An Easy Daily Practice for Spiritual Protection and Strength

Sometimes, you just have to believe. You have to reach out and scoop up stardust in your hands and hold it close: you don’t have to see it for it to be real. Most of what’s real cannot be seen: like air, Spirit is an invisible, ever-present reality. It’s the Force of Life that put you here. It is love.

Psychic Insight About Romantic Love

We are almost never taught the truth about romantic love because most of the people who set the stage for our lives didn’t understand it either. In this culture, understanding love is a trial-and-error, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experience.

Talking to God: The Three Languages of Spirit

If you’re like the rest of us, there are times in your life when you yearn to truly “talk to God.” I have great news! The Divine Source of your life communicates with you via e-mail…energy mail. You only need to understand the Three Languages of Spirit before you can open your energy mail and clearly understand it.

Clean Negative Thought Forms from Your Aura and Feel Good Again!

Important: Please read “The Power of Thought Forms: What Are You Doing to Your Life?” before you read the following article. People are often hammered by negative thoughts. While they wonder why, you have learned from our previous MySpiritCare article about thought-forms and how to cleanse your aura. Negative and troubling thoughts are more than brain synapses! They are energies you either create or pick up because you have similar frequencies in your own aura! When the mind is allowed to idly dwell or when we obsess over the same thing again and again, thought forms will be created that come back to haunt us, making it very difficult to let go of particular thoughts or behavior when we wish to stop thinking about something or acting in…

The Power of Thought Forms: What Are You Doing to Your Life?

We have explained in other articles on My Spirit Care about the importance of cleansing the aura to remove bad energy and maintain balance of the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Another equally important aspect of keeping oneself psychically clean is to think good thoughts and negate bad ones so they do not commit damage in our own lives or the lives of other beings. That old saying “Thoughts are things” isn’t just an adage! It’s true that thoughts are things. More precisely, they are thought-forms, very real energetic constructs that you create by thinking. They are part of your auric body, although they are often mobilized to go great distances across the material barriers that limit physical form. For example, when you have an intense…

Clairvoyant Sight into the Spirit World

In my years of work as a clairvoyant, my clients ask me what “The Other Side” is really like. Most are surprised to learn that the Spirit World is very much like our own, except that truth and love reign supreme and reality is created at the speed of thought.

The Change in The World We Seek, We Must Be

It will be very difficult to find ourselves in the chaos to come; what we need right now is a solid connection with ourselves so that when chaos comes we will know how to rebuild a New Earth. When we have already rebuilt ourselves, we will be ready and up to that glorious task.

Part Two: The Change We Seek, We Are What We Wait For!

What we need right now is a solid understanding of ourselves (both the light of the soul and the shadow of the ego) and a strong connection to our inner Light so that when chaos comes we will know how to rebuild a New Earth. Only when we have already rebuilt ourselves, will we be ready and up to that glorious task.

Be the Change We Seek with True Self Esteem and Humility

As 2012 is just another year away and the expectations of social, political, environmental and spiritual change are on the rise, it is up to each one of us to decide what we will do to ensure that any transformation to happen on this planet will have a positive effect on all the beings that share this place as a collective home.

Cycles of Change

Nature’s seasonal transitions are seamless. In our yard this year, the seasonal change began with a few leaves turning yellow at the inside core of the still-green tree, slowly expanding its color outward until its full blown brilliance signaled that Autumn is deepening into Winter’s arrival. While many of us don’t like to see Winter come, we are meant to gain much inner peace by observing the rhythm and flow of the natural environment. Wild animals don’t dread winter: they naturally accept it and make preparations for the natural change of season. As humans, we are too “civilized” for our own good, always wanting perpetual summer and for the things in our lives to which we are so attached to never change. We frequently fear…

Mysterious Love: A Call to Look Deeper

There can be relationships in our lives that defy logic. You love someone you can’t have, you love someone who does not reciprocate, you are in a love triangle, you have deep feelings about someone you barely know. These circumstances give rise to great dilemmas in one’s life, calling upon the universal principles of choice and free will like nothing else can.

Free Will & Your Future

Many clients who want clairvoyant psychic readings desire a prediction for the future, so it is appropriate that we take a look at what, exactly, the future “is.” Actually–if  you want to be technical–there is only the NOW, the present, and what we think of as the future is the force of energy converging into a forming reality, made from potentialities that are unfolding in the present. The idea of the future is not what you probably believe it to be. “HUH?” You ask. Okay. How about this? You and I are free-will beings, and as such, we get to make choices. All other people get to make choices, too. When you ask me what someone else will decide, like whether a love interest will pursue…

The Zen of Eating

Imagine this: a meal in which a single bowl of buttered barley is set before you and you are grateful to have it. You quietly render thanks to the Universal Provider for your sustenance, and you eat slowly, savoring each mouthful while you feel the nourishment that enters your body, from tongue to cell to quanta. This is love in action. You are eating a peach picked fresh from the tree. You feel the fuzz of its skin on your lips, the tender yield of its exterior as your teeth break into its taut, rosy skin. A warm syrup slides to the corners of your mouth and a heady scent curls upward, a fragrant steam of life force and raw sunshine, embracing your face. This…

Meditating About, Understanding, and Coping With Emotions, Part One

Life is a roller coaster ride of emotions. You’ve felt so many emotions in the course of your life! Looking back on your life, you may wonder how you made it through everything. But you did. When we are having an emotional experience we can easily lose perspective of the situation, as well as lose sight of the bigger picture of life itself. Very strong feelings distort how we perceive and what we are able to understand in the moment. This can seriously muddle our thinking and make things worse… putting us too deep in the forest to see the trees, as they say. When we get muddled it’s time to step away from what we feel, through the process of meditation…or just getting very…