11 Steps to Protect Your Innocent Child from Negative Energy

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In a previous article, I wrote about the very serious difficulties of exposing your priceless and beautiful children to a psychopathic and degraded world. As a psychic clairvoyant, I’m going to tell you how you can protect your child’s innocent energy field. This is useful spiritual information for anyone who has a small child in their charge. Useful, for certain…but for some of you, the juxtaposition of spiritual fact against the 3-D material reality of the world we live in will seem old-fashioned, perhaps disturbingly defiant and even impractical.

A spiritual lifestyle, needed to help your child stay energetically safe, is becoming a somewhat rebellious lifestyle because it challenges the consensus reality and many other blanket assumptions of our society. While religious fundamentalism is on the increase and society continues to unravel along with that, the awareness of spiritual truth and the way out of our mess is becoming more on the fringe. So, any determination to help a child stay energetically safe and achieve his or her life’s potential is going to require that the parent or guardian take a much deeper look at where society (and the consensus belief system) is taking our children. A spiritual lifestyle is not complicated, unlike the highly convenient but very complicated society that enslaves people to its increasingly stressful, draconian demands.

An Overview of the Soul-Sick Territory that Surrounds You and the Children You Love

More adults and children are manifesting the byproducts of stress caused by an overcomplicated and spiritually disconnected social order. We are sick in our Souls. It’s even harder on kids, whose inborn innocence comes under attack at very early ages, and who are driven forward without having first been taught to know themselves or their connection to Spirit. And driven they are: driven to achieve, driven to mature, driven to compete…on and on it goes. There is even talk of placing children in outside education as early as two years of age, which is nothing but wresting kids away from early family influence: in truth, education has nothing to do with it. This is about indoctrination. It’s about the shaping of future adults who will be molded into conformity and unquestioning compliance, beginning not long after infancy. It’s about the cold, calculating State making itself a child’s primary care-giver and their chief authority once they become adults.

Society, whether you are dealing with government, schools, or any number of other institutions, expects people to conform without questioning–and children are most certainly expected to conform. It’s now frequent for children to pressure their parents to conform to social norms as well, having been taught in school that personal adult behaviors such as tobacco use are “very bad” or that not recycling the garbage is “bad” or that global warming is caused by Dad mowing the lawn. So, what’s wrong with that, you wonder?

A lot. While on the surface this may appear to have good intention on the part of the system that shapes your children, it’s a millimeter deep. Not only are many of the suppositions questionable when viewed from an informed point of view, look a little further under the surface of these intentions and you will see that education is an important component of the larger social system that is structured to control people’s lives, beginning very early in life. Those in power, who implement these strategies, have deemed that it’s appropriate for children to lecture their parents regarding their lifestyles knowing full well that this will ultimately undermine parental authority and children’s respect. In point of fact, children are viewed by social planners as living clay, they are considered as property of the “global village” and they are taught only what is necessary to service the social machine. (Some adults who are aware of what’s happening call this the “dumbing down” of kids; an accurate description even if the phrase is, ironically, poor English.)

Consequently, our children are reprimanded and labeled as problematic when they question authority or think outside the box. They are not given permission to disagree with the memes…the prevalent, conformist ideas that the system wants people to adopt as fact. Thanks in part to the DSM IV (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the Holy Writ of the psychiatric industry) children (and adults) who question authority or who are argumentative and free-thinking, could have “oppositional defiant disorder” or “ODD”.  In the vein of everything being upside down in the world, now mainstream therapeutics can label a free-thinking child as having a mental illness, or label a free-thinking adult a “conspiracy nut”–as in “nutty”, delusional, and mentally ill.

For those who are waking up to the nightmare the world has become, it’s a bitter irony that the same system which claims to care about children ignores a plethora of authentic issues that if addressed, would give children the opportunities in life they most certainly deserve. We live in a society that gives lip service to the welfare of children, but that acts in countless ways that damage children very much. –Often irreparably.

Building a Beautiful Future from a Wrecked Social Order

Many parents, particularly very young parents, have also been shaped by the same society that is now molding their children, and these parents don’t have any idea of the many ways their children’s physical, psychological and spiritual welfare is being damaged. For one example, (and there are many) most children today have cell phones, as do their parents, despite the fact that there is abundant research which shows that radiation exposure from cell phones causes brain cancer, and that children are especially vulnerable to this. –Not to mention the harmful spiritual effects on the human aura caused by constant electromagnetic radiation! So, then: why do we give our kids cellular phones? Because the social current has carried us away. We go lurching along a raging river of social conformity and hypnotic consumption, believing it will be okay even when evidence is contrary. And we do these harmful things because we surrender to what is advertised…and because “everybody else is doing it.”

To have a joyful and productive life, to have good spiritual energy and good physical/mental health, we have to stop “going along to get along.” If you want what’s good for you, stop following what everybody else is doing. And teach your kids the same. The number one rule for protecting your child’s spiritual energy is to teach them individuality and to back away from situations and circumstances that are harmful, even if their peers and society-at-large choose to be ignorant and oblivious. There is NO “safety in numbers”, but safety in standing apart from the crowd when it is necessary to do so.

In a more perfect world, adopting a healthy and spiritual lifestyle would happen with greater ease, but today it’s increasingly difficult. There is a precipitous slide happening in economic equality, which imposes limits on a child’s economic and career potential as well as their physical health. There are many families comprised of kids from one mother and several different fathers, which can influence a child’s psychological make-up. And there are millions of parents who are still psychologically children themselves, because they did not have a chance to mature before having babies. Children who are born to under-developed parents experience limitations in their emotional, psychological, and spiritual development. This gives rise to the intergenerational stunting of human potential, a primary cause of the certain devolution of the human condition happening now before our eyes.

So what are we to do? How do we really help the children of our world??

Love Has Everything to Do With It

In all of these paragraphs, there has been no mention of love. That’s because when we examine what society thinks about kids, the word “love” just isn’t in the mix. Pay attention to what’s said about children’s welfare, and you’ll see that the so-called “authorities” over children don’t talk about love. They would be uncomfortable or embarrassed …how “unprofessional”…and yet, love is the number one need of every child on the planet. Ask yourself this: does a child receive love from those around them who are afraid to talk about it? Can someone who is uncomfortable with the word, really understand love and give it?

Why have we become so uncomfortable with the word “love”? Why have we, as a society, become so clinical and detached from love, from nature, and from Spirit? How did we get to our present state of looking at children as a statistic, as a test score, as a badge of honor for someone who smugly takes credit for the way they turned out–or conversely, as a burden or a social problem? How did we, as adults, manage to lose our way so badly, that society’s children have almost no hope of ever having the kind of life we say we want for them?

We are lost because we have allowed ourselves to be swept away by a deeply dysfunctional system, filled with materialism, disrespect, fear, injustice, hypocrisy, corruption, selfishness, deceit, vulgarity, arrogance, violence, an infinity of superficialities, and unquestioning conformity. We no longer honor the sanctity of all life, we no longer respect the chain of life, including respect for the aged, and we no longer understand the nature of Spirit and our spiritual connection to one another. We have fallen for every substitute and have tossed away what is real. We got religion and we left our Souls on the side of the road.

The Energy of Life and the Sanctity of the Child

Most people don’t know where life comes from. Some think it’s simply a process of cell division, or that they have something called a Soul because the preacher told them so, (without knowing what a Soul really is, mind you) but in any event…most people just know they’re here. That’s about it!

No wonder we’ve gotten ourselves in a mess.

When a woman gives birth to a child, she calls that baby, “My child.” Everybody knows that, of course, but what everybody doesn’t know is that the spiritual energy that gave rise to the creation of that baby’s body belongs to no one. It is a free-will agent, and it chose its parents for multiple metaphysical and biological reasons. Children, in a sane world, would be deeply respected for the unique Spiritual Beings that they are. They have their own mission and purpose for being here. And that mission is not for the purpose of being a parental prize…or a drone for the political state.

Our children do not belong to us. They are not our property. They do not belong to society. They belong to LIFE because they ARE life. They are a trust. They are a charge. They are an opportunity for a parent’s personal growth. They are hard work and an unmatched responsibility. We should know that they may, or may not, be connected to us spiritually: they may seem disconnected from us all our lives. Children may choose to become what we don’t like or approve of. Conversely, they can grow into people we are proud of and still not be good to their parents somewhere down the road. The bottom line is that when we have a child, we roll the dice.

To be worthy of a child is to know the sanctity of that child’s individual purpose. To support the sanctity of a child’s life is to understand that all children, like you, are Souls with a body. They are made of an eternal Light; of energy, frequency, and Consciousness that is a deep-seated part of the Divine. To know this, is to be reverent for the life that stands before you, whether or not you understand who or what they will become.

Your duty is to help them the best you can and from the beginning of their lives, they need simple demonstrations of love and spiritual guidance. They need to be taught to be themselves and allowed to express their innate gifts, without being molded by social norms.Society does not know what’s best for your child: you were given the privilege of that special insight, as a parent.You just have to tap into it…and trust it.

Is Your Child’s Aura Healthy?

At birth, a fully mature spirit emerges into the world, housed in an infant body. The spiritual body itself has an electromagnetic force field, otherwise called an aura. A child’s aura is a living portrait of its Soul, constructed of pure and incredibly beautiful Light. It is the energy of the Eternal Being of the infant and holds all memory of its existence, in this life, in other lifetimes, and from the initial point of Creation when that child’s spirit first emerged from the Source of All Life.

In very young children, the predominant colors of the aura speak of the child’s spiritual and personal mission in this lifetime—their purpose for birth on this planet. Divine guardians are very close to small children, very near their auric force field.  We are all born with clean auras and a close connection to Divine Source, but as a child matures, traumas begin to be reflected in the originally-pure aura. A serious bump on the head, fighting and screaming of family members, very loud discordant music, a painful case of constipation…all of these things cause a temporary disruption in the energy field. This will alter the colors for a bit. The change in color is a reflection of a drop in the frequency of the auric vibration (the rate at which light oscillates) and this drop in frequency will lower auric defenses to a greater or lesser degree. Lessened auric defenses mean that harmful energies can enter a person’s aura and cause psychic, emotional or physical imbalance, much like bacteria and viruses attack the physical cells when an immune system is compromised, thereby causing a physical infection.

Damage to the aura is cumulative, unless corrections are made along the way. This manifests in physicality, for instance, as a gradual deterioration of a child’s “psychological profile” or a child’s physical health.

Negative energy that gets rooted in a child’s aura can cause symptoms such as panic attacks, phobias, depression, withdrawal, violent behavior, unmanageable behavior that stands apart from normal developmental rebellion, hyperactivity, and a multitude of other problems, including physical symptoms. If a child’s problems cannot be diagnosed, chances are there is an energetic issue–and even diagnosed conditions often have a hidden energetic cause.

Eleven Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Child’s Energy Field

You are here because you want to know how to protect a child from the hazards of the world and all the negative energy associated with it. Now, the reason I’ve written so much about social conditioning before we get to the heart of this article is because you must understand what opposes you. You must be willing to go against the current of prevalent forces, if you want to spiritually help a child. For additional information about protecting a spiritual energy field, please  be sure to read my articles, here, hereherehereherehere, and here.

1. Limit your child’s exposure to mass media. Television programs, movies, popular music (be especially mindful that so-called “rap” is very destructive to the energy fields of all things), and Internet are all geared to shape young minds into the negative amalgam of clinical psychopathy (cold, heartless, deceitful, narcissistic, and harmful behavior) that society today is largely comprised of.

2. Expose your child to nature on a daily basis. Get them out of their rooms, out of the house and into constructive outside activities. Take them on nature walks. Take them on picnics and other secluded outings. Teach them how to grow plants, care for animals, and be at home in an outdoor environment. Have them play outside…without cell phones in their pockets!! If you live in a city apartment, fill your rooms and patios with plants and living things, and take your children into nature every chance you get.

3. Don’t allow your children to be involved in adult drama. Don’t carry on about your problems in front of your kids. Don’t say negative things about other people. Don’t involve them in your relationship problems. Don’t treat them like adults because they are not!

4.  Don’t get drunk or take mind-altering drugs around your children! These actions can severely damage your own energy field and will make your children very susceptible to negative energies when they are around you. If you have a problem with substance abuse, get help and make some changes. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your kids.

5.  Be sexually responsible. This is a topic that is difficult to present, particularly given the open and promiscuous climate of our time and the astonishing sexual hang-ups of our society. There is way too much repressed guilt about sexuality and I don’t want to add to that. At the same time, you deserve to know the facts. Also, what I’m going to tell you is not about religious judgment, which is a negative energy in itself. What people are never told, is that there are negative spiritual forces that act upon human lives and that can infiltrate the auras of people who have casual sex, without love. Sexual energy is sacred, but it’s not treated that way in our society. When we defile the sacred, we open ourselves to soul sickness and negative energy. Because you and your children are energetically linked, irresponsible sexual conduct exposes your child to a plethora of unhealthy energies. No matter what the world tells you, casual sex is not good for your Spirit and this will affect your children.

6.  Please don’t expose children to filthy language. There is very powerful energy in the sounds of words. Ugly language has terrible, dark energy. Learn to say “Shoot!” instead of “Sh-t!” and “Froggle!” instead of “F–k!” Your own energy field will be much cleaner, and you will protect your children from the emanations of darkness that you are sure to emit when you use angry, demeaning, or destructive language.

7.  Tell the truth, teach the truth, and demand the truthBe the truth. This is so fundamental it stands alone. Where there is truth, there is Light. Where there is deception and dishonesty, there is darkness. Your kids will follow what you do: so, are you honest and truthful?

8. Live generously and teach your children the same. A generous, unselfish heart is a beautiful sight to the clairvoyant eye. Surround your children with an environment of mutual cooperation, unselfish behavior, and a concern for other life: people, animals, plants, and the earth itself. Teach them to be considerate, respectful, giving, and unselfish. Your example leads the way.

9.  Choose carefully the people you allow to have access to your children. Don’t ever leave your kids with someone you don’t know very well, and do not leave them alone in the presence of people who are deeply negative.

10. Teach your child energetic protection. From a very early age, teach your child to see the warm, happy, and loving Sun in their minds, sending dancing sunbeams down all around them. Have them do this before they sleep, before school or at the start of their day. Have them make this picture in their minds when they are sad, afraid, or troubled. Have them make a big sunny space all around them, as far as their little arms can reach, and tell them this is a special place that only holy beings and good people can come into. Do this with them, and by the time they are in school, they will have a powerful defense against negative energy, all the time. Tell them they have your permission to avoid people that make them feel uncomfortable.

11. Love, love, love!!! This is the first rule and the last rule for positive energy. It trumps all the others. Show your children lots of love and show them how to love in return. Be supportive, never abusive. Never treat them harshly. Never show disrespect. Some parents treat their kids like they treat a dog that gets in the way, ripping apart not just the psyche of their child, but the spiritual aura as well .No matter how stressed or upset you get, one glance at your child should remind you of the one thing that is really important in this world: love.

No parent is perfect because no human being is perfect. Falling short of a code of conduct is going to happen, but at least you can have a code and do your best to live by it. Being a parent can make you a much better person, which is an important objective of those pure spirits that offer to inhabit bodies and come to be with you in this lifetime.

Children are about love. See that. Look softly and long into their little child eyes. They need you to love them back. They need you to help them find their way safely through this dark world…while they help you find your way back to the Divine.

When you need guidance about protecting your child’s energy, give me a call. I will take a clairvoyant look and give specific recommendations that can help. It’s a privilege to help you.

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10 thoughts on “11 Steps to Protect Your Innocent Child from Negative Energy
    • Is this a request for help or a comment?
      First…how do you know there is a generational curse? Who told you that? Did you read about it and, because of your family history, did you diagnose this yourself? Did a psychic tell you this? (I’d like a penny for every time a charlatan psychic tells somebody they are cursed.)
      There is a great deal of misinformation about curses circulating out there; and it is often a most unproductive and often damaging train of thought.

      IF this is indeed the problem, then there are ways to heal it. You may contact me for a session as I cannot make further assessment or lend assistance by way of proper referrals without talking to you.

      Psychics really cannot remove curses. Excellent, very experienced traditional shamanic healers can, if the parties involved understand what measures are necessary on their part.

      In the meantime, practice the aura protection guidelines I give you on this website. Read:http://myspiritcare.com/category/articles
      Scroll down the pages and find all those many articles about how to protect you and the children in your life from negative energy, which is all that a curse is…negative energy…and you can greatly help your situation right away.

  1. this is the best article for mothers like me co-parenting with a narcisstic parents. My kids are abused and threatened during visitations with their father. Your article is theraupeutic and offers tips to help my kids. Thank you for sharing such beautiful insights. God bless.

    • Thank you, Maya, for sharing your thoughts!! Anything I can do to help, anytime, I’m here to lend support. Bless you, as well.

  2. We often look at ourselves as the teachers to children but it is also they who teach us. It is our duty to not only guide them but to act as the guardians and gate keepers preserving their authenticity and innocent imagination. Adults provide the space for children to flourish into their true self, who they were called to be, which can only be found in the heart and soul of the beholder (Child). No child’s truth can be found within the limited mental constructs of people, society and the world.

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