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Color your world with joy! And if you need some help along the way, please consider My Spirit Care. It’s always more fun when you can color with a friend!

Spiritual Teacher. Psychic Consultant. Trusted Friend.

Clairvoyant Diana is a long-time professional  clairvoyant-psychic, metaphysical teacher, author, and spiritual mentor for clients world-wide. She draws from a diverse background of experience and knowledge to assist you with questions about personal growth, relationships, career, and nearly every other life issue through her spot-on energetic readings. As an ordained, non-denominational minister with knowledge of comparative religion and mystical traditions, she is also committed to open and honest consultations with you in support of your spiritual direction and personal fulfillment. She has been a trusted spiritual consultant for more than 30 years…and counting.

Natural Gifts & Hard Work Has Prepared Diana To Help You

Gifted with genuine clairvoyant sight and other rare abilities since her youth, Clairvoyant Diana has visually witnessed the matrix of frequencies that form the energetic reality which gives rise to the material world. Her uncommon microscopic and telescopic view of what physicists now call quantum reality has given her extensive exposure to some of the deepest levels of the human condition. Driven by the very big questions such brilliant vision elicits, she spent a lifetime immersed into the research and study of mystical traditions, comparative religion, archaic spirituality, science, health, political science, comparative psychology, and alternative healing modalities…factors that play upon the immortal souls of those who briefly walk this physical passage.

Deep compassion, experience, education, and training has prepared Diana to serve others who seek help with every kind of circumstance…or who may need a wise and trusted friend in which to confide. You have a home here.

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