How to Overcome Fear with Spiritual Power

Continued from Fear: A Useful Emotion or Negative State of Mind?

My Spirit Care, 25 Years of Psychic and Spiritual Advice for Thousands of PeopleNearly all people instinctively fear the unknown. (Okay, so maybe you shouldn’t go into that unexplored cave without being fully prepared! Until they learned better, some of our ancestors who did that either got eaten or fell into an abyss and never came out.) Your racial memory within your cells is telling you to be careful of the unseen, but when the fear of the unknown becomes reactive and entrenched, we turn into bigots who don’t like “others” because they are different. We become zealots who can’t believe anything outside of our established ideas because our certainties have become the antidote for our primal fear of the unknown. We wither into timid followers who haven’t the courage to challenge anything or anyone, let alone think for ourselves, because the fear which initially led us to be cautious turned into a terrible fear of standing up, of being ridiculed or punished.

A Continued State of Fear Has Devastating Spiritual & Social Consequences

If we don’t understand the authentic purpose of fear and how it can get blown way out of proportion, it will have a very powerful instinctual control over our lives. Instinct has no reason: it does not think, take time to think, or want to think. Instinct reacts; it is automatic, and most fear arises out of us in just that way. Being automatic in most people, many do not recognize when they are acting out of fear. It becomes a part of them, a seamless connection to their consciousness that often goes unrecognized. Knowing when we are fearful for inappropriate reasons is important, because if fear is not directed as an appropriate survival protection, it will take over the world.

And it has!

Fear is the savage beast that inhibits the spiritual and physical progress of billions of people. Winston Churchill recognized this when he said, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” Indeed, fear that dominates is a serious threat to all of us.

Unconscious fear expresses itself as apathy on one end and violence on the other; as broken relationships, bigotry, intolerance, fanaticism, addiction, cruelty, fascist governments, entrenched ignorance, corruption and political/social oppression. Mental, physical, and spiritual sicknesses are often rooted in fear and its many associated states.

Crippling states of fear are called phobias. Agoraphobia, claustrophobia, androphobia, chronophobia, erotophobia, and a thousand other fears are irrational states of mind that occur when fear has rocketed out of control. It is a miserable experience, for sure, but a spiritual opportunity for personal growth as well. When fear becomes paralyzing it forces people to deal with it and learn to conquer their many other personal fears, as well.

Fact is, we learn courage by facing and overcoming our fears. It’s the only way to learn bravery. As we all become collectively stronger and not dominated by our assorted fears, humanity will reach a new level of potential and our lives will change for the better.

Spiritually-Centered Love is the Antidote to All Forms of Fear

Fear, worry, anxiety, and insecurity are intertwined. Feelings of insecurity, helplessness, doom, and similar feelings have their root in feeling threatened or feeling vulnerable to being hurt in some way. The self perceives a chance of injury and autonomic fear arises to defend. But we seldom need to be defended or rescued by fear. When a situation is not one of genuine physical threat, fear is likely to be a psychological and spiritual roadblock in your life.

Once you understand that you are an Immortal Consciousness that does not die, that you are not your body, that nothing can truly injure the real you and that there is no punishment from a vengeful Creator, (the Hand that made you will not strike you down, in other words!) this truth will begin to set you free from deep-seated fears. As you learn to love yourself, love life, and love others, fear will have less and less hold over you. It was Jesus who said, “Perfect love casts out fear.” He told us plainly and it’s very true.

When you are afraid of the things in this world and afraid of life; when you are afraid of loss, destruction, failure, or being hurt; the answer is to find the love within your own being. Love makes you brave! Connect to feelings of love and the divine Consciousness you are made of. When you feel the love deep inside yourself, you will know everything is all right. This positive energy opens the way for miraculous change and indomitable strength in the face of temporary worldly adversity. In the face of strong spiritual love, fear disappears like a depressing fog evaporates beneath the morning sun, and the roadblocks it causes disappear, as well.

When you have a decision to make and you are afraid, hold up. Wait. Don’t act from your fear. Get connected to love, and make your decision based on that.

From us here at MySpiritCare, may you know courage and conquer fear. May you be blessed in the trying times upon the world just ahead, by finding the love in your own heart that is truly Divine. As humanity overcomes its slavery to fear and the darkness it brings, the whole world will be born anew. Now that’s something we can put our hearts into!

And know this: if you need further help to overcome fearful feelings, it’s time to talk! You can schedule an appointment with me by purchasing your appointment today. Just click the “Buy Now” button on the right and I will then contact you to schedule a time for your reading. The problem that you have today paves the way for your peace and healing tomorrow!


  1. Mary


    My oldest daughter has lost her only daughter, her oldest son, and her husband to suicide. When I get too close to her I want to jump back. Can I overcome this?

    • Diana


      Not enough info, Mary and your situation is too complex for comment answer. You will need an appointment with me.

    • Diana


      Spiritual sensitivity is a gift, but one needs to not be over-sensitive. So you want to be sensitive, or spiritually aware, without being adversely influenced. A sincere and devout auric protection exercise done on a daily (and even more frequent) basis will protect your aura from disturbances. Read the articles all through this website for more guidance. Thanks for commenting.

  2. kits


    what is the remedy for spiritual sensitivity. like u mentioned.. u were suffering from another persons headache. how do you keep yourself protected in such times when the situation cannot be avoided.

    • Diana


      Go here, Kits, and read this article, as well as many others on this website. –Or have you read this already and are commenting under the wrong article? In any event, do what the linked article suggests. It will greatly help you.

  3. Ken


    Hi there my name is Ken i live in UK London i have a huge problem which is infecting my spiritual journey. when i got in spirituality i i went in the wrong path i did open my third eye and awake myself experienced stuff esp with deep trance state had bad attachments for a few years , now im good got help im protected by my spirit guides and animal guides really thankful for them and others i don’t know yet. Anyways i can waken properly i have blockages which is astral projection i can get in them really deep states but when i go in them,im really scared because the past what i saw and heard keeps panicking me then it kinda messes my astral trances , im morely scared at my spiritual gift and what will happen. my friend told me i need to contact my spirit guides and ask them to take me t there realm or my special place i made so i feel safe and talk to them about it

    • Diana


      Hi, Ken, thanks for writing. While there’s no way to teach you what you need to know in a simple comment post (or in a short amount of time) I can offer some sage advice.

      While I honor your gifts and am relieved that you know about your Guides and are thankful for them, I do want you to be aware that people can open too quickly and too much to spiritual reality. This can (and often does) induce spiritual emergencies and psychological imbalances. There are many reasons for this, but for the short story I say to you and to all who read this: the Universe/Multi-Verse is infinitely VAST. This means there is far more to see and experience than every thought, action, thing, place, and circumstance than has EVER EXISTED or will exist on THIS planet combined. Think of it in terms of an INFINITE LIVING COMPUTER that holds all MEMORY and ALL POTENTIALITY OF EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER EXISTED OR WILL EXIST. Whew!!!

      When humble, tiny, 3rd dimensional humans manage to catch a mere glimpse of these frequencies/dimensions, it’s too much for our physical brains to process and furthermore, we have no context in which to place the entirely foreign data. (A tiny example of this is the colors that exist in other dimensions that do not exist here: how does one describe these things? We can’t.) When we blast into these dimensions, we are seeing, in effect, the shadows or pieces of things that we often do not interpret correctly…especially without long training and experience. (Even then our comprehension is mightily limited.) What we do see we mistakenly interpret through our own mortal consciousness, which often is riddled with fear to start with. And it is very natural for human beings to fear what they do not understand.

      Astral travel is not something I recommend except for age mature, esoterically and psychologically sound individuals who have been put through the necessary paces of initiation and training by one who has mastered themselves…and who is of pure motive. (Good luck in finding a teacher like that…) While it does happen spontaneously, and while some have the ability to consciously separate from their bodies, it is something that should be controlled, just like an automobile. Know how to use the brakes, the shifter, know how to steer and above all, know where you’re going!! One should never engage in other-dimensional travel (and this includes channeling) unless they have a lifetime of esoteric training and spiritual discipline. Even then, you have to map the territory. You have to have a specific purpose for going there. You have to know what Natives are friendly and which ones are cannibals. Going out of curiosity or just because you “can” is most inadvisable!

      I am one of the few spiritual teachers who take this position but I am completely firm. You do not have to enter a trance to be spiritual. You should not enter a trance without a very specific reason for doing so. When you enter trance, use spiritual protection first and be very specific about sending your Guides ahead of you. Then once in, get your specified guidance from a Trusted Guide and get out. Do not wander, talk to strangers, and at the first experience of fear, come back to ordinary reality.

      Outside of the valid shamanic ceremony by one who is properly trained in ceremony and spiritual protection, trance is not safe for the vast majority of human spiritual explorers.

      Your spiritual gift should not frighten you. When this happens, it means you’ve gone off the beam and need to get back to basics. You’ve gone too far, too fast, without proper training, experience and purpose. It’s time to get grounded, be spiritual in the 3D and let yourself catch up with yourself. There is no rush…you have your lifetime (and others) to open to Spirit and learn. Here is where you are supposed to be and here is where your spirituality needs to be practiced: in the boring, everyday grind of daily life.

      Do listen for your Guides. YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED TO ENTER TRANCE OR ASTRAL TRAVEL TO DO THIS. Practice spirituality in everyday life and you will be a great Light in this world. I do suggest that you consider qualified shamanic training ( as an outlet for your desire to explore the journey into Greater Reality. This is the only safe method of this kind of exploration, as long as you honor the requisite ceremonial practice as has been done for thousands of years…time-tested and Spirit approved.

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