Psychometry: Is the Psychic Energy of Something Bad or Good?

An Old Watch can be used to test psychometry

We have all experienced “bad vibes” from another person, or a certain place, or a certain thing at some time or another. Many years ago, my sister was
helping me clean out an old garage, when we came across a battered box with a very, very old fire poker inside…along with some other nondescript antiques. She was in the process of retrieving the fire poker when she squealed and dropped it. “This has terrible, TERRIBLE energy!” she yelled. Sure enough, when I pulled it up and away, I too, wanted to be rid of it. The object oozed with malice, hatred…and worse…what my trained, clairvoyant eye saw need not be shared.

The fate of that menacing instrument was not the garbage can. It was summarily cleansed, energetically severed from its past circumstance, dedicated to Divine Light, and buried deep within the earth for dissolution and renewal.  One does not want to leave something like that in circulation for another unsuspecting person to be psychically injured: there are proper procedures to dispose of items that carry dark psychic imprints.

One day humanity will learn that whether something is an old piece of iron or a diamond studded treasure; whether it is deemed beautiful to the eye or not; whether it can be exchanged for paper called dollars or not: it is the energy of something that determines its worth. Many an item that is considered valuable in this energetically-blind world should be disposed of!

When it comes to having good energy around you, having things nearby that have good energy in them is also important! When we feel a need for a psychic cleanse, we need to scrub our energy bodies/auras but let’s not forget it’s also important to look around the house for ways to remove bad energy in there, as well!

In our MySpiritCare articles on Thought Forms, here and here, I explain how the energies of thoughts are projected outward, influencing the energy matrix of life. Similarly, our thought energies become infused into things and  possessions, as sub-atomic imprints of  moments in time. Because people aren’t educated or aware of energetic imprints left behind on objects from the history of their use or owners, they may acquire second-hand items or purchase antiques that are infused with bad energy. You may be shopping at a yard sale or a junk shop, an antique store or a used clothing store, but if something that is otherwise appealing does not “feel right” to you, don’t take ownership of it!

In a similar vein, I advise clients to give careful consideration when it comes to wearing second-hand jewelry and clothes when the history and previous owner is unknown.  Unless you want that person’s residual energy to mingle with yours, it is best to avoid wearing another’s jewelry or clothes unless these have been psychically cleansed, first.

Old gypsies used to scare people by railing on about “bad luck” and while there is a generous amount of superstition and ignorance in all of that, the fact of residual psychic energy is very real. The psychic talent associated with reading the energy of objects is called “psychometry,” pronounced “sahy-kom-i-tree.

Although “real-world” skeptics assert this is a claimed talent, these are the same folks who know nothing about the energy realities that do exist but have been known to wise mystical sages for eons of time. In your own life, you may have had experiences with objects or places that either gave you the “creeps” or made you feel good for some reason. This would be your own personal evidence that psychometry is a real phenomenon, and that your own psychic abilities are at least somewhat active and can be further developed.

Residual psychic energy is abundant in furniture, buildings, plots of land, papers and letters, historical places, photographs, food (from the people who handled it, the ground it came from, the animal that sacrificed itself, etc.) and rocks and crystals. This is one reason that unprepared people who are highly sensitive to energies can be found to lead reclusive lives: they are easily overwhelmed by the latent energies around them as well as active energies in any given situation.

So next time you pick something up, go into a store, a church, an office, a park…wherever you go and whatever you touch…tune yourself into how that place or thing makes you feel. When things don’t feel right, trust your innate psychic abilities and walk away if you can. If you can’t, use a protective Light meditation/exercise to surround yourself so that the energy you don’t want in, can’t get in!

When you need help decoding the energies around you or need advice on how to cope with energy that disturbs you, I will do a clairvoyant energy assessment and let you know how to remedy the situation.To get an expert reading, make your selection from the “Buy” buttons on the right hand column and I’ll contact you to schedule your appointment with me.

Until our next post, dear friends, the best of energy to you all!


  1. SE


    Hi Diana,

    I just want to thank you in advance for giving me some advice on my question (if you have time, if not that’s okay I understand). A little about myself; I’m a 28 yr old TV producer and daily I interact with all types of people. I have always known I’m more sensitive than the normal person, but before learning about empaths I had no idea why I could feel people’s moods. In fact, only recently have I realized that people’s ‘moods’ or ‘energies’ are not actually mine. It’s weird and confusing. Some stores I walk into I have to leave because I feel like the air is heavy and I start to get light headed. I went to a session with my therapist the other day and when I walked in and sat in her office a moment, I started to get this feeling I’ve never had in her office – heavy, my head was spinning and it was almost hard to breathe. I told her about it (which is weird because I have only told her about my sensitivity once before) and she was kind of freaked out and said right before I walked in she was on the phone with a family member who told her that her mother-in-law was very sick and taking a turn for the worse and might not last long. Was this her mood I was picking up on? As we kept talking, the mood subsided a bit and I felt better. So, sometimes, actually most of the time, it’s really hard for me to keep other people’s energies from affecting me. I sit next to this girl at work who is talking to me constantly, always asking me to take walks with her, wants to hang out with me after work etc. I have become aware that the MOMENT she walks into the room my mood changes – or is it her mood/energy? I become anxious, my heart starts beating fast, I’m aggravated and an overall feeling of just being in a bad mood. I’m a very even keel person, even under extreme situations I hardly ever have anxiety (especially the way I feel it when she is near me). I do really well under pressure. Today I was sitting at a meeting and someone came in and sat behind me — I got the overwhelming feeling of anxiety with heart palpitations and I KNEW without actually knowing that she was the one behind me. And it turns out she was. It was totally weird to me that I predicted she was the one behind me. This girl sits next to me every day so I can’t really escape her energy. I don’t want to be mean to her, and honestly, that’s just not in my nature. I’m a kind-hearted person and don’t like to see people upset. I know she looks up to me and really likes me (I’m about 5 yrs older then her) How do I keep her energy from affecting me? I can’t move my desk and I can’t just 100% stop talking to her – and even if I did I would still feel her energy. I am trying the light technique but I get so overwhelmed so easily by certain energies it’s hard. Please help. Thank you very much Diana

    • Diana


      Let me begin by saying that the fact that something is hard to do is no reason not to accomplish it. Anything worth having often requires effort. So when you say that you are overwhelmed by certain energies, that you are trying to do light technique, but that “it’s hard” I want you to really understand that your language reveals your tentative convictions. To experience the spiritual protection and energetic freedom you want, you will have to deepen your resolve and begin to practice a healthy sense of self in your life. This means that you do not allow empathy, or compassion, to overrule whatever feelings you’re having that make you feel uncomfortable. Whatever is going on, don’t complicate it with conflicted feelings. The fact that she is annoying to you is a fact, isn’t it?

      Having said that, it’s also important that you know that we often mistake “energy” for something very different: we think something is “energy” when it is instead, a psychologically-generated conflict.

      What you appear to have going on here is two related but separate issues: general “energy allergy” (not merely sensitivity!) and disturbance by someone at work who tries to cling when you don’t want her to. In both cases, a strong Light boundary is important. A regular cleaning of your aura at the end of the day with smudge smoke will greatly help you, as well. And, perhaps there are adjustments to be made in the office even though you can’t move your desk. However, what is equally needed is for you to learn to be strong in your diplomacy by explaining to the girl at work that you are not at work to socialize and would she kindly allow you appropriate space so that you can concentrate on your work, have space during breaks to clear your head, etc. This is life teaching you to verbally assert your boundaries when you are too fearful or insecure to do so.

      The other thing going on with you is a type of generalized “anxiety”. Slow down. Learn and practice diaphragmatic breathing to clear all this bottled up stuff…and have a daily spiritual practice of connecting to your inner Divine core. You need to learn to shut the world out but you can’t do it with your head: you have to get your own heart plugged into your Soul, the real you inside the body you wear. (I will be offering some MP3 meditations on this site in the near future to help with this.)

      So, as you can see, your situation is leading you toward positive spiritual change…not easy to break away from the domination of worldly thoughts and demands…but the only way out, my dear, is IN.

  2. charles


    this is very nice to read about you site since i was a kid i have been a lot fearful
    Thought about sickness ,fear of dying,fear of driving in Highway,fear of aiplane.these thought make me sick by giving Indigestion,Gas bloating,Abdominal pain.Need help.

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