Part Two: The Change We Seek, We Are What We Wait For!

WE Are the Ones We Keep Waiting For!

Continued from Part One

The hard conditions in the world, set in motion by our deeply internal thrashing about, will force needed changes within some of us–but it is much better to change before we are compelled to do so. It will be very difficult for the majority of people to discover themselves in the chaos to come: many will not. What we need right now is a solid understanding of ourselves (both the  light of the soul and the shadow of the ego) and a strong connection to our inner Light so that when chaos comes we will know how to rebuild a New Earth. Only when we have already rebuilt ourselves, will we be ready and up to that glorious task.

While we can easily define countless things in the world that need changing, deep inner work is hard work and most of us prefer to look outside of ourselves for seemingly easier answers. That’s not hard to understand, because any call to examine the shadows inside ourselves feels too much like self-punishment. Few on a spiritual path are ready to do that, because the first step to attaining spiritual freedom is to climb over the decades of inculcated feelings of unworthiness heaped upon us by both a demanding artificial society and judgmental religious philosophies.  Because (superficially) the two objectives appear to be contradictory, we can easily ignore the deeper inner work of knowing our shadow, thinking we can preempt it all with positive affirmations and declarations of being Divine. Talk of painful things or negative aspects can  seem like old Heresy to a new spiritual paradigm, which by its very nature offers many teachings on the necessary rejection of “negativity.”

Hoping for a Spiritual Bailout from the Universe

Embracing the whole truth about ourselves is not heresy, though many react as if it were. Bare truth is the only gospel that counts. So while many people wait to be bailed out of misery by Rapture, a Millennial Christ, 2012, benevolent aliens, etc., those who are spiritual promise keepers with a soul path to change this planet will be doing the inner work to pave the way for positive change.

Yes, “We are the ones we”ve been waiting for.”

A glance over human history proves that we cannot just be passive and count on any exceptional cycle of time to force enlightenment upon the world. In all ages people have looked to the sky, to prophets and to social reversals to save them from their suffering.

Prophecies have come and gone in the history of the world, but the going of them…the failure to happen…escapes the fervent believers of today. We humans have not yet evolved enough to learn that we cannot depend on any so-called Age to save us from ourselves because it is our own beliefs and actions that determines the Age that is upon us.

Sacrifice Beliefs on the Altar of Truth

What we deeply believe directs our actions and paves the way for what comes next. And even a positive belief, if not grounded in understanding and truth, will not bring truly positive results. There is a lot of positive thinking going on within the new spiritual paradigm and while this is all very hopeful, it is coming up profoundly short when it comes to making the world a just and enlightened place to be.

To find out what’s gone wrong with our spiritual professions and why there is so much suffering in this world, there are missing pieces of truth we need to find– not out in the open, not understood or even talked about–but hidden from many. Spiritual truth is so simple, so basic, and yes, unglamorous…but not all that glitters is gold. There is a simple starting point we all must return to and once we understand how to do it and why we need to, we really can begin to change the world for the better!

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