Guidance and Protection of Special Children in Trying Times

My Spirit Care, 25 Years of Psychic and Spiritual Advice for Thousands of PeopleBeing a responsible, wise parent in today’s world is anything but easy. While it’s never been easy, there is now a collective trend in society and education to interfere with parental decisions and the wise upbringing of children.

In education, there is a concerted movement to turn otherwise unique children into conformist cookie-cutter cutouts: void of creativity; stripped of individuality; deprived of the ability to think for themselves as they are trained in the ways of social planners and servants of the State. People who are educated beyond their intelligence–people who are without common sense or sound mental health–are shaping the destinies of children without a modicum of necessary restraint.

In society, children are conditioned to have no awareness of their deeper purpose in life or the greater potential that exists within them. Instead, they are influenced to consume material goods and to absorb themselves in baser physical needs without any thought of others or the long-term consequences of their socially-driven choices. Children are increasingly sexualized, medicated, forced to mature too early, and—for those confined to urban environments—removed from the magnificence of the natural world, one of life’s greatest teachers. They are immersed in all things artificial, vacuous, and destructive.

These are onerous times for innocent, little human beings. Dark times…the worst of times.

And, while many parents who can afford it are choosing private education or home schooling over public school indoctrination, there still remains a profound problem. At some point, you will have to turn your exceptional kids out into a dull-witted, psychopathic, and trollish society. How will they cope? What will become of them? How will they resist this rising tidal wave of unabashed ignorance amidst technological advancement, and…how will their true potential survive the roiling black waters of a pandemic soul sickness, certain to wash over them as they try to make their way in life?

Trying to rear a raw-material little human being into a healthy, compassionate, conscientious and educated human adult has never been so difficult, in all of written history. There are expansive, critical choices that confront every parent, concealed within the micro scale of their children’s day-to-day lives. In the small acts of daily living, in the seemingly unimportant decisions—like what is best for a child to eat and how much time they should spend at the tv/computer or how much time they share with significant adults—a long-term future for the child is being forged. We cannot be careless in these decisions, even though an escalation of time and daily pressures work mightily against conscientious adults who have children in their care.

And, rearing a child is not just about the future of that child alone: the future of all those yet-unknown people that a child will one day associate with, are destined to be influenced by the future-adult that is being molded today. Every person on this planet has a profound influence on every other person around them. There is a chain-reaction consequence in this world that begins with kind of person you are and the life you choose to live. Children are the future, and their future lives will determine the future of our planet. If you are the parent of a small child, you hold the future of the world in your arms.

What is your child destined to become? What is his/her greatest potential? How do you guide them and prepare them? Are you teaching them what they must know? How will they find happiness in life? How will they overcome obstacles? How will they handle hardships? How do you keep them safe, off the street, and out of trouble? Who is that little person in front of you? What is their Spirit doing here? Why did this child choose you to be their parent?  Do you have a problem with your kid that you can’t seem to solve? What are their karmic lessons in life? How do you train them to overcome the world?

Not all children are equal in their innate potential, but one thing is certain: there is a wondrous escalation of brilliant Spirits taking human form on this planet. They are called by some as Indigo children, Crystal children, Starseed, and assorted other labels meant to reveal their innate luminosity. These exceptionally gifted and naturally spiritual children have come here to make a difference for the inhabitants of Earth. They need special care and their rearing is both a tremendous privilege and a consuming challenge.

As an experienced and capable clairvoyant, my work with parents is my greatest and most important calling. I am here to help you understand your child’s spiritual potential and how to protect and preserve their core spiritual identity in an insane world that is bent on draining the soulful life and inner light right out of them. When you need help with your precious child, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Stacey


    Hello there!

    I’m not quite sure how to start this out, but I shall try my best. We have a very passionate, energetic/hyper, talkative, wonderful little 3 year old. A little over a month ago, we welcomed his sweet little brother into the world. He is so sweet to him. Its quite wonderful to watch & isn’t a huge concern of mine.

    What is most concerning to us is how our child has changed during the past 5-6 months. He is a completely different child. I understand that children grow and develop differently every day. His behavior, to us, has become terrible. He is so defiant. He most certainly is embracing his voice and his independence. You give him a yard and he runs 5 miles. I admire his strong will, although, it’s making it hard to figure out how to properly discipline him and parent him. I do not want to damage his soul with harsh disciplines, but sometimes, we have no idea what to do. My main concern is, how do we parent him in a way that will build him up instead of tearing him down? I want nothing more than for him to be happy and full of his natural light, but I also want him to listen and be respectful.

    Lately, I have honestly been feeling a darker energy around him. I’m not sure if that is what it is.. We have had instances where he has woken up from a nap full of tears and fear. He spoke of seeing a “scary man”. I openly told the “man” that he was not welcome in our home if he meant harm in any way. I repeated this and told him to leave if he meant to do bad things. My was weary of his room for a few days, but never spoke of him again. Lately, he has seemed more angry and defiant than usual.. I feel SOMETHING around him, but I can’t put my finger on it. I’m not sure what to do about any of this. I just want my happy little one back. I want to feel his soul when he is around me…not this…energy. Any advice you can throw our way would be deeply appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Diana


      I would need a lot more information about your family life and your son before I can help you. I urge you to contact me for a session.

  2. Anonymous



    I am a single mom of a young teenager whose father is exposing her to a life of partying and carelessness. I am not sure who to turn to and how to deal with her stuborness and pushback. she refuses to do anything other than going out with her father to places with live music and alcohol, she spends every weekend with his very questionable friends. She is very happy with that life and exposure. Her father continuously turns her against me and he claims that it is no issue at all.
    I need to learn to deal with her and keep her from such poisonous influence and exposure.
    My child used to be an honour student and now her average is 60% she does absolutely nothing other than hang out until 3 am every weekend.
    she claims that I am smothering her by trying to protect her.
    I really look forward to your reply, hopefully you have some advise I can benefit from.
    Thanks very much for your time and help.

    • Diana


      Thanks for commenting. I’ve edited your comment for the protection of your privacy.

      Unfortunately, there are many parents who struggle with similar situations as yourself. And because our society is so legally complex, solutions are not easily forthcoming.

      Your daughter is very fortunate that you love her and that you have good, responsible parental instincts. Because she does not recognize this, I know this is very hurtful and agonizing for you but this is where you need to remind yourself to be strong for her, and don’t let yourself feel put down. More teenagers don’t like their parents than we can count: she doesn’t have to like your input, but she needs it nonetheless. Words, however, go only so far and because of her young age and status as a minor, it’s very important that you start to feel empowered in your role as a mother. It’s clear that you feel you have no control, due to her attachment to her father and his involvement of her with his child-inappropriate lifestyle.

      You want what’s best for her and not only is he not responsible, she is choosing to mimic her father’s lenient adult habits. (As you described it to me.) She is not unlike other adolescents, who go through a phase of feeling like adults before they are and who do not yet understand consequences or the deeper implications of their behavior. And like many split situations between parents, it’s very common for one parent to wedge themselves between the child and other parent. You are correct: this is bad energy all the way around and to fix it, you must seize the power within yourself to do what must be done and that can be done.

      This is where your personal psychology and circumstances come into play, and without knowledge of that, I have to make general suggestions that are fairly obvious. I would assume there has been a legal order for joint custody. This unacceptable situation needs to be presented to professionals, such as your attorney, mediators, physicians, and others, and dealt with accordingly. The worst thing you can do, is to allow it to continue without using the muscle of social support that should be available to you. This may include counseling for you, to help you sort things out within yourself. It’s time to be the strongest you can be, and without intimidation in doing the right thing for your daughter…and you do not need her permission to do that.

      Spiritually, practice a daily connection to all the good energy, amazing strength, and Spirit that is there to help you. Listen to your intuition; love yourself; see the big picture and find balance in your life. Don’t think of her father as a personal enemy: that will only perpetuate the problem by making you feel frantic and helpless. Get your daughter out of the middle (and in opposition to you) by not making her dad the “bad guy” but by calmly and strongly communicating with her about the realities of life. See him, instead, as incapable of parenting her when they are together and get the legal help you need to deal with that, in no uncertain terms.

      From there on, spend time with and talk to her in meaningful ways, expose her to positive people, get her involved in the service of others, give her purpose, build goals together, dispense healthy discipline blended with joy, and move forward. And keep the support systems very close, for both of you.

      Use definable markers to measure her progress. Her grades, for example, say a great deal about what’s going on with her. Tell her what you expect, why it’s important for her (think this through, first), and establish steps to get there. When she denies, you will be less flustered because those markers are established and her progress can be evidently gauged by both of you. When she denies, keep on topic and don’t let her deflections let her off the hook.

      Being a good parent has never been as difficult as it is for all parents today. But there is nothing more important to you at this moment in time. Stay focused and strong; emotionally balanced and consistent. Use every resource available to you, and ask Divine Spirit for help. I wish you and your daughter all the very best.

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