people or situations in your life that are in alignment with your purpose and mission;

4.  Prompt you, and whisper thoughts of encouragement, comfort, and positive direction. They support and help you in times of sorrow and illness;

5.  Warn of danger or a bad decision;

6.  Inspire your thoughts, motivate you, and bring out latent talent or improvement of existing talents.

7.  Give you answers and truth that you seek, through thoughts and feelings, while occasionally giving signs and signals in the physical world.

What Spirit Guides will never do: 

1.   Make decisions for you, or order you around;

2.   Tell you to do something harmful to another being or to yourself;

3.   Give you negative thoughts, make you feel anxious or worried, or say negative things about another person;

4.   Tell you a lie or ask you to lie; anything related to a deception is not from a Spirit Guide;

5.   Speak nonsense and/or use wordy and elaborate language;

6.   Brag about themselves or otherwise inflate themselves;

7.   Flatter you or inflate your importance. As an example, Spirit Guides will not tell you are a Christ or something similar.  These kinds of messages come from the darker side of existence, including the shadow side of the human psyche, but they do not come from Goodness.

As a clairvoyant who works with Spirit Guides every day, I can tell you that we arose from a cosmic sea of love, and on this very difficult journey through time we are attended to by the most beautiful and loving beings imaginable. These amazing beings are spiritual entities that are wise and loving and loyal. They never tire of helping us. We are never without them and we are never alone. Spirit Guides are the mighty allies that get us through when we think we won’t make it. They are an army of Light that parts the darkness when we lose our way, because they have promised to keep us close to the Divine Light in our own hearts. Remember to thank them, listen for that “still, small, voice” of goodness, strength, and encouragement from within yourself, for it is them holding you near, because they love you without limit…they always have and they always will.

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  1. Marie C


    Hello Diana,
    I found this very interesting information as I did believe that it was a linear line rather than in a circle.
    I have regularly seen a black cat around me for many years now sometimes I feel and hear it behaving like a live cat would do (meows, scratches the furniture). It does not worry me and I find it rather comforting to know that it is present.
    Kind regards, Marie

  2. Krishelle


    My son has been seeing an entity which seems to have taken a liking to him and at 4years old has told me has spoken to he’s inner ear asking him what he’s name is. He is very scared in a sense to not going out of my sight on his own .

    • Diana


      A child’s spirit guides do not frighten them and they certainly know your son’s name: a Guide would not ask this. Without making a clairvoyant assessment or knowing your child’s history and environment, it’s hard to say what-if anything-your son is seeing/hearing. What movies or media is he exposed to? Is he receiving medication? What is his dynamic with you and the rest of the family? There are many possible variables that could be at play here, many of them not caused by a spiritual entity, I can suggest that you read the following article about protecting your child here, and follow the suggestions: http://myspiritcare.com/articles/11-steps-to-protect-your-innocent-child-from-negative-energy. Also, teach your child now about the power he has over his own life: to order this “person” to go away and not come back. He will benefit from all the spiritual knowledge you can share with him, so I suggest you read the articles on this website for further information and insight. Thank you for commenting.

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  4. KJ


    Hello- happy to have found this short thread as I have a question that relates to it. I have a meditation practice and am able to connect to my guides. However, despite intentions for the highest good, and aura protection I encounter negative engeries sometimes. I may be perhaps tired but not feeling negative when starting my meditations and it is upsetting to me when this happens – almost to the point where I am reluctant to continue. Asking for specific help (AA Michael, God, Jesus) seems to have no immediate effect and where are the guides that are supposed to protect me?!). Your insights and comments are sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Reply

    I tried meeting my spirit guide once, but I had a very difficult time being able to tell if it was truly my spirit guide speaking to me or if it was my thoughts. However, I remember when I met my spirit guide it was a very odd image in my mind. The image in my mind was that I was in the woods and there was a random man there. I don’t know if he was my spirit guide, but he was telling me things about my future such as I will have a son and what not.

    • diana


      Hey, Melissa! There are many beings in spiritual reality and not all are Spirit Guides. To know this, you need to practice spiritual connection with a daily spiritual practice, including aura protection, while asking for connection to a Divine Guide, and then make a habit of listening to your thoughts or noting images in your mind. The best of blessings on your journey, Melissa. Thanks for sharing with our readers.

  6. Irene Sanchez


    I was inspired by your website, I am learning and have come to the conclusion that I am Empathy, and now only learning to work with it. I have used some of the tools that you have shared and I was amazed. I am now working with my eyes opened and would like more information on how this will work for me. My daughter is also, and she was the one that directed me in this direction to see the person I am. Thank you, Irene

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