Free Will & Your Future

Many clients who want clairvoyant psychic readings desire a prediction for the future, so it is appropriate that we take a look at what, exactly, the future “is.” Actually–if  you want to be technical–there is only the NOW, the present, and what we think of as the future is the force of energy converging into a forming reality, made from potentialities that are unfolding in the present. The idea of the future is not what you probably believe it to be.

“HUH?” You ask.

Okay. How about this?

You and I are free-will beings, and as such, we get to make choices. All other people get to make choices, too. When you ask me what someone else will decide, like whether a love interest will pursue you or not, my vision shows the probability based upon the energy dynamic between the two of you and where the energetic trend is headed. Sometimes an outcome is a certainty, due to karmic and energetic factors, but most often your future is open to what you make of it through your choices and the choices of those connected to you.

Men and women stuck in unrequited love relationships have a hard time accepting the choices made by their love interest. Often this is taken as painful rejection by the ego when there are spiritual and energetic reasons why relationships do not work out. The one feeling lovesick can end up suspending their lives, waiting for the other person to make a different choice or to reverse a decision. Many people surrender their futures to the decisions that other people make, in whatever kind of relationship. These people make the choice not to assume self-rule over their own lives and become so invested in what another person thinks or does, that they spend years feeling unfulfilled or in a suspended state, waiting for someone else to do something they believe will make them happy. This often happens in relationships where one partner is an addict and the other cannot make the decision to move on, because they are waiting for the addict to change.

Years pass and opportunity is lost, love is locked out, growth is stunted and suffering becomes a way of life. Doesn’t sound good, does it?

We weren’t born to hinge our existence on what someone else decides. We were born to live and yes, to live it up–not surrender our futures into another person’s hands.

I think that if everyone could understand what a tremendous privilege life truly is, what precious potential we contain as individuals,  we wouldn’t waste a minute forfeiting our choices to others. We would step out with our own choices and make the very most of our lives.

There is always potential for greater goodness ahead of us, unseen potential, love, and opportunity awaits! Being alive is a great adventure with many gifts to give us, so let’s celebrate our lives by making the best decisions we can.

What is most important to know about the future is that this very day, you are creating it. Never let yourself believe that your free will choice does not matter, because you have the power to shape and direct your life in the long run.

For your immediate concerns about things to come that are set into energetic motion, give me a call. We can deal with anything and find the answers you need to know. Here at My Spirit Care, we really do care for your Spirit…now and in the future to come. 🙂


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