How to Protect Yourself from Bad Energies in the Workplace

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For many, holding a job or advancing in a career isn’t rewarding anymore. Climbing the corporate or government-employment ladder comes at too high a price. A fair day’s work is no longer enough. Ever-increasing numbers of employers expect you to give them a piece of your soul.

More employees than not are starting to feel like work slaves. As companies become obsessed with profit at all cost,  they leave their people…er, excuse me, “human resources”…at the crushing bottom of the power pyramid. The present culture of corporate greed has resulted in a very unhealthy, bad-energy work dynamic.

The Work Slave Syndrome

You long to be true to yourself while you earn a living, but in today’s job world being a self-realized human being can get you fired. Why? Big business expects you to produce, not engage in self-expression. Dull conformity is demanded. Workers are sought who will not challenge the status quo and who will submit themselves as “slaves” to company bidding.

Employees are told (subliminally or otherwise) that payment for their time is enough and that there is no need to respect them as human beings. This corporate attitude reflects a Scrooge-like, schizophrenic compartmentalization of ethics.  It’s pathological thinking and those who practice this are psychopaths. And how does this diseased attitude effect the employees of psychopaths? Well, if they can manage to hold onto their jobs, they get stuck holding the “bad energy bag.”

10 Signs of Corporate Pathology and a Sick Work Environment

So how do you know if the environment you work in is pathological, or sick?

  1. Corporate pathology manifests as greed-for-profit;
  2. There is unwarranted, implied, or exercised control over employees (such as directing personal habits of its employees, snooping into employee private lives, micromanaging in the workplace, etc.);
  3. They continue to take more and give  less;
  4. There is a disregard of the human element of their business;
  5. There are dishonest business or employment practices;
  6. Management is impersonal; insincere, treacherous, robotic, or unfair;
  7. The company has uncaring/dehumanizing policies;
  8. There are abusive working conditions or practices, or abuse of the public through subterfuge and
  9. misrepresentations;
  10. The employer has arrogance about having financial power over its employees.

When your job is draining you to death, it is past time to get in touch with who you are as a spiritual being and as a human being. It’s time to remember who you were before you lost yourself in this job. Until such a time you can transition into a better situation, or until the energy in the workplace improves, you can endure by creating an energetic shield around you at the workplace, similar to other protection methods you would use elsewhere.

The techniques given here will  help. Because most people must have employment to survive, these tips can save your job and your sanity at the same time! As a bonus, the good energy you create will spread to others around you,  helping to turn intolerable work situations into good ones!

11 Steps To Counteract Terrible Energy at Work…and Survive Your Job

  1. Start your day by having a protective Light meditation before you leave for work. You can’t protect yourself against bad energy unless you are willing to put up a good energy shield around yourself, first. As you do this, remember who you really are, besides being somebody’s employee. Remember that jobs are transitory but your identity is eternal. You are eternal consciousness. You are a free agent. No one can own your soul. Remind yourself, “This work day will come to a close. I can get through it and I will do my best to make it a good experience for myself and others, no matter what.” Decide that you will be the good energy that you want around you!
  2. Fill your personal space, whether it is a locker, a desk, a cubicle, an office or even a briefcase (if that’s all you have) with good energy. The following suggestions really work:
  3.  Take something to the workplace that is emotionally uplifting to you, that reminds you of good feelings and happy moments. It should be something that inspires you and connects you to yourself, the real person you are when you are not “slaving for the boss.”
  4. When possible, have a potted plant to care for. Plants bring healing, nature energy into an environment. When you feel disturbed, connect to your plant mentally and imagine that its green color fills your aura. Feel its calm acceptance of itself, and you will find yourself getting calmer. The plant is also trapped, tame, and potted: it can’t run and neither can you. It still thrives. There is a profound lesson in this.
  5. When possible, have a desktop water fountain and keep it running when you are at work. This is an excellent energy cleanser!
  6. Fresh flowers at your desk surround you with good energy.
  7. Incandescent lighting (a table top lamp with an incandescent bulb) can offset the draining, depressive and negative energy of fluorescent lighting in the workplace.
  8. Place near you any item from nature: an interesting rock, a fallen robin’s egg, a small piece of driftwood or a seashell, jar of ocean or desert sand, and even a small “meditation garden” that has sea salt mixed with sand.
  9. Sea salt discreetly placed around you is a powerful absorber of negative energy. Dip your fingers in sea salt and rub your hands together when bad energy at work is crowding you, asking the angels to bless and purify you and your surroundings.  This serves to charge your aura with renewed strength and repels invasive, unpleasant energies.
  10. A small medicine bag necklace is a wonderful protection and a means to keep you connected to spiritual guides and your own spirit when you are in difficult situations. Get one and reverently wear it.
  11.  Stones in your pocket can ward off bad energy and keep you grounded and spiritually centered. Crystals and other rocks are commonly used for this purpose.

You are Not Your Job!

Don’t take your work energy home with you! When you leave for the day…leave it all behind you! When you arrive home, change your clothes. Drink a glass of pure water. Get outside into nature for a few minutes and clear your head. Connect to what is real, and beautiful, and generous, and nurturing: nature!

If it’s been a really terrible day, take a salt bath.

And let it all go-o-o-o-o.

Any time you have to deal with bad energy, this is a lesson for you about the spiritual nature of existence. It is meant to teach you about who you really are and you are being prodded to rise above it by connecting to states of Light and love.

Always remember that your work associates are human beings and eternal, Infinite consciousness, same as you…even when they are not acting their best. Don’t take their behavior personally, because even if you are the target of their bad energy, there is a deep dissatisfaction and misery within them that is causing the problem. Have compassion by not returning negative energy directed at you. Rather than absorbing their projections of dark energy into yourself, silently, mentally radiate Light outward! Where Light is, darkness cannot enter.

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  1. Szanthiah


    Hi Diana,
    Thanks a zillion for the awesome post. I so badly need this affimations, reminders and tips at this point of moment where I am going through extreme stress with work and with an peksy, hostile colleague who generates so much of negativity.

    I am in the midst of shifting my work station and moving over to hers!!! Truly need to cleanse the workstation before moving my things over and need to do “maintenance” to the energy! My office has no windows except the meeting room and my big boss’s room. The only good thing is that from the new workstation, I can see the the window and outside work if i turn to my right, It makes world of difference compared to the current situation where i face a workstation and the wall behind it!

  2. Jessica


    Wow amazing article ! I work in small dental office and it’s stressful job enough dealing with insurance and people having to pay for things they absolutely hate . On top of that , there’s bad energy from our manager . She isn’t organized and scattered , there is no system and constantly negative and just mean person . I get physically sick from bad energy ! I have always been told that I have a natural positive , refreshing aura and the dr loves it but they are so negative sometimes I feel I can’t overcome it .

    • Diana


      I’m so glad this has helped you, Jessica. In this world, negative energy is on the rise but such is the time in which we live. Your occupation carries with it a weight such as you describe. Thankfully, you are both positive and aware; don’t let others drag you down. You are needed now more than ever. The good news is that you can overcome it, I am sure of that. Please search this website for numerous other articles about how to maintain and protect your positive energy field. Thank you for commenting and spiritual strength be upon you. Blessings.

  3. Leena


    Thank you Diana. This is very helpful. I work at a wonderful place but in my role I am required to help people sort their problems and issues. I try very hard to solve peoples problems and get very deeply involved at times.
    I often find myself going through periods of body and fatigue with no reason for it.
    Reading your article made me wonder if I am getting to energetically involved?

    • Diana


      Yes, most definitely, my dear: emotionally, psychologically, and energetically.

      Maybe it will help you to realize that everyone you interact with is a Divine Soul seeking something you don’t know about and that this Soul knew there would be many problems in physical life…BUT being Divine as it is, is fully capable to deal with the challenge of life. A person so profoundly burdened/lost in a sea of problems is out-of-touch with the Soul, but has an inner guidance system to assure right outcomes.

      Furthermore, this Soul arranged to have spiritual Guides to assist in the physical journey, who are very capable of helping the incarnated Soul work out problems and have a successful life (and not necessarily what society defines as successful). And while what you do is a very important service to others, you do not carry their load.

      Do not absorb other people’s problems. You may indicate, suggest, and offer insight, but do not make the mistake of wanting to “fix” them. Getting deeply involved does not serve them at all, but rather serves to incapacitate you to no constructive end. Although the people you help have been conditioned to feel helpless and by way of expectation want to slide the load onto someone else, they are not helpless. When you do too much and take on too much, you disempower them…and weaken yourself.

      Ultimately, the best help you can give is to provide what suggestions you have while holding the true vision of their Soul’s power and divine Source…when you can see the power within them, you honor and empower them.

    • charles


      Hi Mrs Diana at my work I’ve been expericing a co worker throwing negative energy around it’s kinda like when I walk to another work area away from him. The negative energy of me Noticing like a blur around me and like very small hair particals not sure if that’s part of his cast. But reading through your page I find it very interesting and would love to know what to do to keep this energy away from me at work. Any recommendations?

  4. Charlotte


    Hi thanks for the lovely article. I work in a small closed office full of paperwork with 2 other females. I get on well with them both but one (I’ve worked with now for 5 years) as lovely as she is. She is negative about everything. Her home life, work life. Any job she is tasked to do she moans all day. It’s exhausting. She has a victim type attitude and is hard on herself. I try and reassure her and bring positivity but I am absolutely exhausted. I know she isn’t going to change I love my job and don’t want to leave but it’s getting to the point where she is having an impact on me. I’ll try some of your tips. Thank you

    • Diana


      Thanks for writing, Charlotte. I appreciate your upbeat efforts to turn this woman around and your good heart! However, to help you further I want to point out that is seems this woman is so entrenched in her negative outlook she refuses to be uplifted. This is her choice and no amount of Light can turn her around when she is determined not to have it. This means, energetically, that you are pouring your own good energy through a sieve…it doesn’t accumulate with her, it doesn’t help her change and only drains you. Whenever you feel exhausted, pay attention and take action to correct. Release her from your energy field by giving her minimal attention and NO emotional reaction.

      Likewise, this is a Soul lesson for you: to learn neutrality, non-reaction, and detachment. We have to accept other people’s choices, as well as learn to grow personally and spiritually within undesirable environments and despite circumstances.

      In this dynamic, you’ve been energetically feeding her by expending your auric output through positive intention and focus. In this situation, it would appear that your attention has given her additional reinforcement to be negative. Time to use the tips I provide, as well as tune out and ignore her negative comments, while giving yourself silent positive thoughts that cancel out what she is projecting.

      • Jules


        Thank you Diana you have helped me a great deal. I have been dealing with a similar situation. I am always misunderstood at work. I try to avoid confrontation and have experience a lot of cruel comments and been talk about at work. I have been told I am too happy and one person found that annoying. I find myself being tired drain after work this has helped a lot. Bless you.

  5. eugenia


    Thank you for sharing. I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with someone who is suffering and in return likes to see other suffer. However, let’s break the cycle. Thank you again for this wonderful article. 🙂

    • Diana


      Thank you for commenting! And yes, you share with others an enlightened realization: “Let’s break the cycle.” In other words, “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

    • James


      “In this dynamic, you’ve been energetically feeding her by expending your auric output through positive intention and focus. In this situation, it would appear that your attention has given her additional reinforcement to be negative.”

      I have been in a situation with someone toxic like this.
      You are right, but I don’t understand the theory behind this – Why is it that our attention and attempts to pour positivity into such a person becomes an additional reinforcement to be negative?

      Would love to hear your additional insights.

      • Diana


        It’s not theory, James. It’s fact. Energy follows focus. What you focus on, you give energy to. Energetic parasites draw attention, thus energy, any way they can: if they can get undue attention, they can drain energy.

        There are also psychological motivators at play. Whatever pattern meant to gain attention is reinforced with the success of the effort. If I get attention from positive people because I am negative and they are dumb enough to think they can change me then I have them fooled, and in the meantime, I’m getting the attention that I’m after!

        –Who said people are logical? They are not.

  6. Ann


    Thank you, i really liked your protection advice. I just was the victim of 2 negative attacks at work this week. I am an easy target, i am not a fighter, i am kind loving and spiritual. People are afraid of bullies so they don’t target them. I have defended myself from the verbal attacks by revealing the truth. Then they either don’t respond or just become more upset. So i will be radiating lite outward to them. We will see what tomorrow brings.thank you xo

    • Diana


      Thank you, Ann! Stay strong and be consistent. You’re going to make some positive changes!

  7. Favi


    I feel very disliked in my work place by a particular person, who is the HR manager. Every time she walks by me or is near me, I start with this horrible migraine and just start feeling so much tension. I get into this really aggressive and angry mood. I just don’t understand why she feels that way towards me. I really don’t know what to do since I do work in an office.. all windows close and my desk is in a its a small cubicle. I feel like I’m always under a radar, specially when I do something good it just makes her angry. Have been written up twice for non-sense. It’s just been bad. I really want to find a new work place or have her find a new one. How can I change the energy around my desk at least?

    • Diana


      Your situation is common in the workplace, which is why I wrote the above article. Did you read it? It answers your question, so if you did read it, then read it again, and do as suggested. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  8. Michelle


    Hi , Thankyou for the above article, I love it and it makes so much sense. My work place is in a smallish room in our home where i work alone and a person previously lived and used as a bedroom. this person I know and has caused me heartache and i still believe has very bad vibes coming from her when I see her. I have found my self not being able to concentrate on my work in this room and after being in it for say half an hour i become depressed and in tears and mostly dont know why. i then thought the bad energy that may have been left from the woman who lived in it previously and my daughter suggested this website. Tomorrow i will be adding a plant and water fountain and trying to think differently about my work. Thankyou xx

    • Diana


      Hi, Michelle! Thank you for taking the time to comment and let us know what’s up. One of the things you also can do to cleanse the energy of the former bedroom is to let in plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Even more important, since your work site is at home, is a dedication prayer and a smudging ceremony with sage. One of the sites where you can purchase sage can be found at incensewarehouse.

      Sage, along with prayer for consecration, is used to remove bad energies from the environment. I promise to do an article soon explaining how to do this! 🙂 And please keep us posted on your progress. May you come to love and enjoy your home office space (you are blessed to work at home) and prosper in every way! Thank you for sharing!

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