Meditation Basics – Benefits Of Using A Guided Meditation

  What is Meditation? How Can I Benefit From It? Meditation is a practice of relaxing your mind, body and the spirit, voluntarily and consciously that has been generalized all over the world due to the different benefits that it brings to the mind and body (relaxation, stress management, better concentration and curing different diseases). Some people think that meditation is a religion, but this is wrong. It isn’t. It is just a natural state of the mind and body that anyone can practice to feel better and relaxed. Something You Can Try Right Now At Home. The first thing that we need to practice meditation is to relax our body. To do this, find a comfortable position. Then focus on the different parts of…

What are some good guided meditation and creative visualization cd’s out there?

I’ve already got the title Meditation Made Simple, which goes into different healing light visualizations and breathing exercises. I also have Lifescapes Guided Meditation, which is more of what I’m looking for right now. They have actual scenarios that they go through while you visualize them (one where it takes you through a rainforest, another where you lay out in the moonlight, and even one where you float in the ocean). Does anyone know of any other similar types of CD’s out there? Powered by Yahoo! Answers

Guided Meditation Exercise – Ocean Breath

For hundreds and thousands and even millions of years the ocean has done this. It has breathed against the shores of country after country. Shaping the crevices and caves and cliffs, smoothing the sands, exposing and carving the rocks for the myriads of life forms that evolved and found just the nutrients necessary for them to grow and thrive. An uplifting and healing visualization connecting to the ocean and beyond. Take time out to visualize and meditate with the Meditation Society of Australia ( These guided meditations feature video footage from around the world designed to inspire and illumine. The Meditation Society of Australia has no religious, political or financial affiliations, it is a community organisation designed to help people meditate.

Simple Relaxation — A Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is from and is one part of a three-part relaxation and stress management system. This guided meditation uses visualization techniques and a subtle rhythm to guide your mind to the relaxing Alpha state. You will experience a deep relaxation of the body and mind. The focus of this meditation is to quiet the Somatic Nervous System (Voluntary Nervous System). Created by For a complete relaxation practice use Simple Relaxation to relax the muscles of the body and the somatic nervous system. Use Quiet Mind to restore the experience of calm and balance to the mind and central nervous system. Finally, use Sympathetic Breathing to restore profound relaxation to the heart and autonomic nervous system — your fight or flight response. Together these three practices form a profound relaxation system that is essential for any stress management or stress relief practice.

Meditation w/ Anusara Yogi Bridget Woods Kramer –

A guided meditation with Bridget Woods Kramer, a leading Anusara yoga teacher, filmed on the clifftops of Cornwall, England. Bridget is Anusara’s UK representative and main certified Anusara teacher having studied with John Friend, the founder of the Anusara school of Yoga since 1994. Bridget travels all over Europe giving Anusara immersion workshops, Teacher training’s, and in depth study courses. ‘Be Still’ Music by kind permission of Rafael Szaban Produced by Rafael Szaban ( Music available to purchase at Yoga workshops with Bridget available from