An Inside Peek: Behind the Eye of a Clairvoyant

A clairvoyant is sometimes called a psychic, but these are not interchangeable terms. A psychic is not often a clairvoyant, although the term is used about as often as “closeout” is used in selling cars! In the truest sense, clairvoyants have clairvoyance, or “clear-seeing.” This is nothing like the perfect 20-20 vision of the physical eyes, for it is a spiritual faculty that views the spiritual reality through which our material existence has taken the appearance of form.

In order to “clear see” a clairvoyant utilizes the “eye behind the eyes,” called the Third Eye in the mystical traditions. This is an energetic eye that is able to envision unseen energies that interpenetrate the physical world.

It is absolutely and utterly true that everything is made up of energy and in fact, what we perceive and believe to be a material thing is not solid at all! (More on that in upcoming posts.) To explain unseen spiritual energy,  picture for a moment an ordinary table lamp.

The electricity, or energy, that gives the lamp its light is invisible. The light that happens when you turn it on is not the electricity itself, but the evidence of it. While we don’t question the invisible realms of electricity or radar or microwave or infrared, we aren’t well informed about other energies that are the basis for all matter. Times, however, are changing and it’s a good thing to catch up with new science, which supports the truth that everything is energy. A clairvoyant can see some of that…each clairvoyant will have different abilities and a range of (limited) frequencies that can be accessed.

Clairvoyant sight does not make the one who has it infallible, nor does it make them special. Everyone has a Third Eye even though most don’t know about it, let alone how to use it. Like any ability, it is developed with intention, discipline, and to put it to proper use, a commitment to serve Divine potential.

I can tell you that the awe of seeing the energetic matrix, or web, of life never leaves me, for the Light of spirit is more beautiful than anything in this world! Upon that energy and light, all matter is brought into being. It is amazing, for instance, to witness a thought form…that energetic, often geometric, construct we create each time we think. The more focused and uplifting the thought, the more fabulous and beautiful the thought form…and the more incredible the reality it makes.

It is a privilege and a responsibility to have the gift of sight in this way, but most of all it is an incredible amazement and joy.

At one time in our very ancient history, people were commonly clairvoyant. In those times, it was impossible to tell a lie!!! –Can you imagine what the world would be like today, if the habit of lying were useless? If you can envision Utopia, perfection, or the proverbial Garden of Eden, you got it right!

As we build our spiritual connections and grow in understanding and ability, we can develop some degree of clairvoyance. Like all gifts, there are the minimally talented and the maestros…but everyone has a Third Eye and everyone can be developed to use it, under the proper circumstances.

We teach the development of the Third Eye here at My Spirit Care. For us, the greatest thing in this world that we can do is to help you achieve your greatest potential, to get you started on your personal path to seeing what you are meant to see. We know that you no longer have to “walk in the dark” when you learn to see in the dark.

Namaste, and blessings.


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