How to Develop Psychic Ability & Communicate with Divine Spirit: Getting Your Head Ready for the Journey

My Spirit Care, 25 Years of Psychic and Spiritual Advice for Thousands of PeopleSpiritual reality is a vast, infinite, mysterious realm. It is literally a territory largely unknown and unexplored by human beings. And while many people want to learn how to communicate with their Guides, about how to be a spiritual medium or a channeler, an aura reader, an energy healer, a mystic or “master” by learning through videos, articles, books, teachers, and classes, few wonder if they should attempt to cross into unknown spiritual territory without having in hand the information and preparation so necessary for their safety and success.

An overwhelming majority of articles you can read on the Internet address the subjects of Spirit Guides and psychic development in a superficial manner. It’s a barrage of amateur fluff that has no substance, often written by people (or bots) who get their information from what they’ve read by authors who wrote those books from what they read…and so on. It’s a repeat of a repeat, with original information that wasn’t substantive to start with. Further, many popular books written on the subject aren’t much better because the authors are often eager, aspiring “experts” who are not truly ready to teach.

Reliable information for your journey into unknown spiritual territory is scarce, indeed.This absence of wise information can make an expedition into the Spiritual Unknown uncomforable and risky. When it comes to spiritual communication, you have to know what you’re doing, where you’re going, who is over there, and how to find your way back…or you shouldn’t head out in the first place.

To Begin an Exploration of Spiritual Territory, Unlearn What You Think You Know

So let’s get down to some first facts. Before you can learn to communicate with Angels and Spirit Guides, your Higher Self and Greater Knowing, you will almost certainly have to unlearn at least some of what you think you already know. There’s nothing difficult about it once you learn to get out of your own way; and to do that, you have to start with a clean slate in your head. Clear the obstacles. Begin your preparation for this amazing journey by asking yourself if your present beliefs in a greater reality are doubtful, or if your motivations for getting into this are adversarial, such as with those people who want to “prove” none of it’s real. If you are out to prove that none of this is real, then congratulations! You’ve succeeded already because if that is your mindset, psychic ability and spiritual communication will never be real for you. And if you’re a habitual, entrenched doubter, the same applies.

Starting with a clean slate in your head means that you are open to new possibilities. You don’t have to believe, but you do have to be open to the prospect that there is a non-physical reality, filled with spiritual beings, and that a few of those countless Beings are appointed to help you in your life.

Crossing the Territorial Lines: It’s Time to Challenge Consensus Reality

That’s just the start of clearing your mind. The next phase of mental housecleaning can be quite the struggle: religious programming that has implanted fear and suspicion about spiritual communication is somethng that has to be unlearned, as well. You have to be at least willing to consider that churches and their religions want control of your spiritual welfare; they make it their business to stand in the way of your direct experience of the Divine. They have appointed “authorities” to pretend to do that in your behalf and to support this construct of a middle-man to know God, they have indoctrinated their congregations with a belief that exploration into spiritual territory is “forbidden”. They have posted frightening signs along the perimeter of their proclaimed reality to keep explorers out, with warnings of apostacy and damnation for those who dare to walk over the lines they have drawn. Again, this is not because it’s forbidden by any Higher Power but because if people had direct spiritual contact and spiritual knowledge for themselves, churches would cease to exist.

That would be a lot of jobs lost and an unfathomable amount of money lost. For instance, according to one report, the Vatican released information in February 2011 which said that there were 410,593 Catholic priests alone, around the world in 2009. And an article out of Germany  speculates that for the nation of Germany alone, the “cash assets of the church’s legal entities” are valued “at about €50 billion”, with preliminary financial scandals revealed and hidden wealth to be uncovered. Now, it’s obvious that in the world there are a great many more religions and their churches beside the Roman Catholic Church, and there are many more nations than the little country of Germany. I don’t suppose there is a calculator you could afford to buy that would have the capacity to tally up the money owned by all religious entities, who get a substantial portion of their wealth from obedient believers. (Fact is, religion is the biggest business of all and fact is, God doesn’t need your money–and never needed your money—but alas, I get ahead of myself!)

Even more important than a loss of money, the loss of believers who depend on churches for intercession with God would mean that religion would lose its power over most of the people on this planet. No wonder those with religious “authority” don’t want the “common person” to learn they can have direct communication/direct revelation from the Divine! Once you realize that you don’t need religion but that religion needs fearful people in order to survive, and once you begin to implement your Divine right to know truth for yourself, you will not need, nor want, an intermediary to stand between you and Divine Spirit. Imagine, for a moment, what would happen in this world if everyone knew the truth about that.

But wait, there’s more! Clairvoyant psychics like myself would no longer be needed, and I’m fine with that! Assuredly, governments could topple. Deceptions would be revealed. Wars would cease, elitist financial markets would take a hit, wealth would equalize across the planet and oh…did I forget to mention? People would start to heal themselves and this profoundly suffering planet would be restored to balance.

Yes, a lot of privileged, “chosen” people would be out of work, but the vast majority of beings on this planet would know peace; prosperity; love; enlightenment; physical, emotional and mental healing; and all else that goes with those wonderful states of being.

Further, considering the immense improvement that would happen if people communicated personally and directly with the Divine, instead of relying on moneyed religion for their answers about life—the question arises: if God and peace and goodness isn’t more present on the planet because of all the money acquired by religion to sustain itself, then who, in fact, really needs all that money? Ah, could it be? Could it be…considering the terrible shape the world is in, with more money going into more churches, fueled even further by the dire and desperate situations on all fronts…could it be that “God” doesn’t need your money, but the “Devil” can’t live without it?


Join me next time, as we continue our safely-mapped explorations into Spiritual Territory together. Until then, may you have peace of mind and heart, for you do not walk this earth path alone and right now, Spirit calls you to find the truth that will set your mind free. What an incredible adventure awaits you!


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