Scrubbed Your Aura Lately?

Can you imagine how unattractive—or unhealthy—you’d be if you never had a bath in your whole life? YIKES!!

Today, society pays tremendous attention to physical hygiene and it’s a billion dollar industry. What most people don’t pay one bit of attention to, though, is psychic cleanliness.

What’s that?

Your energy body—or an aura—and it needs a good scrub once in a while, too.

When was the last time you felt god-awful tired after a normal work day? Or, what about some of those strange aches and pains you’ve been having lately?  Oh, and what about the feeling you had once when your boss stood next to you and for no logical reason, you became uneasy and suddenly worried about your job?

Time for a psychic scrub!

Not only do we generate our own cascade of emotions and energies into our auras, we also pick up the energies, emotions, and characteristics of surrounding situations and nearby auras. And if they’re negative, their “link” can stick to our auras. So, if it’s not cleaned out, it can interfere with our energy and even our relationships. Compatibility between auras is the basis for attractions (and dislikes) between people.

So what is this thing called an aura that has so much influence in your life? Your aura is your spiritual body, or Light Body, and it’s literally made of light. It’s who you really are underneath your skin, your DNA, and your thinking brain: it’s your Spirit, your eternal essence, the real you.

Your aura radiates your thoughts and intentions to others and when your thoughts are loving, other people will be drawn to you. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, are very destructive energetic constructs that give out bad vibes and make for a negative, unsightly aura. Learn about thought forms and how to get rid of bad ones in the very important articles here and here.

Your aura is a colored spectrum of living light and even more than your physical body, it needs to be kept clean. People go a whole lifetime without a psychic bath and eventually…we all need a good psychic shower.

Since soap and perfume won’t do the trick, here’s what will:

Sea salt or table salt

Add salt to your bathwater (or on a shower sponge) when you are depressed, tired, feeling scattered or not quite yourself. Salt has an incredible cleansing power for your energy body and “washes away” unwanted energy with ease. A dish of salt on your desk, near your bed, and in the bathroom will help absorb negative energies and keep you, your workplace and home spiritually clean.

Sage and sage smudge sticks

The Native Americans have known about the sacredness of the sage plant and how the smoke from burning a wrapped bundle of sage works to drive away unwanted energies and clean your auric field. Same for your living space.

Chimes and singing bowls

Just as the light that makes up your auric body is a frequency, sound is a frequency also. The clear, vibrant tones of chimes and singing bowls (some people like using a tuning fork, as well) clears the air of lower frequencies (unhappy or unpleasant feelings are lower frequencies) and is a wonderful way to keep your aura clean! Just a few minutes a day with these higher frequency tools can go a long way to keep you psychically healthy.

Essential Oils and other plants

The fragrance and frequency of oils and plants such as eucalyptus, pine, lavender, and citrus purify room energies and, if properly prepared for cosmetic use, can be used on your body to help lift your mood and align your aura, thereby cleaning unwanted energies.

The Sacred Rattle

Shamans around the world have, for endless ages, used the rattle in their ceremonial spiritual work. Made from gourds, hides, etc., a sacred rattle clears the air of heavy energies and makes room for the good energies of the Universe to come to your aid. The sound produced by the rattle removes blockages from the aura, clears out dense frequencies and purifies the one who seeks cleansing through its respected and dedicated use. Rattling a few minutes a day is extremely beneficial to your spiritual health.


An altar—a special, sacred place for worship and meditation—is an excellent compliment to spiritual cleansing practices. Having one in your home generates positive energy and provides a safe, healing alcove to recover from intrusive energies and restore psychic vitality.

Crystals and stones

Crystals generate positive frequencies, especially when subjected to or programmed with positivity; and certain stones, such as obsidian or tourmaline, protect from negative energies.

A Balanced Spiritual Practice

Spiritual seeking, meditation, prayer, and the like, when practiced in balance, help keep your aura clean, clear, and free of unwanted energies. (Excessive spiritual pursuits can put you out of balance and do more harm to your aura than good.)

Connection to the Earth 

This is so important in a time when few people get into nature or even have their bare feet touch the ground anymore. Get outside to spend time with nature. When you can, remove your shoes and let the soles of your feet caress the earth: feel the love of your earth Mother coming back into you. Hug a tree…really! Trees house very wise and ancient spirits who will happily assist you to cleanse your energy body and give you great strength in difficult times.

Good Thoughts and Loving Feelings

 These are your most important defense against heavy, negative energies and the surest way to have a shiny clean aura. Remember the old saying, “Don’t worry, be happy” and that will point the way to having a beautiful, glowing energy body. Joy, courage, a positive, generous outlook, and a loving heart will make you shine like the sun and the world will be a much better place for having you here!

You Are Not Alone: We’re Here For YOU

As always, if you need further help with energy issues in your life, MySpiritCare can provide you with a personalized, expert reading. I can do a clairvoyant energy assessment,guide you further on how to get rid of bad energy, and help you fill your life with the good stuff!


  1. devil_hunter


    It’s quite odd but I feel very Negative I don’t feel happy anymore I’m turning myself into a emotionless personal I need Ur help this thing makes me crazy……… And another thing I get dreams… Dreams which become real after sometime.. I can’t remember them when i wake up but when it becomes true I remember the whole dream … It’s like seeing a scene in future…… Can u help me in that……. Thank you

  2. alok


    I really donno how to explain my problem….. something bad and disturbing things vl happen to me during an important/critical times…..i suspect black magic or less impactive methods used against me….pls help…i am losing all my confidence in life…. in need of quick as well as effective help…

    • Diana


      Alok, you jump to conclusions: “black magic” is at the absolute bottom of a very long list of possible culprits, but something people frequently default to believing…because it’s easier to blame an outside, magical power for their problems . If you want help, then look elsewhere for solutions. First of all, if your aura is strong and radiating good energy, so-called “black magic” can have no influence on you. So the one true solution is: make your aura strong and your mind healthy. –Have you followed the suggestions in this article? –Have you??

      Are you under psychiatric care or do you have a mental health history? Would you be willing to talk to a counselor about these problems? Do you use drugs (including marijuana), drink alcohol, or take prescription anti-psychotic or anti-depressant medications… or have you had these substances in the past? Is this a life-long problem or more recent? Have you experienced a tragic loss? There are many things in life that can induce obstructions or what seems to be “sabotage”, but what’s important for you now is to NOT attribute this to some dark spiritual power.

      What’s important for you now is to begin to recognize that you are Divine Light, embodied in a physical form, that you are loved by Life, and that there is goodness in you and light and love. You deserve and have a right a peace in your life, as long as you are living in such a way as to invite Divine energy into your life. You must focus on this and believe in goodness far more than you believe in evil. That’s a start.

      Read here, here, here, and here for further help on how to cleanse your aura and live in harmony with your spiritual nature.

      You don’t have to suffer. Start today to discover your Inner Light, and come to know that Light, peace, and help is only a thought and a heartbeat away. –Ask, and you will be given.

  3. Sugah


    Thank you just being reassured that hugging a tree is truly a beneficial way to clear yourself and for nature such as trees, nature spirits, and ancestors to be willing to help us when we need is a beautiful process I think. Even with nature a bit out of balance and willing to still help us balance ourselves, so we all can be better balanced, is a delightful perfect way that the divine has for all to work in sync for collective balancing and healing of all on earth



    l am very happy for this wonderful messages. l read it at the moment that am looking forward
    to remove all blockage in my life.

  5. Alafia Ashe


    Thank you. I have all the tools and instinct required. I am asking ancestors for the guidance, patience with myself and courage to permanently move forward and never look back after the cleansing of my aura and surroundings. Ashe.

  6. vanance truss


    Thanks for the information that I need to be able to have a darkness moved out of myself and house.

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