Meditating About, Understanding, and Coping With Emotions, Part Two

Part Two: Becoming the Master of Your Emotions

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In the Grip of Emotion

When we are having a very strong emotional experience, we can feel only that emotion in the moment. Sensible perspective flies out the window! With that loss of perspective, we compound the intensity of the emotion through the power of focused attention. For example, during a powerful unhappy state we might feel as if we’ve always been miserable, always will be miserable and thereby we can literally trap ourselves in misery by faulty loop-de-loop thinking.

Avoid Reacting to Negative Emotion

At My Spirit Care we show you how to care for your own spirit, and this includes coming to the objective realization that you are not your emotions. You are eternal Spirit, Divine Consciousness, unhurt by painful emotions that are processed by your personality in this moment. When we are in terrible emotional states, we need to observe ourselves during these times and to recognize that the emotion of the moment is only a speck in the fabric of time. It will pass.

It’s what we do with the emotion we are having that counts. If we can maintain the presence of mind to remind ourselves when we are having extreme emotions that we are having a temporary state of mind that will pass and that clarity will come later, we can forgo some avoidable mistakes. —Such as lashing out at someone in rage, breaking up a relationship because we just feel like it in that moment, saying terrible things we can’t take back, etc.

Strong emotional states are not the times to make major decisions. So when I say it’s what we do with the emotion that counts, I mean we must recognize it as our own very personal experience and not make it someone else’s problem. It certainly helps to realize that emotions arise from core beliefs which are not the same as “reality as it is.”

We need to learn to control emotion rather than allow emotion to control us. We can acknowledge that emotions run very deep within us and honor ourselves by tracing the roots of our feelings. When we do that, we will find faulty beliefs or self-created deceptions that have in one way or another fueled our present emotional state. When we understand the reality of the situation (a clarity that can only come once emotions are stabilized) we can learn to cope with emotions in a balanced way.

What You Feel Is Real, But it May Not be the Truth of What Is

Reality and perceptions are most often at odds. The old saying, “Things are not what they appear to be,” is very true. Difficult emotions that arise from a resistance to “what is” are simply a symptom of denial. If you are left by a lover and then proceed to tear yourself and your life apart or injure the other person because you are emotionally  out-of-control, you are not taking into account the reality of the situation. Although pain may be unavoidable, one must live through the experience, cope with it, and in time an understanding of the situation will come…when emotions are stabilized.

Sadness is to happiness is what winter is to summer. They are partners in life. Both of these opposites are contained in the exquisite experience of being a Divine spirit in a human body; neither are bad or good…they are mere pieces of the spiraling dynamic of a cosmic existence.

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  1. Sulakshana


    Very well written. Strongly believe what you have shared. Thanks.

    • Diana


      Thanks so much for making the effort and taking the time to comment.

  2. James


    Read your articles, enjoyed them, they were helpful. What is you knowledge on soul mates that have gone to another dimension? And the mate that was left behind on this earthly plane grief is so great that his life is in total disarray.

    • Diana


      Hi, James, thanks for commenting. As to the soul mate question, I can’t address such a complex matter in a comment forum. The very short answer is: as you describe it, this is a matter of dealing with grief.There are support groups and professional counselors who could assist with these very real feelings of terrible loss. As for soul mates: deep and abiding love never dies, nor do we…and while the body is laid to rest the Soul and the love is very much intact. This is a truth meant to sustain us while we process grief and move ahead with our lives. Loss is a part of life, and keep in mind that when we are born into a body those in the Spirit world we leave behind miss us very much, just as those we leave behind in the physical when we return to the spiritual dimension suffer for our absence. Life is an eternal process of changing form, but the pure energy of love is constant and eternal.

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  4. Reply

    Ifound this info to be very helpful in ridding me and my home of negative energy. The bonus came when I continued reading &learned about dealing with and understanding the. emotional turmoil I have been struggleing with. Thank You I plan on printing the information so I can read and re-read the info. I’m old school I do better with hardcopy.

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